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Atypical Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The characters in Atypical all possess traits that would see them do well at Hogwarts. Doug is hard-working and stoic, Paige is Newton High's answer to Hermione Granger, and Casey would definitely make a great Quidditch captain. Like their counterparts in the Harry Potter universe, these characters are all well-developed, flawed, and relatable.

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So, would Izzie get on well with Draco, and would Paige and Hermione be vicious rivals? Would Sam ignore everyone and thrive in the Care of Magical Creatures lessons? In another world in which the Atypical troop weren't Muggles but witches and wizards, this is where the Sorting Hat would have placed them.

10 Sam - Ravenclaw

Just like his fellow Ravenclaw Luna Lovegood has some positive and negative traits, Sam is often in a world of his own. He has some non-mainstream interests and is prone to faux pas, such as breaking up with his girlfriend in front of her whole family during a fancy meal.

Despite this, Sam is highly intelligent and creative. He knows everything there is to know about Antarctica, worships his tortoise, and is a talented artist. Sam values intelligence, academic achievement, and likes to spend time alone, for example in his bathtub, where he goes to sit and think. He would do well in Ravenclaw, and would probably become the resident expert on Hogwarts' history.

9 Casey - Gryffindor

Casey is ambitious like a Slytherin, but not of her own accord, which aligns her more with Gryffindor, particularly when combined with her bravery and willingness to stand up for what is right.

The people around Casey push her to work hard and aim high. Much like famous Gryffindor Harry Potter himself, Casey just wants a normal life but receives too much pressure from her friends, teachers, and family — particularly her father — who have high expectations of her track running and prospects of going to study at UCLA. Casey is great at sports and confident, though, and would be snapped up for the Quidditch team were she to attend Hogwarts.

8 Doug - Hufflepuff

Doug works hard but doesn't boast about it. Very little screen time is dedicated to his job as an EMT, but he does it day in, day out, with zero complaints. It's a highly important job and takes real bravery to accomplish successfully.

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Doug is quiet and stoic and always has his kids' backs, even if he occasionally pushes them too hard. For example, he confronts his friend who says that Sam made family holidays difficult and acted in a socially unacceptable manner. Doug is in the same house as his EMT prodigy, Evan, and after a rocky start to their friendship — Evan was, after all, dating his daughter — the two make a great team.

7 Evan - Hufflepuff

Casey's first-ever love interest, the easy-going Evan, is modest and street-smart. He may not be the most academic or ambitious, but he works really hard at whatever he does, such as in his job at the pizza joint, and later at his EMT training.

Evan works hard for personal satisfaction rather than external glory or praise, even when Casey tries to push him to aspire for more. He doesn't value success in the same way as others, but he does place a premium on being a loyal friend and someone who can be counted on, all of which are admirable Hufflepuff traits in Harry Potter. Dependable, fair, and loyal, Evan is happy being himself.

6 Paige - Gryffindor

Paige is confident, intelligent, and destined for success, even though she doubts herself at times. She is good at advocating for people, as Sam tells her, such as when she was responsible for organizing Newton's first-ever silent school dance, which she did so that Sam and other students on the spectrum could attend without being spooked by loud music.

Paige is the sort of person who will go on to make a huge impact on the world and change it for the better, as is exemplified when she takes a job at Habitat for Humanity at the end of the fourth season. Sam even says that she is smarter, more loyal, and has cleaner shoes than he could have ever imagined. Paige is certainly destined for greatness, like many of her fellow red-and-gold housemates, and would likely thrive in all of her subjects at Hogwarts.

5 Izzie - Slytherin

Izzie is a person around whom drama seems to swirl, which other characters, including Doug, have noticed and criticized. On that basis alone, she could qualify for either Slytherin or Gryffindor — she draws attention to herself and seems to hog the limelight.

However, when Casey first started at Clayton, Izzie was very cruel to her, and even when they started dating she was ashamed of her. Izzie also cheated on Casey and hid part of her life from her. Izzie may have redeemed herself by the end of the series, but these negative traits still qualify her for Slytherin, the house which contains the likes of Draco Malfoy, who also made some mistakes and is a notorious bully and keeper of secrets.

4 Julia - Ravenclaw

Sam's therapist Julia is a high achiever. By the age of 26, she had already qualified as a therapist. She is bright and book smart and knows a lot about the human condition. Although her job involves speaking to people all day, she also enjoys time alone and enjoying the little things, like sitting and eating a cookie by herself.

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Julia can also behave a little strangely — as do other Ravenclaws like Professor Trelawney and Gilderoy Lockhart. When Julia found a chocolate-covered strawberry under her sofa, she fixated on it for months. She became so obsessed that it was partly responsible for the demise of her relationship.

3 Elsa - Gryffindor

Elsa values academic achievement less than her husband Doug. Instead, she just wants her children to be happy. She may have made a huge mistake — cheating on Doug — but it doesn't undo the multitude of kind and caring things she has done. Elsa has made Antarctic pemmican and hoosh food for Sam, arranged for Casey's friend to come over and talk after they fell out, and picked up Izzie from the bus station.

It took courage to tell Doug that they should split up or decide to recommit to one another rather than remain in a limbo stage, and to start up her own haircutting business. Elsa wants to fix everything, which is courageous and exactly makes her a Gryffindor.

2 Zahid - Gryffindor

A light-hearted jokester and caring friend, Zahid taught his best pal a lot of life lessons and wouldn't be out of place hanging out with Fred and George Weasley, who did the same for their younger brother. Zahid is often the source of comic relief and lightens the mood, whether he's referring to his parents as "roommates," trying to hug Elsa, or asking Sam why he's in bed wrapped up like a "skinny white burrito."

While he can be led astray, such as by his horrid ex-girlfriend Gretchen, Zahid is ultimately a good person, loyal, and stands up for Sam.

1 Kathy - Slytherin

Kathy has many traits that define a Slytherin. She is prejudiced and discriminatory — for example, she kicked Elsa out of the peer support group, which was the one place she had to vent. Kathy also criticized Doug during his talk at the group, rather than listening to him open up about his struggles raising Sam.

Kathy boasts about a famous psychiatrist she knows, similar to how members of Slytherin like to seem more important than they are. There aren't many Slytherins in the Atypical universe, but Kathy definitely flies the flag for the green and silver house.

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