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Call Of Duty: 10 Things About Griggs You Didn't Know | ScreenRant

Sergeant Griggs is easily one of the Call of Duty's franchise's most popular minor characters. He first appeared in 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and instantly became a fan favorite for his signature swagger and humorous cynicism. His campaign took him from the Middle East to Russia with series favorites Price, Gaz, and Soap.

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Despite only appearing in a handful of missions across the franchise's long history, Griggs has staying power, reflected in his appearance in 2019's hit Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and WarzoneBut would players say they knew everything about him?

10 He's Modeled On A Real Person

Believe it or not, Sergeant Griggs is based on a real person, namely Infinity Ward's current Animation Director Mark Grigsby. Grigsby has been with the COD team since 2006 as a Lead Animator and first lent his voice to the character in 2007's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

 Though he no longer voices the character, Grigsby left an indelible impression upon the series through his contributions to a franchise favorite hero.

9 He's A Multiplayer Announcer

Since the franchise's early days, multiplayer has been a core component of the Call of Duty experience. In 2007's Modern Warfare and subsequent titles, different factions, such as the S.A.S. and Coalition forces, get their own announcers to commentate the match.

Players who choose the Marines in Call of Duty 4 will have their match commentated by none other than Sergeant Griggs himself, adding extra motivation when playing fan-favorite PVP maps like Strike and Shipment.

8 He's An Amazing Rapper

In addition to animating and voice acting, Griggs' inspiration Mark Grigsby can spit bars. Players can hear him during the credits of Call of Duty 4 on the track "Deep and Hard." Featuring a hard-knocking old-school beat, the song utilizes a hybrid characterization, flowing effortlessly between the persona of a Marine hero and an Infinity Ward animator.

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This trait is further emphasized after the mission, "Charlie Don't Surf," when, after being instructed by his lieutenant to turn off a recording of a speech by Khaled Al-Asad in a TV studio, Griggs uses a flash drive to replace Al-Asad's voice with instrumental hip-hop.

7 He Has A Cameo in Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

Though Griggs does not appear directly in 2009's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the Infinity Ward developer couldn't resist adding a nod to the beloved character in the form of an Easter Egg.

In "The Hornet's Nest" mission, set in Rio de Janeiro, sharp-eyed gamers may notice a pink poster that appears on several walls. With the name "Griggs," at the bottom, and a low-resolution image of Mark Grigsby, the poster appears to be an advertisement for a musical performance of sorts. This pays homage to the lyrical prowess of Griggs and his namesake.

6 You Can Wear His Night Vision Goggles In Real Life

At the release of Modern Warfare 2, fans could purchase the Prestige Edition of the game, which came with a book of dynamic artwork from the Call Of Duty game and series, bonus digital content, and, most notably, a fully functional pair of night vision goggles.

Printed on the side of the box is the text "Night Vision Goggles - Special Issue: 09.1548.481010 - Griggs 678452056 - Infinity Ward," suggesting that the included goggles belonged to Griggs. Originally priced at $149, this rare loadout now sells for nearly five hundred dollars through major online retailers, due in no small part to Griggs' enduring legacy.

5 He Makes A Cameo in Modern Warfare (2019)

Blink and it's over, but Griggs makes a brief cameo in 2019's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. During the "Hunting Party" mission, Griggs and a team of elite Marine operators known as the Demon Dogs help Alex, Farah, and Hadir to apprehend the extremist known as The Wolf.

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He can also be heard in the background during several cutscenes and the Warzone Season Six cinematic. Though he isn't in the game for long, true fans of the series are sure to appreciate his presence.

4 Griggs 2019 Is Not Griggs 2007

True fans of the series will no doubt recall Griggs' heroic death at the dramatic conclusion of 2007's Modern Warfare. It's an easy runner-up for one of Call of Duty's most controversial moments. Given this, it might be confusing as to how Griggs appears in the recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, set eight years after the events of Call of Duty 4.

Rest assured, there are no time-traveling hijinks involved. The 2019 game is a complete reboot of the Modern Warfare story, which takes place in an alternate timeline where Griggs never died. Some players may also be able to hear a difference in Griggs' voice. With Mark Grigsby stepping out of the voice acting booth for now (but hopefully not forever), Call of Duty's favorite sergeant is voiced by two actors for the remake - LaMonica Garrett in the campaign and Demetrius Grosse in online multiplayer.

3 He's A Playable Character In Warzone

At the conclusion of the Warzone Season Six vignette, Captain Price can be heard radioing Griggs to prepare for an attack. This foreshadowed the release of the Griggs Operator Bundle on November 20, 2020. For 2400 credits, gamers could unlock the Legendary "Sarge" skin, two legendary weapons, and a unique knife.

The bundle also contained epic-tier calling cards, an emblem, a charm, a sticker, and a unique finishing move that has Griggs sweep an enemy combatant off their feet before going in for the kill. Make sure to give him a try when looking for new things to do in Call Of Duty: Warzone.

2 His Warzone Weapons Reference His First Missions

Those who unlock Griggs' operator bundle in Warzone will gain access to two weapons: an M4 carbine named "War Pig" and an MP5 named "Ultimatum." Both of these arms feature signature crimson and gold tracers, dismemberment effects, and are named after Griggs' two most memorable missions.

In 2007's Call of Duty 4, the War Pig mission saw Griggs escort an entrenched Abrams tank to safety, and he was rescued from interrogation by Price and the S.A.S. during the late-game "Ultimatum" mission.

1 He Leads the Demon Dogs

In 2019's Modern Warfare, it is revealed that Griggs is the leader of the Demon Dogs. This is an elite group of Marines, somewhat akin to Special Forces in the Army. Members of this tactical squad include Wayne "D-Day" Davis, Damian Raines, and Alicia "Alice" Valenzuela, each of whom has his or her own operator bundle.

Little is known about the group's interpersonal dynamics, but Griggs can be overheard confidently leading his team to cordon off a missile silo during the opening of the "War Room" Intel Mission in Warzone.

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