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Arrow: 9 Unpopular Opinions About Thea Queen, According To Reddit

Although Arrow began as the story of one man, the show grew and expanded to give more characters bigger roles, such as Thea Queen. In several discussions on fan forums like Reddit, Thea is considered one of the best characters of the show, and plenty of fans love her. She was one of the few who had a big arc and went from a minor side character to one of the heroes of the show.

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However, while there is general love for the character from fans on Reddit, there are some controversial opinions about her too. From her character to some of her storylines on Arrow, fans share a lot of opinions on Thea on Reddit.

9 She Was Not A Likable Character

On Reddit, one user posted asking if they were the only one that hated Thea and said they always get the "ridiculously spoiled teenager vibe from her." The view is quite a contrast to most comments on the post and other posts about the character that show that many fans actually love Thea.

Seeing Thea as a spoilt teenager is not a surprise as that was her character for most of the first season of Arrow. She had lost her brother and the father she knew in a horrible way and dealt with her grief by taking up Oliver's party boy ways, which resulted in her acting the way she did. But with time, she outgrew that phase and moved on from it, and had a character arc that was quite impressive.

8 She Was Not One Of The Best Characters Left On The Show

Out of all the characters on Arrow, most believe that Thea was one of the best ones. However, Reddit user vandalsavagecabbage shared an unpopular opinion that "calling her one of the best characters left seems far-fetched." Opinions on characters are usually subjective, so it's rare that fans would unanimously agree on which one was the best or worst of them all.

Still, a majority of fans on Reddit all agree on Thea being the best of all the Arrow characters, mostly because of her character development and the fact that as compared to the others, her character continued to progress into a better person while the others' arcs were inconsistent and kept going back and forth.

7 Thea In A Suit Wasn't Unrealistic

Arrow's season 3 finale had Thea officially becoming Speedy, complete with a superhero suit and the name to go with it. Oddly, some fans hated seeing Thea in a suit and found it unrealistic that she could take on and beat people who were double her size.

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That prompted Reddit user All_this_hype to share their less common opinion that Thea in a suit wasn't unrealistic. Prior to her taking up her brother's mantle, Thea had gone through training so her fighting skills were good enough to shut down the questions of how she could fight people bigger than her. As a member of Team Arrow, suiting up was also necessary to protect her identity while she was out on the field.

6 Her Beating Slade Was Realistic

During season 3, episode 14, "The Return," Malcolm released Slade Wilson so Thea and Oliver would have to fight him on Lian Yu. The three of them fought in an impressive show of hand-to-hand combat, but it was ultimately Thea who beat Slade and got him on his knees before pulling a gun on him.

Some fans didn't understand how Thea could have beat Slade when he was one of the most powerful characters on Arrow, but as Reddit user DrWhoBruh said, "Thea was with Malcolm for like 9-10 months and she was trained by him who was trained by League of Assassins." In addition to her good training, the fight against Slade was two against one, so it's not that surprising that they beat Slade and once she pulled a gun on him, there was no way he was going to fight back without equal firepower.

5 Thea As Speedy Was Overrated

Thea becoming a superhero was an exciting moment for the Arrow fandom, but while sharing unpopular opinions, Reddit user ARC-Pooper said they "never cared for Thea as Speedy." Of course, with so many other superheroes on Team Arrow, new additions sometimes felt underwhelming, which might explain this controversial opinion.

On the other hand, Thea's evolution was built up in a way that a lot of fans looked forward to it. Her superhero arc unfolded naturally in a way that it was the next logical step for her character that fans were glad to finally see happen.

4 She Was Never A Great Character

While sharing unpopular opinions about the show in a Reddit post, user phantomcanary shared several, including one on Thea saying "Thea was never a great character. She had good moments but overall was pretty meh."

The opinion contrasts with several fans who believed Thea was the best character on the entire show. She not only had good moments, but some impressive storylines throughout the season, from her relationship with Oliver to finding out the truth about her father, her training, death, and resurrection in the Lazarus pit, and evolution into Speedy.

3 Arrow Would Be Better If It Was Thea, Roy, Oliver & Laurel

One of the most divisive things in the Arrow Reddit fandom is Team Arrowspecifically which members should be on it and which ones should be excluded. Reddit user heemhsn shared their unpopular opinions about Arrow and one of them was that "the show would've been better if it was Oliver, Roy, Thea and Laurel instead of Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity."

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As the original Team Arrow, Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity have a special place in the hearts of fans, but sometimes their dynamic got a little tiring. With Thea, Roy, Oliver, and Laurel, there's a lot more to explore, but at some point, they would likely get boring too if the show focused mostly on them.

2 She Should Have Become A Villain

Once Thea joined Team Arrow, she was one of the good guys, protecting Star City alongside the other superheroes. However, Reddit user herobag felt it would have been better for the story if she'd become a villain or anti-hero. They went on to explain that "she would better serve as a darker version of Oliver."

Thea certainly had great potential to be a villain or anti-hero as her father Malcolm Merlyn was one of the worst villains and partly because of her behavior when she came out of the Lazarus Pit. However, this storyline would take away her defying becoming the evil path her father wanted her to take, her great relationship with Oliver and wholesome family moments on Arrow, and her character's growth as Speedy.

1 She And Roy Should Have Split

Thea and Roy's love story on Arrow was one of the storylines fans loved. The two of them started out on rocky ground when Roy stole her purse, but later grew close and inseparable. Reddit user BearSpeak commented that their relationship was fine early on but "they should have stayed apart."

The two of them faced a lot of challenges, like the Mirakuru trouble Roy had to deal with and most times Roy would push Thea away so she wouldn't get caught up in the middle. With so much drama, it's not surprising that some fans felt they were better off apart than together. However, most fans love a good "love conquers all" story and were more than happy to watch the two fight to stay together.

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