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Breath of the Wild Player Flies Without a Paraglider Using Cucco Glitch

Thanks to a glitch, one Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player has unlocked the secret to flying without a Paraglider. Link’s hand glider is just one of the many modes of transportation he can utilize in his travels across the land of Hyrule, ranging from various wild horses to the new Master Cycle.

Players have uncovered countless tricks and secrets within the vast game world of Breath of the Wild since it launched on the Nintendo Switch to critical acclaim back in 2019. From maneuvering a greedy Yiga Blademaster into stealing the legendary Thunder Helm to bending the laws of reality so the traveling Old Man can meet himself, there seems to be no limit to the things that players can do in BOTW – so much so that it's actually pretty easy to lose track of Link's main goal of saving the world from the evil Calamity Ganon. A particularly popular pastime is uncovering new forms of transportation for Link, such as using the aforementioned Master Cycle as a makeshift jetski.

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Yesterday, Reddit user PrestigiousBat3220 posted a gameplay clip of Link flying without the use of a Paraglider to r/Breath_of_the_Wild. To do this, the player utilizes a glitch where they pick up a Cucco (a sort of chicken-like creature that wanders the various towns and farms of Hyrule) and drop it just as they walk off a cliff. As a result, Link can glide across the air just as he would on his Paraglider, gently floating across the lush green landscape to the ground below.

As players continue to uncover amusing new details in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, fans are eagerly awaiting the game’s recently announced sequel, which was revealed during Nintendo’s E3 2021 event back in June. Plot details of this new Zelda title are still kept under wraps, with even its subtitle being hidden to avoid potential spoilers. That hasn’t stopped dedicated fans from making their own theories, like BOTW2 featuring two playable characters – and one of them being longtime archvillain Ganon in the years before his infamous turn to the Dark Side.

Meanwhile, watching Link learn the art of flight from the Cuccos before taking to the skies himself is a plot twist few Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players saw coming, but it’s still an amusing and handy glitch to watch in action. Link would do well to remember his new skills for the next time he forgets to pack his glider while on another quest to save Hyrule.

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Source: u/PrestigiousBat3220

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