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Big Brother 23: 10 Unpopular Opinions, According To Reddit

As with recent seasons of Big Brother, fans who are also Reddit users love to discuss the show's current season on the site. Not only are there specific discussions about every episode, but also debates centered around specific houseguests, events, and alliances.

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For the most part, fans agree on some of the hottest topics of discussion, such as Frenchie's aggressive and terrible gameplay and Brent coming across as being egotistical, but there are other topics about which some fans express dissenting views. And in some cases, certain Redditors find themselves supporting opinions that almost no other fan holds.

8 Britini's Crying Doesn't Make Sense

Some Reddit expressed that they disliked Britini's reactions to being put on the block twice in a row, both times as a presumed pawn. One fan wrote, "I seriously do not understand why Britini cries so much."

Big Brother is a game, so some fans aren't happy when its players seem to take the gameplay too personally. However, other fans pointed out that Britini is autistic and might not react the same way to situations as others in the house might, so her reactions should be seen in that context.

7 It's Funny That Derek F. Mixes Up His Words

Viewers noticed early on that when Derek F. votes, he often mixes up his words. Some fans pointed it out and made jokes about it. However, Derek later revealed to Christian that he is dyslexic, explaining that it's why he sometimes messes up his words or says things out of order.

One fan in particular noted they felt bad after learning about this, wishing they could take back the jokes they had made prior to knowing the reason behind Derek sometimes flubbing his words.

6 Tiffany Could Be A Legend

Several Redditors believe that Tiffany is playing a great game and could potentially go down as a legend in the game, joining the likes of Janelle Pierzina, Vanessa Rousso, and Danielle Donato (though none of those players ever won).

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However, for most fans watching the regular episodes, Tiffany seems to be in a good position as part of several alliances, but there's nothing particularly impressive about her gameplay just yet. She already raised eyebrows when Azah, her ally, didn't like what she saw in the veto competition when Tiffany and Derek X. ganged up on Britini. Nonetheless, some think Tiffany will eventually be named among the best BIPOC players from Big Brother.

5 Sarah Beth Will Go Home Early

Prior to the season's premiere, one Redditor predicted that Sarah Beth would go home early. However, she has proven from the start that she has the potential to go far.

Not only is Sarah Beth a member of the current most powerful team in the house that still has all of its members, but she is also still keeping her true intelligence and profession — she's a forensic scientist — from the other houseguests. In addition to all that, she's also one of the most likeable houseguests.

4 The Cookout Is An Unfair Alliance

One of the most talked about aspects of season 23 of Big Brother is the Cookout Alliance, which consists of all the Black houseguests. Opinions about the alliance vary, and fans are divided in being either for or against it. Lots of fans have said they think the alliance is unfair.

However, one Redditor got specific about their support for the Cookout Alliance, noting that with 22 seasons and no Black winner to date, it makes sense for the Cookout Alliance to form based on race. They added that plenty of the most successful Big Brother alliances in previous seasons, whether intentionally or not, were made up entirely of white players.

3 Frenchie Didn’t Want To Be There

One Redditor, roosh23, said that Frenchie didn't seem to get along with anyone in the house, didn't participate in any of the fun activities, and generally seemed miserable.

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On the other hand, lots of other fans believe that Frenchie, who is a die-hard fan of the show and was initially ranked as one of the most likely to win Big Brother 23, just simply played too hard, too fast. He promised too much to everyone and was unable to keep every false promise he made.

2 Derek F. Is A Good Player

Redditor Kcd1077 believes that Derek F. is playing a great game so far, and they are enjoying watching him. But many others disagree, pointing out that Derek admitted he was only there to cause chaos and is fine if he ends up being eliminated pre-jury.

What's more, fans don't love how loyal Derek F. was to Frenchie, believing that if Frenchie had stayed in the game, Derek F. might even have chosen him over the Cookout Alliance.

1 Kyland Sometimes Acts "Salty"

Fans who have been keeping up with the live feeds, including many Redditors, find Kyland to be "salty" at times, though it seems tied to specific events, such as a speed dating game the houseguests played and that Kyland lost.

Kyland comes across as smart, level-headed, sweet, kind, and caring, playing a similar game to Jeff Schroeder, who was one half of one of the most beloved showmances on Big Brother. Since the actual weekly episodes haven't shown Kyland in any type of negative light, the opinion that he can be moody and salty is an unpopular one among the majority of viewers.

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