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Atypical: Which Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

In Atypical, characters are at the heart of the show's appeal. The personalities of Sam and his loved ones, combined with the show's largely accurate depiction of autism, are a massive part of why fans love the series. Atypical creates a very dynamic and comforting picture of how different individuals connect and maintain relationships.

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Sam, Elsa, Doug, and Casey still love and care about each other despite differences in priorities, communication and relationship styles, and in how they react when things go wrong. With such a dynamic group of people in the series, every fan can find a character that aligns with their personality traits based on their zodiac sign.

12 Aries: Casey

Casey is a headstrong, independent, and competitive individual with copious amounts of energy. She values honesty and loves those in her inner circle deeply and completely. These characteristics are typical of an Aries, who is known for being upfront, adventurous, and brave.

While these traits mean Casey excels in every endeavor she throws herself into, they also cause Casey to clash with people who disagree with her. Casey's Aries personality traits created problems in her and Elsa's relationship due to her conviction in her own opinions and short temperament.

11 Taurus: Sam

Sam is logical and values predictability and stability. For the most part, Sam is averse to change and finds comfort in routine: eating the same foods and wearing the same hoodie. Typical of a Taurus, Sam overcomes every obstacle, from cold temperatures to Hoosh, to reach his goal.

Just like other people with the Taurus zodiac sign, Sam is known for being a homebody. However, season 4 of Atypical saw Sam bravely putting himself outside of his comfort zone and taking essential steps in preparing for his trip to Antarctica.

10  Gemini: Zahid

Zahid has a great sense of humor is always the one cracking inappropriate jokes. He is extroverted, expressive, and flirts with everything that moves. These qualities make Zahid a clear Gemini.

Until the final season, Zahid's character simply provided a light-hearted, funny element to the show and demonstrated what it means to be a good friend. However, in season 4, Zahid manages to overcome his Gemini tendency to escape uncomfortable conversations and allows himself to have some serious conversations (in addition to one less serious party) about his testicular cancer diagnosis.

9 Cancer: Beth

Evan's sister, Beth, is shown to be endlessly caring to those she loves. Beth is also extremely sensitive and reacts very strongly to situations where she feels one of her loved ones has been betrayed. With these compassionate traits, Beth fully embodies the zodiac sign Cancer.

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While Beth was devoted to Casey when she was dating Evan, as soon as they broke up Beth felt extremely protective of her brother and began sending Casey videos of her violently destroying baked goods! However, she forgave Casey once she realized that Casey was hurting too.

8 Leo: Julia

Sam's therapist in the first season, Julia, is warm but strong-minded. Just like other prominent Leos in television shows, Julia and her steadfastness can make her come across as overbearing, which is what Elsa thought about her as Sam's therapist.

Additionally, Julia can also act with emotion and is prone to anger. As a therapist, Julia is generally quite good at keeping her emotions under wraps, but fans do see her lose her patience with Sam on one occasion. While fans generally like Julia's warmth and kindness, they do hold her angry outburst at Sam against her. As with most Leos, Julia should have been more careful to control her temper, especially with Sam.

7 Virgo: Evan

Evan is shown to be an almost perfect boyfriend to Casey during their relationship; he is kind, considerate, and always knows what to say to make Casey feel better. Just like other Virgos, Evan likes to fix other people's problems.

Evan actively seeks out situations where he can help others and does not shy away from difficult emotions or situations. Instead, he inserts himself into those situations and fixes them. Typical of a Virgo, Evan was happy to silently work in the background, ensuring Casey had what she needed and meeting her with empathy and humor at every stage.

6 Libra: Elsa

Elsa is a "mother hen" who is empathetic and is always looking to help others. Elsa's characteristics are in line with the Libra zodiac sign, which includes traits such as wanting to be around people, avoiding conflict, and being good at understanding other people.

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While Elsa is kind, she also experienced some emotional turbulence throughout the series. In behavior that is typical of a Libra, she is torn between predictability and spontaneity, responsibility, and excitement. This gets Elsa in some trouble as it led her to have an affair with a bartender, Nick.

5 Scorpio: Gretchen

Zahid's (ex-)girlfriend Gretchen is spontaneous, mysterious, and overall pretty cool. Throughout the series, it is impossible to tell if she is lying or joking. She remains a bit of an unknown to fans. Scorpio fans may recognize themselves in this character.

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Gretchen's Scorpio traits did get her into trouble a number of times in the series. The most memorable instance occurred when she steals a Fitbit from Techtropolis. Another notable event where Gretchen displayed a Scorpio trait is when she dumps Zahid at their (almost) wedding to get back with her ex-boyfriend.

4 Sagittarius: Paige

Paige is loud and friendly, bold and obsessive. She can be emotional, but also endlessly aspirational. Paige thus fits all definitions of a Sagittarius who has a need for adventure.

In line with the Sagittarius personality, after dropping out of Boden University, Paige wastes no time before diving into the next challenge: Sally Sour Cream. After being promoted from potato to manager and then quitting, she again demonstrates her Sagittarian optimism, persistence, and hardiness by getting a new job building habitats in Georgia.

3 Capricorn: Doug

Sam's father, Doug, is shown to be consistently responsible and hard-working. The series sees Doug working tirelessly and providing for his family, whom he loves. However, typical of a Capricorn, he does struggle with being open about his emotions.

In the final season of Atypical, Doug really struggled to talk about how sad he was about the sudden death of his friend and co-worker. However, despite his 'workaholic' Capricorn nature, Doug is prompted by a reoccurring dream to live in the moment and uses his accrued holiday from work to travel to Antarctica with Sam, showing real character growth.

2 Aquarius: Abby

Abby is eccentric and a bit of an outcast, but fans love this about her. She does not want to or need to fit in with a crowd - she is entirely herself, refreshingly so. With her unconventional behavior and willingness to be a loner, Abby is an ideal Aquarius.

Just like other Aquarius', Abby defies social norms. She is happiest being different and not fitting neatly into narrowly defined labels. This is what makes Abby the perfect person to have in a crisis - she is honest and looks at things from a different and unique perspective. She helps many people during the series with her fresh perspective and insight, including Sam and Casey.

1 Pisces: Izzie

Casey's girlfriend Izzie is romantic but insecure. As played by Bill and Ted Face the Music's Brigette Lundy-Paine, she can be both very immature in the way she handles situations, and extremely mature in the way she takes on extra responsibilities at home. These traits make Izzie a Pisces.

Just like a Pisces, Izzie often finds herself in emotional turmoil and struggles with boundaries. When Casey implodes after not running in front of a scout from UCLA, Izzie oversteps and tries to rally Doug to help Casey. However, this attempt was shut down by Doug who thought Izzie's drama was not good for Casey.

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