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Big Brother: Nine COVID-19 Cases Traced Back to Production Crew

Nine COVID-19 cases were traced back to the production crew for Big Brother. The reality show is filmed in Los Angeles at CBS Radford in Studio City, California. Stage 18 of CBS Radford serves as the official location of season 23 of the series. Production on the show has continued, thanks to a team of nearly 500. So far, Fly on the Wall and Endemol Shine North America have produced the filming for the first six weeks of Big Brother season 23. Read on for more details about how the nine COVID-19 cases affected others on set.

The CBS series, which features American strangers co-existing in a house cut off from the outside world, aired its first episode on July 5, 2000. The Dutch reality competition television franchise was created by John de Mol Jr. and was first broadcast in the Netherlands in 1999. Since then, the network has aired 795 episodes. The popularity of the show spans multiple streaming platforms including Hulu, YouTube TV and Pluto TV. One reason for the success of the show is fan support of very likeable players. Behind the scenes, production crew members bring several elements together to make the viewing possible for Big Brother fans.

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According to Deadline, L.A. County’s COVID-19 database showed nine positive tests linked to Big Brother this week. Crew members contracted the virus over the course of multiple weeks. The database showed that the positive cases were registered starting on July 26. While the exact date of each registration was not provided, most of the crew members are said to be back on Stage 18. Like most shows, Big Brother follows industry health and safety protocols. Under those protocols, affected workers were required to quarantine before being cleared to return.

Big Brother is now several weeks into filming season 23. The nine positive COVID-19 cases apparently did not affect filming, though. The Big Brother houseguests were not affected either, which means crew members must not have been in contact with them. Comments revealed mixed reactions to the news of the positive cases. One reader commented, “Well ain’t that a kick in the ***. People are getting ridiculed left and right for not getting vaccinated but yet this happens. Come on.” On the opposite end of the spectrum, another said, “Nobody wants you to watch anyways, so its a win win for both sides.” Whatever the opinion, crew members with cases registered as late as August 9 may be back on set following 10 days of quarantine.

Based on reactions to the news of the nine positive COVID-19 cases, views about the virus are not the only unpopular opinions in the comment section. Unfavorable opinions about the show are also evident. The cases did not slow down filming as the drama continued to unfold amongst the houseguests several weeks into Big Brother season 23.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8pm on CBS.

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Source: Deadline

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