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Breaking Bad Reimagined As a GTA Game With Loading Screen Art

A talented GTA 5 and Breaking Bad fan has created stunning art pieces that reimagine the characters of the AMC show in the iconic art style of the Rockstar Games classic. Rockstar titles are known for their stylized loading screens and character art, and the fan's creations give a taste of what a Breaking Bad and GTA crossover could look like.

Just like Breaking Bad, the Grand Theft Auto series gives a look into a life of crime as players climb the criminal ranks of GTA Online or try to pull off incredible heists and keep up with the antics of Michael and Trevor in GTA 5. Both the online and the single-player editions of the latest GTA title use stylized artwork within the games as loading screens, as well as for their marketing, but they're not the only Rockstar games to do so. Red Dead Redemption, Bully, and earlier games in the GTA canon all use similar art styles, making the art synonymous not just with GTA but with the Rockstar brand as a whole.

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Artist Hyanide's stunning Breaking Bad and GTA crossover art was shared to Reddit by Winged_Daedalus, where the images quickly picked up traction. The artist has reimagined six of Breaking Bad's main characters (Walter, Hank, Marie, Gus, Jesse, and Lydia) as if they were straight out of a GTA loading screen, with incredible attention to detail. Despite the stylization, each of the characters remains instantly recognizable, demonstrating the artist's skill. As well as having an Etsy store, Hyanide can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Artstation, and YouTube.

Fans of Breaking Bad won't just recognize the characters showcased in the video, but also the backgrounds they're standing in front of. A number of iconic locations from the show have been chosen to help represent the characters, including Hank's police station, the R.V Jesse and Walter use to cook meth in, and even Gus' restaurant, Los Pollos Hermanos. In the video description, Hyanide has stated they are also planning to give the same GTA loading screen treatment to the characters of the Breaking Bad spin-off show, Better Call Saul.

Recreations of GTA's loading screen art have used the recognizable style not just to pay homage to television shows and movies, but also for memes. Last year, fan art for GTA 6 added Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe alongside GTA 5's Michael, Trevor, and Franklin in another hilarious mash-up. While Grand Theft Auto fans might still have a while before they get to see some real artwork for GTA 6, there's no shortage of fan pieces inspired by the game series.

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Source: Hyanide/ArtStation (via Winged_Daedalus/Reddit)

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