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Inspired by the movie Skate Kitchen, the HBO show Betty has developed a small, fervent fanbase over its two seasons on the air so far, following the adventures of a group of young women skaters in New York City. In their exploits, these characters are constantly developing, while also meeting new memorable figures along the way.

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Through romance, friendship, and family, the five main characters of Betty grow and change quite a bit over the show's relatively short seasons. In the end, it's the community formed by these characters that stands out the most, but each individual's journey leads to that group connection.

10 Tai

Introduced in season two, Tai is a close friend of Camille's whose relationship with her falters during her quick rise to fame as an influencer. Although Tai is not front and center for most of the season, his and Camille's interactions demonstrate their close bond as friends and fellow skaters.

When the second season splits the betties up, Tai becomes the clearest emotional anchor for Camille, representing her betrayal of her values as she slips farther into being an influencer. Tai as an individual is still somewhat mysterious, but the fallout of Camille's decision to quit being an influencer may develop him more in the future.

9 Charlie

In the show's first season, Charlie isn't very likable, being one of the main misogynist critics of the "betties" when they try to skate together. He is a major source of humor however, and he becomes a more fleshed-out, major character in the show's second season as he is one of the men under Kirt's wing.

The seriousness with which Charlie takes Kirt's teachings on how to be a better man is both heartwarming and hilarious, as his character arc has definitely taken him in an unexpected direction by the end of the second season. Even though some fans may see Charlie's arc as another unbelievable TV redemption, he has become one of the most dynamic and memorable Betty men.

8 Sylvester

In Betty's second season, Janay falls for with fellow skater Sylvester as she tries to locate and coordinate a new skating spot after the old one is shut down. What begins as a partnership and friendship slowly blooms into one of the most satisfying romances on the show.

Sylvester is easy for fans to love, given his immense respect for Janay and what she's doing for her community, frequently standing up for her when she is the only responsible one in the room. The end of season two sees Sylvester and Janay's relationship just starting, though, so their relationship may not be done developing yet.

7 Farouk

Known for his business relationship with Indigo in the show's first season, Farouk is a multifaceted character who is happy to help Indigo and her friends while simultaneously being somewhat tough to work with. Farouk also provides comic relief to some of the show's more serious plots as a nice-guy drug dealer with lots of charisma.

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As a very approachable character, Farouk subverts the stereotype of the intimidating, dangerous drug dealer often seen on television. In addition, the fact that he is one of the show's older characters creates a dynamic where he is both a mentor to Indigo and disconnected from her generation.

6 Ash

One of season one's most triumphant story arcs follows Honeybear's developing romance with her new girlfriend Ash, whose bright and understanding personality guides Honeybear through their relationship. In the second season, Ash's character changes somewhat, as Honeybear becomes uncomfortable with her desire for polyamory.

Across the show's two seasons thus far, Ash has shown a range of growth in her relationship with Honeybear, as the two begin to understand each other's limits and boundaries. Ash being a skater who doesn't necessarily belong to the main group of betties also increases the mystique of her character.

5 Indigo

New to skating in the show's first season, Indigo quickly learns the ropes and dives into skating culture, becoming one of the main group of skaters. Her evolution as a character traces her roots as a rich drug dealer through various turns until the second season ends by re-forging her connections with the betties.

Indigo is primarily defined by her strained relationship with her mother and her somewhat more amicable relationship with Farouk in the show's first season, showing her frustrations with life. In the second season though, Indigo's character becomes more complex as her time living and working with Camille shows her vulnerability.

4 Kirt

Known for her crass sense of humor and go-with-the-flow personality, Kirt is the betty with the most comedic potential, both with her one-liners and her detached attitude. Despite this, Kirt is also treated seriously by the show, displaying her grappling with her white privilege in season one and becoming a reluctant spiritual guide in season two.

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Although Kirt makes many decisions that fans may disagree with, her effortless charm and optimistic outlook on life pull viewers into her offbeat world. Her declaration that she wants to help the matriarchy rather than fight the patriarchy also places Kirt among TV's most badass female characters.

3 Janay

As the arguable leader of the main five betties, Janay's fiery charisma and genuine caring nature make her a fan favorite, while her story arcs show her growth as a character. Between her falling out with Donald in season one and her budding romance with Sylvester in season two, Janay is one of the show's most dynamic characters.

One of Janay's most prominent traits is her ability to support her friends and community while also calling them out for their problems, if necessary. The way Janay talks about Kirt's reckless actions or Indigo bringing business into the new skating spot is reflective not of her anger, but of her activist spirit.

2 Honeybear

The introverted cinematographer of the betties, Honeybear is a very insular character who doesn't always wear her emotions on her sleeve. Fans have watched her relationship with her girlfriend Ash develop, blossoming into a truly powerful connection despite the obstacles they face.

Compared to the other betties, Honeybear's stories appear simpler on the surface, as she deals with her budding romance and the challenges of Ash's desire for polyamory. That said, her character is no less dynamic and powerful for it, as she both owns and overcomes her shyness at key points in the show.

1 Camille

Initially disconnected from the rest of the betties, Camille is the arguable main character of the show's first season, as her attempts to fit in with local skater guys lead her eventually to join with the betties instead. Camille's storylines are always filled with tension as she makes decisions about her core values.

Fans have watched both seasons eagerly to see whether Camille would value herself above the male skaters or influencer employers whom she finds herself trying to impress. Given that she always comes out on the side of being true to herself and her friends, Camille is among the most inspiring characters on TV.

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