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Bloodsport vs Deadshot: Who Is the Deadliest DCEU Assassin?

Idris Elba's Bloodsport and Will Smith's Deadshot are the main marksmen of Task Force X in 2016's Suicide Squad and 2021's The Suicide Squad, respectively, but even though their skills and backgrounds are very similar, one is slightly deadlier than the other. David Ayer's Suicide Squad introduced various high-profile but severely underused DC villains, including Killer Croc and Deadshot. Although most of the main characters survived until the end of the film, James Gunn's The Suicide Squad featured a revamped lineup, with different characters filling the same roles. Hence, King Shark replaced Killer Croc as the team's muscle, Polka-Dot Man replaced El Diablo as the powerful outcast with a tragic background, and Bloodsport replaced Deadshot as the leading sharpshooter.

Since The Suicide Squad takes a free approach to DCEU canon, the sequel didn't depend on the events of its 2016 predecessor but it also didn't overwrite them. James Gunn's movie sought to fix its mistakes, as evidenced by the higher body count and the improved dynamics between the characters. Harley Quinn, Rick Flag, and Captain Boomerang returned, but with Will Smith unable to return to Deadshot, James Gunn brought in Idris Elba to portray Bloodsport, who had similar abilities but a slightly different characterization.

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Both Robert DuBois and Floyd Lawton are incredibly strong, agile, durable, and can't seem to miss a shot. While the different missions they participated in may tip the balance, it seems one of the two marksmen has been more effective at their job. Here's how their criminal careers compare.

Long-range weapons are the bread and butter of both Bloodsport and Deadshot. In Suicide Squad, Deadshot is put to the test at Belle Reve with a session of target practice. He uses all the weapons available and showcases complete mastery over all of them. However, his favorite weapon is his wrist-mounted gun. Ayer's 2016 Suicide Squad features Deadshot is aided by a high-tech eyepatch that allows him to automatically target his opponents, read the environment, and make complex calculations in fractions of a second.

Bloodsport, on the other hand, prefers to use a variety of custom-made weapons he can summon and modify on the go. This modular and collapsible arsenal can turn simple firearms into shotguns so powerful that they can incapacitate King Shark and can create different weapons such as a spiked mace, a flamethrower, a sword, and his personal favorite, the slingshot gun. Bloodsport doesn't have any targeting aid. Instead, he wears a helmet and relies on his natural accuracy. One can conclude that Bloodsport has the upper hand when it comes to weapons, though there's the possibility that he could become too reliant on his custom arsenal.

Evidently, the strong forte of both Bloodsport and Deadshot is their accuracy. During his introductory scene in Suicide Squad, Deadshot is able to bounce a bullet off a reflective panel and effortlessly kill his target. In the aforementioned scene at Belle Reve, Deadshot is able to shoot every target dead-center in the forehead with every single gun. He also mows down dozens of minions with only a handgun and his wrist-mounted gun. Most importantly, it's Deadshot's last-second shot at a falling bomb that defeats Enchantress.

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Bloodsport's biggest feats in The Suicide Squad include taking down various opponents with his slingshot gun, killing a Corto Maltese soldier by shooting him in the eye amidst a storm, and electrocuting an unsuspecting rebel by shooting the table beside him so an electrical fan could fall on his bathtub. Most famously, Bloodsport was imprisoned for "putting Superman in the ICU with a Kryptonite bullet", but the fact that he didn't kill the Man of Steel suggests that either he missed the shot, or he didn't actually want to murder him. Bloodsport cements his status as an expert marksman by hitting Peacemaker in the neck with a bullet that pierces straight through the one Peacemaker just shot.

While Bloodsport and Deadshot are known for their accuracy with long-range weapons, they're also incredibly strong and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Deadshot takes a beating in Belle Reve at the beginning of Suicide Squad but is shown to be unscathed shortly afterward. Deadshot's history with Batman also suggests he has been able to survive the Dark Knight's brutal fights before, although the flashback where he's captured by Batman proves that he's barely able to defend himself against him.

Like Deadshot, Bloodsport didn't get many chances to demonstrate his one-on-one combat skills in The Suicide Squad, but he does showcase his stealth kill skills when he and Peacemaker infiltrate the rebel base and murder everyone inside in increasingly creative ways. One scene, in particular, puts Bloodsport over Deadshot in regards to combat: when Bloodsport is captured alongside Peacemaker and Rick Flag, all three agree to hit their captors at the same time — a move which seems to result in instant death. Bloodsport also experiences a harsh beating in the third act of The Suicide Squad when he falls with the collapsing Jotunheim tower and still has enough stamina to (almost) kill Peacemaker and fight Starro.

Although both sharpshooters are similar even in their personalities, Suicide Squad depicts Deadshot as a much cockier and irritable anti-hero. He starts out as a bitter criminal whose only goal is to meet his daughter again, with no hesitation to disrespect Amanda Waller and Rick Flag. Before he's imprisoned, Deadshot manages to manipulate his employers into paying him $2 million just by teasing them with calling off the hit, which proves that although he's mostly driven by his father's instincts, he also has an overly ambitious side. Deadshot's character arc has him open up and consider his fellow anti-heroes, if not friends, then at least respectable colleagues.

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In The Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller summarizes just how dangerous Bloodsport is by mentioning how he almost killed Superman, but Bloodsport's behavior shows that he's not really a mustache-twirling villain or a stone-faced assassin. Bloodsport showcases a more humble personality than Deadshot from the beginning, as he never loses his cool — not even when he's confronted by Peacemaker and by his fear of rats. Bloodsport is constantly focused on the mission, but he's also willing to deescalate the situation just to ensure that his colleagues are safe. For instance, he shoots King Shark only until he convinces him not to eat Ratcatcher 2, and he assures Ratcatcher 2 that he's going to personally take her out of the mission alive and well. Unlike Deadshot, Bloodsport has a rocky relationship with his daughter and he's clearly a less experienced father than Deadshot.

In both Suicide Squad and The Suicide Squad, Amanda Waller calls the shots, the comparable Rick Flag guides Task Force X, and each respective marksman leads the team. Neither Deadshot nor Bloodsport are obligated to do it, but they're both naturally driven to keep the team afloat and push them to victory when all seems lost. Unfortunately for Deadshot, the circumstances are more volatile for his team, as Joker shows up to throw a wrench on the mission, Slipknot blows himself up, and Enchantress summons her brother Incubus to take over the world together. Bloodsport's team is more close-knit and every member has a natural chemistry with each other, which helps him lead them more easily. Of course, Polka-Dot Man dies and Peacemaker goes rogue before killing Rick Flag, but Bloodsport takes the initiative to kill Starro despite Amanda Waller's finger hovering over the detonator. He pushes the surviving members of Task Force X to reach the end of the mission with Starro defeated, Corto Maltese liberated, and Ratcatcher 2 safe and sound, whereas Deadshot is barely able to claim victory with his own last effort.

Clearly, Deadshot and Bloodsport have very slight advantages and disadvantages over the other. Bloodsport could annihilate Deadshot with one of his custom weapons, but he would likely hesitate to do it if he doesn’t consider it necessary. Deadshot probably would struggle to beat Bloodsport in hand-to-hand combat or with melee weapons, but in the right circumstances and with the right motivations, Deadshot would likely murder Bloodsport before they could even meet face-to-face. Considering how cold-blooded assassins need to be to excel at their job, perhaps the humanity Bloodsport showcased in The Suicide Squad could play against him, making Deadshot the deadlier marksman.

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