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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Best "Title Of Your Sex Tape" Jokes

[tldr_position]With the newest (and final) season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently airing, fans are reminiscing about the many laughs and all of the hilarious running jokes that the show has had. At the top of the list is the "Title of your sex tape" joke that quickly follows anytime someone says something vaguely sexual--or in Amy's case, embarrassing.

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With so many hypothetical sex tape titles over the course of eight seasons, it can be hard to pick out the cream of the crop. But some of the titles have the added flair of being well-timed, surprisingly adorable, or coming from an unexpected character, and that makes them the best of the bunch.

10 "It's Not Your Fault. I Was Terrible."

Amy: "It's not your fault. I was terrible."

Jake: "'It's not your fault, I was terrible' was also one of your sex tapes."

As Amy is apologizing to Charles after one of the best ranked (and the first) Halloween heist, aptly named "Halloween," Jake can't help but chime in with a quick joke. Amy says that she's sorry about the night, after which Jake says "'Sorry about tonight' title of your sex tape!" in his usual way.

This one was a two-for-one special, though. After Amy follows up with the aforementioned line, Jake hits her again, making it a rare double whammy for the joke.

9 "Kind, Sober, And Fully Dressed."

Amy: "Can you magically make everyone kind, sober, and fully dressed?"

Jake: "'Kind, sober, and fully dressed.' Good news, everyone, we found the title of Santiago's sex tape!"

Another great one from "Halloween" and the first of the sex tape title jokes, this one's charm is the sheer innocence of the title. It sounds more like the description of a parent's dream for the teenager's prom date than a DVD sex tape.

There's also the bonus of Jake calling Amy "Santiago," per their pre-couple days, which gives it a little nostalgia.

8 "I Came Alone."

Jake: "The whole NYPD knows where you are and they're coming for you right now."

Seamus Murphy: "Okay. Thanks for the tip. Let's kill them both and get out of here before the cops come."

Jake: "Wait! No, no, no. I was lying about the backup. I came alone. Title of my sex tape!"

Jake is one of the only people who can be tied to a chair in a room with the armed criminals who kidnapped him and his boss and still crack a joke--that's just the way he is. In "Safe House," Holt makes a  convoluted plan to keep Kevin safe from Seamus Murphy, and he and Jake end up being captured themselves.

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Even under the pressure of death after his lie about backup, Jake still decides to lead with comedy and get one more innuendo-themed joke out. Lucky for him, Kevin crashes through the wall and throat punches Murphy, saving the day. The highlight here is Jake using the joke on himself.

7 "Sorry, It Just Slipped Out."

Jake: "Don't gasp for him! What are you doing?"

Charles: "I'm sorry, it just slipped out."

Rosa: "Title of your sex tape."

Jake: "Yeah, obviously 'title of your sex tape.' Everyone's taking my stuff!"

In the classically fun whodunit style episode, "Dillman," Jake wants to solve the mystery of who put an exploding glitter box on his desk, but he gets all the wind taken out of his sails by Holt's old detective buddy, Frank Dillman (played by J.K. Simmons in one of the show's many amazing cameos).

He feels like Dillman took his place solving the prank gone awry, and continues to feel like all of his "things" are being stolen, including the sex tape title joke made later in the episode. Plus, Rosa getting in on the fun is rare enough that this is special.

6 "One More Butt And You're In Contempt."

Jake: "But, but, but..."

Judge: "One more 'but' and you will be in contempt."

Jake: "'One more butt and you're in contempt,' name of your sex tape."

Viewers felt bad for Jake when he and Rosa were framed for robbing a bank in "Crime And Punishment." But, even a threat of being in contempt of court is an invitation to make a sex joke. There's a definite trend of Jake's nervous energy making him spit out quick-fire one-liners in high-stress situations, and this courtroom was no exception.

With he and Rosa facing the possibility of over a decade in prison, the fact that he would choose that moment to make a joke about butts is hilarious and fully in character.

5 "Sorry, That Came Out Weird."

Holt: "I didn't sleep a wink. Let's just say Kevin no longer has me in the guest room."

Jake: "Nice. My two dads straight smashin' it! Sorry, that came out weird. Title of your sex tape."

Jake is very emotionally dependent on Captain Holt as a father figure and their dynamic is fan-favorite. He's also attached to the idea of Holt and Kevin as a happy couple. He's tried to meddle in their relationship before for fear of them divorcing, and in "The Honeypot," Holt goes to a barrel museum with Gordon, his new assistant so that Jake can prove that he's a spy from Commissioner Kelly.

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When Kevin finds out, Holt is banished to the guest room--but not for long. After they make up, Jake is, not surprisingly, over the moon. His obsession with them is a little sad, but mostly wholesome.

4 "I Hope It Wasn't A Mistake."

Jake: "So, we broke a rule."

Amy: "I hope it wasn't a mistake."

Jake: "'I hope it wasn't a mistake,' title of your sex tape...*gasp* title of our sex tape!"

In "New Captain," the coupling that fans (and Charles) waited three seasons for finally happened--Charles even wrote his best man speech before they made things official. After going on a first date with a lot of rules, Jake and Amy decide to get drunk at dinner to dispel some of the awkwardness and break the rule about waiting to have sex.

The little gasp as Jake quickly changes the joke to match the circumstances and the realization that all of the Amy sex tape jokes have culminated into Jake and Amy actually having sex make this one especially good.

3 "Why Doesn't Your Mouth Work?"

Jake: "Hey, now that it's just us, there's a thing I wanted to say a da-za you..."

Amy: "Why doesn't your mouth work?"

Jake: "'Why doesn't your mouth work,' title of our sex tape."

Amy: "What?" / Jake: "Your sex tape! What? No!"

There was a lot of lead-up to the aforementioned date between Jake and Amy, and Jake spends a lot of time freaking out about his developing feelings for her. In "Det. Dave Majors," Jake is trying to get a moment alone to talk to Amy and ask her out before Det. Majors, but everyone keeps interrupting him.

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When he finally gets Amy alone, he's so flustered that he starts speaking gibberish, then panics when he says "our sex tape." His nervousness around Amy is adorable, and the word fumbling makes this exchange both really relatable and funny.

2 "Did Not Work At All, But I Love That You Attempted It."

Boyle: "Why don't we take this map and this sextant and chart a course to the restaurant?

Holt: "Title of your sextant tape."

Jake: "Did not work at all but I love that you attempted it--title of your sextant tape."

Every joke is better when it comes from the stone-faced Captain Raymond Holt, who believes shortening "you" to "ya" is a fireable offense and small talk is for strangers and conmen. Captain Holt has some amazingly funny lines, but it's the best when he tries to join in on the group's jokes.

In the spirit of Jake's bachelor party, Holt attempts to make his own sex tape joke, but just ends up making a pun of the word "sextant." Jake is ecstatic over Holt's honest effort and happily makes a sex tape joke off of Holt's failed one.

1 "I'm So Confused. I Don't Know What's Happening Right Now."

Amy: "I'm so confused. I don't know what's happening right now."

Jake: "'I'm so confused. I don't know what's happening right now,' title of your sex tape."

Amy: "Oh my God, I'm shaking. I'm definitely gonna cry. Title of your sex tape."

Jake's "HalloVeen" proposal plan for Amy is one of the cutest and wildest stunts of the annual Halloween heist. He manipulates the entire thing to revolve around getting Amy to the evidence locker and asking her to marry him.

To solidify that the two are a match made in Nine-Nine heaven, they both make accompanying sex tape jokes during the proposal itself. It's an awesome combination of adorable and comical that showcases that the two truly belong together.

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