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Boyfriend Dungeon: How to Raise Your Love Level (& What It's For)

Boyfriend Dungeon is an unorthodox combination of dungeon delver and dating game, as players are prompted to romance their weapons. Similar to the manga Soul Eater, the world is filled with people who can transform into weapons like swords, hammers, scythes, and so on. Players can flirt, spend time with, and very notably—wield their perspective love prospects as they advance through the game. The game has quite a few dungeons to explore, and each is filled with quirky enemies like cocktails and floating TVs.

As to be expected from a dating sim, these weapon companions can be wooed. This can be done by giving them gifts, spending time with them, having meaningful conversations, and so on. But between that and the fighting elements, players may be a tad confused when they realize that the weapons have a love level attached to their character. If this was a regular fighting rpg they would raise it by fighting monsters and crafting things alongside them.

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Understanding the weapon’s love level in Boyfriend Dungeon is not that complicated when compared to typical dating simulators. It is basically a glorified relationship meter. Its level is determined by meeting a certain emotional threshold with a given person through personal interactions.

In Boyfriend Dungeon this translates as having conversations with, dating, hanging out with, and giving gifts to their weapon bae of choice. Players should get used to visiting hangouts, the BBQ, and even dungeons in order to become acclimated to their personality. Players can literally bond to their weapon just by continuously hacking and slashing monsters. Although, if players are interested in forging a bond through violence, try to clear floors and find vaults to make the progress go faster.

Aside from serving as visual confirmation on how far a player has gone with a certain weapon, increased love levels can actually result in power-ups as the weapon begins to trust their wielder with more of their power. Each weapon has its own abilities that they can bestow on the player, and unlocking several of them can result in entirely different combat styles for players to use in dungeons.

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Boyfriend Dungeon is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One

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