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All Genshin Impact Ascension & Talent Materials For 2.0 Characters

The Genshin Impact 2.0 update is in full swing. This new version of the game brought a huge amount of content with the addition of a new region, Inazuma. Now players have a variety of new quests and achievements to complete, chests and collectibles to find, and, perhaps most exciting, new playable characters to wish for: Kamisato Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu.

However, because these characters come from the new region, their Ascension and Talent materials are mostly new, too. If players are planning on getting all three of the new characters coming with the Genshin Impact 2.0 update, then they will probably want to start collecting materials in advance for Sayu and Yoimiya.

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The materials each character needs to ascend and to upgrade their Talents are listed below in their total amounts. Each Ascension and Talent level requires a different number of each item, but if players prepare for the total amounts, they should have no problem upgrading their characters in Genshin Impact.

Ayaka is the only Genshin Impact 2.0 character currently in-game. She is a Cryo character, so for her Ascension materials, she will need the following Shivada Jade items: 1 Shivada Jade Sliver, 9 Shivada Jade Fragments, 9 Shivada Jade Chunks, and 6 Shivada Jade Gemstones. Players can get these items from Cryo Regisvines and Cryo Hypostases, from Souvenir Shops, and by crafting them. Ayaka’s unique Ascension material is the Sakura Bloom, which players will need a total of 168 and can be found around Narukami Island.

The Sakura Bloom clouds will need to be hit by an Electro character before the player will be able to collect them. Ayaka also needs 18 Old Handguards, 30 Kageuchi Handguards, and 36 Famed Handguards, which all come from Nobushi - new Inazuma enemies. Ayaka’s boss material is the Perpetual Heart, and players will need a total of 46 of them. This item comes from the Perpetual Array Machine that can be accessed through the “Cleansing Defilement” quest or from the portal on Jinren Island. Lastly, players will need 420,000 Mora.

For Ayaka’s Talent materials, players will need 9 Teachings of Elegance, 63 Guides to Elegance, and 114 Philosophies of Elegance, all of which can be found in the Violet Court Domain south of Amakane Island on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Players will also need 6 Bloodjade Branches, which are dropped by level 70+ Azhdaha. Additionally, players need 18 Old Handguards, 66 Kageuchi Handguards, and 93 Famed Handguards. Lastly, are three Crowns of Insight - obtained usually through events - and 4,957,500 Mora.

Yoimiya is a Pyro character in Genshin Impact, so she needs the following Agnidus Agate items: 1 Agnidus Agate Sliver, 9 Agnidus Agate Fragments, 9 Agnidus Agate Chunks, and 6 Agnidus Agate Gemstones. These are dropped by Pyro Regisvines and Pyro Hypostases. Yoimiya’s special item is the Naku Week found throughout Inazuma, which players will need to collect 168 of. She needs 18 Divining Scrolls, 30 Sealed Scrolls, and 36 Forbidden Curse Scrolls, which can be obtained from Samachurls or purchased from Paimon’s Bargains. Yoimiya needs 46 Smoldering Pearls, which are dropped by level 30+ Pyro Hypostases found north of the Kujou Encampment. To fully ascend her, players will also need 420,000 Mora.

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For her Talent materials, Yoimiya needs 9 Teachings of Transience, 63 Guides to Transience, and 114 Philosophies of Transience - all available in the Violet Court Domain on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. She also needs 6 Dragon Lord’s Crowns, which are also dropped by Azhdaha. Yoimiya will need an additional 18 Diving Scrolls, 66 Sealed Scrolls, and 93 Forbidden Curse Scrolls. Lastly, she needs 3 Crowns of Insight and 4,957,500 Mora.

Sayu is an Anemo character in Genshin Impact, so she needs the following Vayuda Turquoise items: 1 Vayuda Turquoise Sliver, 9 Vayuda Turquoise Fragments, 9 Vayuda Turquoise Chunks, and 6 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstones. These are dropped by the Anemo Hypostases, can be purchased from Souvenir shops, and can be crafted. Sayu will also need 168 Crystal Marrow found on Yashiori and Tatarasuna Islands. She also needs 18 Whopperflower Nectar, 30 Shimmering Nectar, and 36 Energy Nectar - all of which are dropped by Whopperflowers. Sayu also needs 46 Marionette Cores - dropped by Maguu Kenki - and 420,000 Mora.

For her Talents, Sayu needs 9 Teachings of Light, 63 Guides to Light, and 114 Philosophies of Light - all available through the Violet Court Domain on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. She needs 6 Gilded Scales, which are also dropped by Azhdaha. Lastly, Sayu needs 18 Whopperflower Nectar, 66 Shimmering Nectar, 93 Energy Nectar, 3 Crowns of Insight, and 4,957,500 Mora. Sayu and Yoimiya should appear on the next 2.0 Banner for Genshin Impact, which is expected to arrive in a few days.

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