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Black Panther: 10 Questions About The Dora Milaje The Disney+ Series Needs To Answer

The Black Panther Disney+ series will depict Wakanda in full flow, going deep into every aspect of the country. The Dora Milaje have been synonymous with Wakanda, having represented it in every movie or TV show the royal guard has appeared in so far.

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Although they have been a hit with fans, not much is known about the Dora Milaje other than their defense of Wakanda and its kings. Fans are still in the dark about Okoye, Ayo, and the rest of the characters that make up the group, which is why the Disney+ show needs to answer burning questions that are most commonly asked.

10 Can Dora Milaje Members Be Romantically Involved?

Many fans are hoping to see the characters from Black Panther comics in the series, with Aneka being a particular favorite. This is due to her romance with Ayo, which can be adapted into the MCU.

However, it’s never been confirmed if the Dora Milaje can be romantically involved. So far, the characters have referred to themselves as sister figures but it’s not clear if that applies to everyone. Since there is a precedent from the comics, the Disney+ show needs to confirm if it’s the same in live-action.

9 How Involved Were They With Bucky's Rehabilitation?

Bucky’s time in Wakanda is significant as he’s the only outsider to have lived in the country for years. In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it was confirmed that Ayo helped erase the Winter Soldier's mental conditioning, but she seemed to be operating independently.

The Dora Milaje has otherwise been shown to be a tight-knit unit, making Ayo’s devotion toward Bucky ambiguous. The TV show can have flashbacks depicting the Dora Milaje’s dynamic with Bucky and if any of the other members had reservations about helping him or if it was a group effort.

8 What Was Their Status During The Blip?

Following the Snap completed by Thanos, one of the most frequent questions about Wakanda from Marvel fans concerns the status of the Dora Milaje during this time. A few members were seen disintegrating but Okoye survived and there’s a chance that some others did as well.

Their next appearance was after Hulk had brought everyone back, leaving it unclear what the Dora Milaje was like in the five-year gap. The TV series will have the time to bring a full recap of Wakanda’s situation after the Snap and it would be interesting to learn how the royal security fared.

7 How Does A Member Get Selected?

It’s known that members of the royal guard are trained extensively for years and continue to do so. What’s not been revealed is how a character is selected to join. The Disney+ series can present the terms and conditions the Dora Milaje have to fulfill to join the royal guard.

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In addition, the show can detail how the characters became so close to the point where they were willing to die for each other. Since the Dora Milaje aren’t brainwashed like the Black Widows, the selection process and reasons for their inherent loyalty are currently up in the air.

6 Do They Really Have Unlimited Jurisdiction?

The conviction with which the Dora Milaje carry themselves makes it clear that T’Challa was right about keeping them as his trusted royal security. This was such that the women turned up in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and made short work of John Walker, Sam Wilson, and Bucky Barnes.

When confronted by Walker that they were out of their jurisdiction, the Dora Milaje scoffed at him and claimed they had jurisdiction wherever they went. It’s not for certain if this was just a taunt or if it’s supposed to be factual. Considering T’Challa had absolute immunity in Captain America: Civil War, there’s a chance this extends to the Dora Milaje. For now, it’s up to the Disney+ series to confirm this.

5 Is It Possible To Leave The Dora Milaje?

Although their loyalty is without question, it’s not clear if the royal guards have the option to choose their personal lives over serving the country. In Black Panther, Okoye turned on her husband, W’Kabi, when faced with choosing him or Wakanda. However, it’s entirely possible someone else wouldn’t want to make this decision.

To this end, the Disney+ series should answer the possibility of a Dora Milaje member choosing to forego her role if she wants to pursue something else. Considering the members are there by personal choice, it would appear that they can leave but that’s just an assumption from fans until the MCU confirms it.

4 When Were The Dora Milaje First Formed?

The history of Wakanda spans back thousands of years and the culture seen in Black Panther was set long before the present-day chronology. This also means that the Dora Milaje were formed in the past when none of the current members were even born.

The Disney+ series will be looking into the country’s background and depicting the history of the Dora Milaje should be one of the top priorities. After all, it’s not been shown thus far as to how the practices of the royal guard were established and how they came to be regarded as the elite security in the first place.

3 How Are The Dora Milaje Trained?

It’s widely accepted that the Dora Milaje are among the strongest fighters in all of the MCU, with Okoye shown beating a powerful alien as Corvus Glaive by herself. While their feats are without question, how they came to be so skilled is a mystery.

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The Dora Milaje don’t have powers like T’Challa does with the heart-shaped herb, nor do they have the super-soldier serum. This is why the Disney+ show needs to present the training style of the Dora Milaje as it will shed light on the clan’s members’ extreme fighting prowess.

2 Can The Dora Milaje Be In The Line Of Succession?

Okoye seemed to be leading Wakanda during Avengers: Endgame as she reported the country’s state to Natasha and was handling all the operations. Considering only tribes with royal ancestry qualified to challenge T’Challa in Black Panther, the line of succession is another aspect about Wakanda the Disney+ series needs to explain.

An example can be seen in Valkyrie becoming the ruler of Asgard when she didn’t qualify before, which could apply to Wakanda as well. Since the Dora Milaje serve the country with absolute loyalty, they do check all the right boxes. To this end, the show has to dispel all doubts about the possibility of someone like Okoye becoming Wakanda’s next ruler.

1 What Are The Backstories Of Each Member?

As of yet, next to nothing is known about the Dora Milaje apart from their role in serving Wakanda. Okoye’s romance with W’Kabi was very lightly alluded to, apart from which there hasn’t been any other exposition over Okoye or her teammates.

With the TV series set to focus on characters from Black Panther movies that were only in a supporting capacity, it’s the best backdrop for the Dora Milaje’s past to be depicted. This can go into detail about where the women’s childhood and how their family lives are in general.

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