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Alligator Loki And 9 Other Awesome Crocodilians On Screen

Like Baby Yoda in The Mandorlian and Lady Dimitrescu in the most recent Resident Evil video game, Alligator Loki has become an Internet sensation. Making his debut in the fourth Loki episode "The Nexus Event," Alligator Loki has already found his way into fan art, merchandise, and the hearts of many fans worldwide.

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Before Alligator Loki, crocodiles and alligators have graced their way into many movies and television shows. Whether they are cute, animated Disney sidekicks, or scary, live-action horror monsters, these crocodilians have made an impression as memorable characters in their own right. The best ones, like Alligator Loki, are endearing, full of personality, and sometimes extremely powerful.

10 Alligator Loki (Loki)

In Episode 5 of Loki, the beloved trickster god (Tom Hiddleston) is aided by variants of himself: Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki, and Alligator Loki. The gutsy reptile was punished and sent into the Void for eating a neighbor's cat. It didn't stop him from biting off President Loki's hand though.

More than just a gator wearing the trademark Loki horns, Alligator Loki possesses super strength, speed, and intelligence, not to mention an extremely sharp and powerful bite. Furthermore, the little guy is full of personality and was inspired by a real-life emotional support alligator named Wally. It's no wonder Alligator Loki has already become a favorite with Loki fans and the entire Internet as well.

9 Ben Ali Gator (Fantasia)

As it boasts some of Disney's most powerful characters, Fantasia is usually remembered for the iconic Sorcerer's Apprentice sequence or the mighty Chernanborg atop Bald Mountain segment. One very notable yet underrated section is Dance of the Hours, which sees ballet-dancing elephants, ostriches, hippos, and alligators.

The leader of the alligators is the slithering Ben Ali Gator, who has his sights set on the heroine of the piece, Hyacinth Hippo. The dance between the two is both beautifully animated and entertaining - the scrawny Ben lifting the voluptuous Hyacinth is a hilariously remarkable feat! It's Ben's romance with Hyacinth, and his love for classic dance, that makes him one of the earliest and most memorable alligators on the silver screen.

8 Gustave (Primeval)

There are a number of horror movies featuring monstrous crocodiles, like Lake Placidand Crawl, but none compares to the amount of gore and screams delivered in 2007's PrimevalThis is largely due to Gustave, the monstrous man-eating crocodile that a team of American journalists is sent to film and capture.

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Although the movie received negative reviews, what makes Gustave such a terrifying presence is the imposing visual effects that realistically create a menacing, oversized crocodile. In addition, Primeval's monster is based on a real-life crocodile named Gustave that murdered and ate several people. Gustave is certainly nothing like the sweet Wally that Alligator Loki was based on!

7 Louis (The Princess And The Frog)

Another famous Disney crocodilian is Louis the alligator from Disney's modern animated classic The Princess and the FrogA gentle giant who befriends Tiana and Naveen, Louis wants nothing more than to play his trumpet for all to hear. The only problem is that everyone is terrified of him due to him being a great big alligator!

Because of this dichotomy between his fearsome appearance and his sweet soul, Louis wishes to become human and, as typical with Dinsey movies, he expressed his desire in one of the film's best songs "When We're Human." What makes Louis such a great character is not only how funny he is to watch (the big fuss Louis makes when he has a thorn in his thumb is hilarious but relatable) but what a loyal friend he is to Tiana. He's always there for the future princess, even if if it's to cheer her up with some jazzy music from his trumpet.

6 King Gator (All Dogs Go To Heaven)

All Dogs Go To Heaven is an animated movie by Don Bluth that tells the story of a dog's ghost befriending a little girl, who eventually learns the meaning of friendship. During the movie, they both encounter a giant flamboyant alligator who, after an attempt to devour them, suddenly bursts into song to charm the pair.

Voiced by Ken Page (Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas), King Gator is an unforgettable character due to his song "Let's Make Music Together" and the rather surreal nature of the scene. In fact, King Gator's scene is so bizarre and unexpected that there's even a TV Trope named after him.

5 Leatherhead (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

The mutant alligator Leatherhead is a character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, who made his debut in 1987 in comic book format. He has appeared across the franchise, including video games, merchandise, and three animated television series, all of which are the highest-ranking of the Turtles' screen adaptations on IMDb.

His first screen appearance was as a rather laughable villain in the 1987 animated series. But in the 2003 and 2012 animated series, he is a more interesting and complex character and an ally of the Turtles, particularly to Michelangelo, who is the first Turtle to befriend the troubled crocodilian during his time of need.

4 Killer Croc (Batman Franchise)

One of Batman's bigger and more brutal enemies is the fearsome Killer Croc. Although technically not a crocodile, Killer Croc gets his name for his hulking physique, thick scaly skin, brute strength, and sharp teeth.

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Across television, films, and video games, Killer Croc has appeared in many of Batman's adventures. How crocodilian he looks varies, ranging from a muscular man with scaly skin to full-on reptilian - he even has a tail in some depictions. Due to his unique appearance, Killer Croc is an unforgettable villain no matter what medium he appears in. Interestingly, his first live-action appearance wasn't until 2016's Suicide Squad, where he was portrayed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

3 Lizzie (Rampage)

The video game series Rampage was loosely adapted into a giant monster movie in 2018 starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Boasting three giant mutant animals, Rampage is monster movie fun at its best. The mutants in question are the large albino gorilla George, Ralph the mutated wolf, and Lizzie, a great hulking crocodilian beast with an alarming amount of teeth.

Although she doesn't appear in the movie until much later, Lizzie makes a massive impact during her time on screen and is awe-inspiring to watch. With the amount of destruction and slaughters she causes, she is a worthy opponent for any of the marquee giant monsters in cinema such as Godzilla or King Kong.

2 Crocubot (Ricky and Morty)

In their misadventures across dimensions, Ricky and Morty encounter a number of weird characters. One episode depicts the duo being recruited by a powerful team of superheroes called the Vindicators, in which one member is a half-crocodile, half-robot called Crocubot who has abilities such as heat vision and missiles.

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Unfortunately, due to Rick's madcap scheme, Crocubot doesn't survive the episode along with the majority of the superhero team. But there is hope as Crocubot and the Vindicators were so popular with viewers that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, they will be getting their own spin-off TV series.

1 Tick Tock (Peter Pan)

One of the most famous characters in the story of Peter Pan is the terrifying Crocodile, driven to feast upon Captain Hook after eating his hand and ticking ominously in the waters of Never Land. The most famous version of the Crocodile is easily from Walt Disney's adaptation in 1953.

Nicknamed "Tick Tock," this crocodile is more mischievous than menacing and is not really feared by anyone except Hook. But what Tick Tock lacks in the fear factor, he more than makes up for in personality and humor, and he is an absolute delight to watch. It's hard not to look at a picture of Tick Tock without hearing the frightened scream "SMEEEEEEEEEEEE!" as he brings out a hilariously undignified side to an iconic Disney villain.

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