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Bloodborne: Top 10 Trick Weapons | ScreenRant

Content Warning: This article may contain references/images to graphic violence

FromSoftware’s 2015 action-horror classic, Bloodborne introduced numerous new gameplay mechanics to the Dark Souls franchise. One of the game’s most dynamic innovations is its combat, built around an arsenal of weapons that each have multiple forms and use-cases.

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Each of these so-called trick weapons can be wielded in two states. The first form typically allows for quick low-damage attacks and the second form usually packs more of a punch at the expense of stamina. Many of these weapons possess unique properties — some of which even hurt the wielder — and hunters can alternate between combat styles with the press of a button to string together stylish and devastating combos. Hunters hoping to survive Yharnam's gauntlet of fiends will need to employ a variety of these armaments along their journey, and there are some weapons that aren't to be missed.

10 Saw Cleaver

Featured in promotional material from trailers to billboards, Bloodborne’s Saw Cleaver became an icon of the game even before its release. This trick weapon resembles a gnarled handsaw wrapped in bloody bandages, and its alternate form flicks open (like a razor) to create an imposing saw-sword hybrid with greater range.

Well-balanced, the Saw Cleaver is an effective choice for newcomers to Yharnam, and it can become one of the strongest weapons in the game if the player invests their hard-earned Blood Stone Chunks into it. Pair it with elemental buffs, like Fire or Bolt Paper, and the Saw Cleaver is a solid and reliable weapon for mowing through some of Bloodborne's freakiest monsters.

9 Threaded Cane

The weapon of choice for style-minded hunters, the threaded cane adds an air of aristocracy and elegance to the game’s brutal combat. Its initial state — an unremarkable walking stick — is wielded like a cudgel, evoking 19th-century imagery fit for a Dickens novel.

The cane’s second form reveals a whiplike segmented blade, similar to Ivy's Snake Sword from the Soul Calibur series. Although it lacks high damage output, the Threaded Cane uses the least amount of stamina of any weapon in Bloodborne and is extremely useful early in the game before hunters have a chance to level up.

8 Rifle Spear

In-game lore tells that this unique weapon was designed by the Powder Kegs — a group of extremist hunters who incorporated explosives into their arsenal. One such weapon, the Rifle Spear, alternates between a one-handed spear and a long gun with a bayonet that can be swung like a halberd or fired as a ranged weapon.

While its first form doesn't quite have the practical use or aesthetic polish of the Soulsborne series' strongest weapons, its second form proves to be eminently useful as a long-range and crowd-control weapon for new players and series veterans alike.

7 Simon's Bowblade

An aesthetically stunning and clever DLC weapon, Simon's Bowblade represents the design and lore antithesis to the Powder Kegs' Rifle Spear. This weapon was created for a particularly stringent Healing Church hunter who loathed firearms. To cater to his predilections, the weapon transforms from a one-handed scimitar into an elegant recurve capable of firing magic arrows at the expense of Quicksilver Bullets.

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When a fully charged arrow strikes an enemy's back, it staggers them and leaves them vulnerable to a high-damage visceral attack. Provided the player has enough bullets, the bow can be fired more rapidly than many of the game's guns, making it a respectable addition to any hunter's arsenal.

6 Kos Parasite

This otherworldly weapon unites the player with the eldritch beyond, transforming their arms into celestial slugs that manifest whiplike tentacles. When paired with the Milkweed Rune, the hunter makes a complete physical transformation into a Lumenwood — a Lovecraftian monster composed of glowing gastropods and slime.

Not only is this an unexpected and interesting characteristic for a weapon, but it also increases the Kos Parasite's damage exponentially. If integrated into Arcane-centric builds, this DLC armament can easily rank among the strongest weapons in the game.

5 Chikage

From Bloodlust in Dark Souls 3 to the Mortal Blade in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, FromSoftware is a master of designing weapons with a self-damaging gameplay mechanic. These blades are typically among the strongest weapons in the game, like Bloodborne's Chikage, and are meant only for the few players for whom the game is not already challenging enough.

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This Cainhurst katana transforms from a one-handed weapon to a two-handed greatsword that glows red with energy. Though it drains player health at a rapid rate, it's capable of outputting some of the highest damage in the game, making it a must-have for any Bloodtinge or tank builds.

4 Logarius' Wheel

Undeniably one of the game's most unusual weapons, Logarius' Wheel is nonetheless a versatile option for skilled players. This weapon was wielded by Martyr Logarius, leader of the Healing Church’s Executioners and one of the hardest bosses in Bloodborne. Like the Chikage, it saps the hunter's health in exchange for increased damage output. By spinning the wheel, players can exchange a percentage of their health for a brief window of increased damage output.

The wheel features a much shorter effective range than its other life-sapping counterparts, but more than makes up for it in its raw damage potential. This iconic weapon is also referenced in the original Dark Souls via the Wheel Skeleton — enemies who have become trapped in spiked wheels, not unlike that belonging to Logarius.

3 Blade of Mercy

Players who make the mistake of crossing Eileen the Crow will swiftly find out how deadly her weapon, the Blade of Mercy, is. Its initial state is a well-balanced sword, nimble but light on damage potential. When it transforms, the single blade separates into a pair of shortswords that prove extremely useful in most of Bloodborne's combat situations.

Although it is undeniably a close-range weapon, its speed and strength allow its wielder to close distance swiftly while making a meaningful impact on enemy vitality. In its dual-wielding form, the Blades of Mercy are almost beautiful to watch, as they convey the hunter like a deadly dancer through swarms of monsters. Players will need to endure one of the Soulsborne series' most grueling NPC fights to lay claim to these blades, but the reward is well worth the toil.

2 Ludwig's Holy Blade

Ludwig’s Holy Blade represents one of the best entries among Bloodborne’s weapons and could be a contender for best weapon in the Soulsborne franchise. Originally wielded by Ludwig, the Accursed Hunter of the Healing Church, the sword resembles the Moonlight Greatsword from the Dark Souls series and bears the unique property of glowing an ethereal blue-green when combined with the Holy Moonlight Sword from The Old Hunters DLC.

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Its initial form is a one-handed sword evocative of Medieval English knights. During its transformation animation, the hunter reseats the blade in its giant ornate sheath, combining the two to create a razor-sharp greatsword capable of devastating minor enemies and bosses alike. Though slow, the weapon has tremendous range, making it a must-have for any hunter.

1 Burial Blade

This late-game weapon represents the pinnacle of FromSoftware's item design. A sickle in its initial state, the Burial Blade unfolds into an enormous scythe that is optimal for crowd-control when facing an onslaught of enemies. It features one of the longest ranges of Bloodborne’s non-projectile weapons and boasts impressive speed for its size.

Be warned, this elite weapon can only be obtained by beating one of the game’s final bosses, Gehrman, the First Hunter. In-game lore suggests that this was the first trick weapon created for the hunt, forged from a meteorite. Stellar design, engaging lore, and practical application — a hunter can't ask for better in a trick weapon.

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