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Below Deck Med: Midseason Trailer Teases Captain Sandy Yawn & Malia Drama

The Below Deck Mediterranean midseason trailer dropped this week, teasing a fight between Captain Sandy and Malia White. As if the season couldn't get any crazier, it's about to get even more heated on Lady Michelle. So far, second stew Lexi Wilson has already caused some drama this season, with most of the crew completely against her. Chef Mathew Shea is also on rocky waters with the crew, and the Captain, after ditching them twice early in the season.

The crew turned against Lexi a couple of episodes ago, after she attacked Malia for calling her out regarding the dinner bill. After the crew retired to the hot tub, the second stew drank a little too much and became abrasive with her crewmates, even screaming at her chief stew, Katie Flood. While she apologized the following morning, Malia and Katie didn't find her sincere and are working to keep their relationship with Lexi as professional as possible. As for Chef Mathew, they just hope he doesn't freak out and quit on them again.

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Us Weekly has an exclusive preview for the midseason trailer (as shared by David Pascoe on Instagram), showing a new love interest for David and an intense fight between Malia and Captain Sandy. The trailer begins with the introduction of a new stewardess, Delaney Evans. She becomes quite flirty with the deckhand, who earlier this season was trying his hand at a relationship with his bosun, Malia. After Delaney is introduced to the crew, David and his fellow deckhands discuss the new stew, and David forgets her name. "I’m sure it starts with an A or an E," David tells his fellow deckhand Mzi "Zee" Dempers in the clip. He later overhears her real name on the radio and is embarrassed that it is not Andrea, his original guess. Later on in the trailer, Delaney is getting used to her new role; however, she feels she is overqualified for the position.

"I went to Berkley and then I got my captain’s license. Now I’m doing laundry," she says, before viewers see glimpses of her grinding on David in the hot tub. The clip then cuts to Katie speaking to one of the charter guests, warning then to not "screw the crew." She later changes her mind and says, "I mean, you could screw the crew." Third stew Courtney loosens up a bit with Malia, as the two are seen putting on firefighter uniforms and giving lap dances. On a more serious note, Lloyd Spencer, who came out this week, gets scolded by Malia for being too slow, causing him to get sick overboard before experiencing chest pains. Cut to the Malia versus Sandy feud, where she admits she doesn't "trust" the bosun. The trailer also teases trouble for Mathew in the galley and another appearance from Chef Luka. The teaser ends with an explosive fight between Lexi and Mathew during the crew's night off.

Season 6 has already been a wild ride, and the second half of the season looks just as intense. Sandy and Malia have been thick as thieves since last season, so their feud will be very entertaining to see play out. As for the fate of Lexi and Mathew's jobs, with the addition of Delaney and Chef Luka, viewers will have to keep watching every Monday night to find out what happens.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9pm on Bravo.

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Sources:  Us Weekly, David Pascoe/Instagram

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