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Avengers: Each Main Character's Happiest (& Saddest) Scene

The main heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe might have superhuman abilities, but they are relatable to fans because of their emotional journeys. Every Avenger has highs and lows that happen throughout their narrative arcs, and some of these scenes are moments of joy and connection while others are times of loss and sorrow.

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The scenes when the Avengers are the most heartbroken are often some of the most memorable, like Black Widow sacrificing herself to save half of existence in Avengers: Endgame, but the lighthearted scenes are still present in fans’ minds too. These saddest and happiest moments reveal a lot about the characters and how much they've changed throughout the MCU's first three phases.

9 Bruce Banner: Learning To Live As Himself And The Hulk (Revealing He Wanted To Die)

Bruce Banner is a character that doesn’t seem to have as many upbeat moments as some of the other Avengers. The only time he seems to find some real balance and contentment is when he decides to start living as a combination of both Bruce and the Hulk.

The scientist's saddest moment occurs in the first Avengers film when he reveals he tried to end his own life because he couldn't figure out how to control the Hulk. This points to the fact that Bruce never really seems to find a lot of happiness as either his human self or the Hulk until he embraces the two conflicting sides of himself.

8 Sam Wilson: Spending Time With His Family In Louisiana (Learning About Isaiah Bradley)

Sam Wilson has some good moments in the Captain America movies, but he gets a lot more attention as one of the main protagonists of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. While he is generally an easygoing character, it’s clear that he finds the most joy in life when he’s with his sister, Sarah, and his two nephews in their Louisiana hometown. The estranged family reunited for the first time in years, which makes Sam the happiest he's been since he started his life as an Avenger.

While Sam also endures the loss of his wingmate Riley, the saddest moment for him is when he learns the truth about what happened to Isaiah Bradley. He has to then struggle with what the legacy of the Captain America shield means for him as a Black man in America while knowing that Isaiah was experimented on and imprisoned to advance the Super Solider program.

7 Peter Parker: Being Given The Spider-Man Suit (Being Snapped by Thanos)

Peter Parker has a lot of joyous moments with his friends, and despite not having the easiest life, he’s a good kid who has a positive outlook on life. One of the high points of his life is when he’s given the high-tech Spidey suit by Iron Man and asked to help out in the Captain America: Civil War fight. Peter's dream of becoming a superhero comes true at that moment and his positive energy in the film's climactic battle is infectious.

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Conversely, his saddest moment also involves Tony Stark. In a sad moment when Peter is dusted in the Blip, a horrified Tony gets to witness Peter's awareness that he is quickly being erased from existence. "Please, I don’t want to go," he pleads to his mentor. "I don’t want to go. I’m sorry.”

6 Carol Danvers: Being With Maria And Monica (Learning The Truth About Yon Rogg)

Carol’s journey in Captain Marvel involves learning the truth of who she really is and her time on Earth, and viewers quickly see in flashbacks that Carol was happiest when she was with her best friend, Maria, and Maria’s daughter Monica. As Carol never had a stable family, her "found family" with Monica provides her with the only lasting happiness she's had in her life.

Her saddest scene is when she learns the truth about how she has been lied to, manipulated, and betrayed into fighting the Skrulls by Yon Rogg for most of her adult life. Carol isn’t sad for long as she quickly recovers and continues to fight for Earth against the invading Kree army.

5 Thor: When Loki Is On His Side (Thanos Murdering Loki)

Thor is a character who is generally positive and takes things with humor even though he’s actually had a lot of traumatic things happen in his life such as the death of his mother, Frigga. He often seems rather happy, but he does seem to be happiest in Thor: Ragnarok when his relationship with Loki is restored and the God of Thunder believes he can trust him.

On the other hand, his saddest moments revolve around his family, too. Thor's mother’s death is high on the list, but so is Loki’s death at the start of Avengers: Infinity War. Just when Thor has regrouped as King of Asgard, Thanos slaughters the remaining Asgardians and murders Loki in front of his brother. More than losing his homeland and even his eye, Thor is at his lowest when he cradles his dead brother's motionless body.

4 Steve Rogers: Returning To Visit Wakanda (Losing People He Loves Repeatedly)

While Steve Rogers might be a heroic character, he doesn’t seem to be happy all that often. Most of his narrative journey is about continually fighting to do what’s right and never giving up, and even when he has good moments, there’s always an air of loss about him. However, one moment that he seems truly happy despite all that’s going on is when he goes back to Wakanda to see his surrogate brother Bucky is doing well.

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It’s no wonder Steve often seems sad because he does have so many sad moments. He loses the people he’s closest to many times, from his family in the 1940s that he leaves behind when is frozen for 60 years, to Bucky's wartime death and eventual resurrection as a Cold War assassin, to attending Peggy’s funeral was heartbreaking for him.

3 Natasha Romanoff: Finding A New Home With The Avengers (Having To Sacrifice Her Own Life)

Natasha Romanoff might be a formidable spy and assassin with a checkered past, but she’s one of the Avengers who is most loyal to the people she comes to see as a family. While she struggles to let go of her feelings of guilt over her past, she finds solace and connection when she becomes one of the Avengers and really feels to be part of the team.

This makes it that much more upsetting that Black Widow is the one who dies to retrieve the Soul Stone on Vomir. The scenes leading to this moment are heartbreaking as she and Hawkeye fight over who will do it, with Natasha sadly "winning" by sacrificing her life.

2 Tony Stark: His Moments With Morgan(Sacrificing Himself To Save The Universe)

While Tony Stark did find moments of joy with the Avengers and also with Pepper, the thing that made Tony happiest in life was being a father to Morgan. It’s clear that he was a devoted dad and that he loved his daughter a lot, and he had finally found some peace.

This is why it's so heartbreaking when Tony sacrifices himself to stop Thanos. While the former playboy died a hero, it was also extremely sad. Tony had only barely gotten his happy ending with a family he loved, and his death left his daughter and Pepper grieving and the restored world in mouring.

1 T’Challa: Being Reunited With His Family In Wakanda (When His Father Dies)

While it’s also tragic that T’Challa is done in the MCU given Chadwick Boseman’s untimely death, there is at least the fact that the character ended on a happy moment when he was with Shuri and his mother, Queen Ramonda, in Wakanda after Thanos was defeated in Avengers: Endgame.

T’Challa’s most heart-wrenching scene happens soon after he’s introduced into the MCU. His father, King T’Chaka, is killed in the U.N. blast set off by Baron Zemo. This is clearly one of the most traumatic things that happened to him, and T’Challa struggles in the aftermath of this death and how to become a good king in Black Panther.

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