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Breath Of The Wild: 10 Things About The Shrine Of Power You Missed

Since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an open-world RPG with little guidance and non-linear gameplay, players may get lost and even miss things during their first playthrough. Even though the game has sold 23.20 million copies on the Switch alone, the huge environment and its many quests mean that many players will miss some of the more well-concealed secrets in this well-known game.

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One of the many areas in Breath of the Wild is The Shrine of Power, which is also known as the Tutsuwa Nima shrine. There are many elements of this area that players may struggle with or miss entirely without some guidance.

10 One Of Many Shrines

In Breath of the Wild, shrines are small, puzzle-based dungeons. In the base game, there are 120 shrines in total across Hyrule. Each shrine has at least one treasure and a spirit orb that can be used to increase stamina or heart containers. However, Tutsuwa Nima shrine is different from most of the other shrines.

Initially, 42 out of the 120 shrines are hidden and cannot be accessed right away. Instead, the player must complete 42 quests to unlock the 42 hidden shrines. Tutsuwa Nima is one of these secret shrines.

9 Significant Background NPCs

To unlock the shrine quest that grants access to the Tutsuwa Nima shrine, the player will need to talk to two specific NPCs. Given how large the world is and the fact that NPCs tend to move around on their own, it may be difficult to find these two out of many. These dynamic characters help give life to this in-game universe, but it can cause issues when the player needs to find someone.

If the player looks around the Akkala region, they'll eventually find a traveling Hylian named Pitar. Pitar tells Link that a woman named Nobo in the Akkala region has some good information. The player can find Nobo at the East Akkala Stable near a fire. While talking to Nobo, the player should choose the option "This area?" to unlock the "Spring of Power" quest.

8 Dinraal's Scale

Once the player unlocks the quest, they will need to head to where the Spring of Power is on the map. At this location, there is a Goddess Statue that Link must pray to. After praying, the statue will tell Link to bring a Dinraal's Scale.

Dinraal is a fire dragon, and its scale can be used for many things. Besides this quest, a Dinraal's Scale can be used to make crimson dye or dubious food. Also, if the player obtains two of these scales and has 10 acorns, then the player can upgrade the Trousers of the Wind. A Dinraal's Scale also can be used to upgrade the Fierce Deity Mask. Finally, the player can simply sell the item.

7 Finding The Dragon

Dinraal is one of four dragons that soar Hyrule's skies. The fire dragon flies around the Eldin Mountains or Tabantha Frontier, and it follows a particular schedule. This means that a player may have to advance time at a camp fire in order to be able to reach the dragon.

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One way the player could reach the dragon is by going to Tabantha Bridge, since Dinraal tends to appear there between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. The player could also travel one of the hills surrounding the Eldin Great Skeleton area and use the paraglider to reach the dragon at around 8:30 a.m. In the end, as long as the player follows the dragon's flight path, they can probably find several opportunities to get close to the great beast.

6 Getting The Item

Once the player gets relatively close to Dinraal, the player must obtain one of the dragon's scales using a bow and arrow. Although Dinraal will not actively try to harm Link, its fiery skin will burn him if he does not have strong enough fireproof armor and gets too close. Bomb arrows fired directly at the dragon's body should be enough for it to drop one of its scales to the ground for the player to pick up.

While this is not difficult, the player needs to make sure they are aiming only at the main body. Other areas, such as the dragon's horns, will drop other items. These other items have their uses but will not be needed for this particular quest. For example, shooting at Dinraal's horns will drop a Shard of Dinraal's Horn, which can be used to make crimson dye, a meal with a 30 minute buff, armor upgrades or just some mon.

5 Use Perfect Guard

After the player gets Dinraal's Scale and offers it to the Goddess Statue, Tutsuwa Nima Shrine will be revealed. Inside the shrine, there is an open area where Link will have to fight a Guardian Scout IV in order to pass the trial. Since this is a test of power, the player should give Link the strongest armor they have and an elixir that boosts attack power so Link can both absorb some tough hits and deal some solid damage.

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Along with all of that, Link should also have some guardian weapons. Specifically, the player should use a Guardian Shield during the battle because it could make this difficult fight much easier. Since the area is lacking cover that other shrine arenas sometimes have, the Guardian's fast spin attacks could be deadly for Link. If the player performs a perfect guard by holding out their shield and pressing the A button at the exact right moment, Link will deflect an attack. This will stun the Guardian, which means Link can land some free hits and not have to worry about getting hit and taking massive damage.

4 Gliding Is The Key

After the Guardian's health gets below about 50%, the Guardian will add a new attack that can catch a player off guard if they are not prepared. The spin attack now includes lasers, which means the attack has upgraded to something more deadly.

But this new move is not necessarily only a bad thing if the player knows a key Breath of the Wild fighting tip. When the Guardian performs the attack, it causes an upward current on which Link can glide toward the Guardian and attack it from above.

3 Perfect End

When the Guardian is almost dead, it will begin charging for an extreme laser attack that can quickly destroy Link if the player is not careful. Immediately, the player should try to kill the Guardian by attacking it as quickly as possible.

If the Guardian is still not dead, the player should prepare to either dodge as much as possible or risk attempting a perfect guard. If the player succeeds with the perfect guard, the Guardian will be finished, but Link will also be finished if the player misses.

2 End Rewards

Once the Guardian is defeated, the player can proceed to the final area of this secret shrine, which is the altar. In the altar room, there is a chest with a Flamespear in it, and the player will also get a spirit orb when they interact with the altar.

The Flamespear is a two-handed spear that can set enemies on fire. The weapon is fast, but the fire ability needs some time to charge after each use.

1 Connection To Skyward Sword

The Spring of Power location, where the entrance to Tutsuwa Nima shrine is located, looks like Skyview Spring from a previous game in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. While there is obviously some extra degradation of the structure in Breath of the Wild, the layout of the place is still exactly the same.

This location is just one of many scattered throughout the game that connects to previous titles in the franchise. This demonstrates how the games are connected, and it also creates fun Easter eggs for fans.

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