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Bachelorette: Signs Katie & Blake's Relationship Will Last

On The Bachelorette, from the moment Blake arrived at Katie's door, there was a spark, and it's time to discuss why they will go the distance as a couple. Something about Blake and Katie just seemed perfect from the very beginning. After watching Katie’s journey, it has become more evident that their love is true and that they are in it for the long haul. Their obvious chemistry, physical connection, and the smiles on their faces just say it all.

After the season finale, where Blake proposed to Katie with a Neil Lane ring, the couple shared celebratory photos on Instagram, excited to finally share their big news with the world. In their captions, the couple revealed their sweet nicknames for each other. Blake refers to the Bachelorette as "Buggy," and Katie refers to her husband-to-be as "Honey Bear." She hinted at this in a previous post that she shared before the finale, in which she captioned “I’m in love” with a bear emoji.

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Blake did not shy away from Katie’s family during hometown visits, where he sat down with Katie’s mom and aunt. He was asked some honest and intense questions, but he handled himself well and gave answers that were well thought out and true. Katie's Aunt Lindsey was tough on Blake, and Katie even admits that Aunt Lindsey owes Blake an apology. When Katie met Blake’s family, she fit in well and got along well with everyone. Blake revealed to his family that he knew Katie was the one, despite previously dating two other Bachelorettes, and in the end, he was right.

Katie and Blake have a strong physical connection, and it is clear that they are comfortable with each other because they trust each other. From romantic hugs, intense kissing, and everything in between, there is no doubt that there is a strong physical connection between the two. Katie advocates for sex positivity and Blake does not shy away from intimacy, which they have both portrayed since they first began their journey, so it makes sense that they would connect. Their physical connection only adds to their strong emotional chemistry that has become evident since day one.

From the beginning, viewers could see the connection between Blake and Katie, and it only grew more intense as the weeks went on. Blake may have arrived on Katie’s season late, but the couple didn't hesitate to make up for lost time. These two The Bachelorette stars share passions, goals, and have an undeniable connection. Katie and Blake’s relationship will last, and they will live a happy life together.

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