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BOTW Easy Cosplay: Zelda Characters With Simple Costumes

Though its story takes a back seat to gameplay, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has many interesting and memorable characters ripe for the creative members of the Zelda community to emulate. Even those seeking easy BOTW cosplay will find a few fitting characters with relatively simple outfits to pull from.

At any given moment in Breath of the Wild, players can come across Zora, Rito, and Gorons exploring Hyrule at their own steady pace. The variety of its characters and cultures makes Hyrule a more believable world, and players are sure to fall in love with at least one of these NPCs. However, because of their fish-, bird-, and rock-like anatomies, these fictional Zelda races would be difficult to translate into cosplay without a generous amount of skill, patience, and money.

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Even dressing as a Gerudo Warrior would require a lot of extra work to ensure the armor is of passable design. Luckily, there are some within Hyrule that could actually be a breeze to cosplay. Here are some of the easiest ways for fans to live out their Breath of the Wild cosplay dreams.

Koroks can be found scattered throughout Breath of the Wild, even in some of the most hostile places. These spirits are a cute and charming addition to the Kingdom of Hyrule, and they could make some easy cosplay. To achieve a Korok-inspired costume, fans would first need to dress themselves head to toe in brown, tan, or green - be it joggers, shorts, t-shirts, or jumpers. Once the "woody" base of the outfit is complete, they only need to fashion a leaf-shaped mask and fasten it with elastic or string. The mask can then be decorated with green and brown paints or even covered with real fallen leaves glued into place. Finally, a toy pinwheel or large stick to hold, and it’s done.

While the Gerudo Warriors themselves may be harder to recreate in the real world, the clothing Link wears when infiltrating Gerudo Town is easier to recreate. Fans can easily become a Gerudo vai - albeit not a particularly detailed one - by donning some slip-on shoes, a pair of lightweight trousers, a colorful sports bra (or even a bandana wrapped around and tied at the back), and an ornate facemask (or, again, a bandana). For the outfit's finishing touches, fans could add a necklace around the head so that the charm dangles down above the eyes, a cloth draped over the hair, and some bangles.

The easiest of all Breath of the Wild cosplays is "naked" Link as he appears when not wearing any armor or clothes. Of course, he's not actually naked in this state, but he's as close as Nintendo would likely allow - this is essentially his rebirth, after all.

All fans would need to become the Hylian Champion in this instance is a pair of blue shorts, some ruffled hair, pointed, slip-on elf ears, and a slightly bleary expression. Should fans wish to be a little more covered up, a piece of cardboard cut out into the shape of a stamina wheel and painted green could be hung around one’s neck to finish off this easy The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild look.

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