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Candyman 2021: The 8 Best Quotes | ScreenRant

Warning: This article includes spoilers for Candyman.

Directed by The Marvels’ Nia DaCosta, the new Candyman reboot has been praised by critics and audiences alike for deftly mixing social commentary and scares. It updates the sharp racial themes of the original movie for the age of gentrification and Black Lives Matter, and even expands on the backstory of the titular ghoul.

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Considering Best Original Screenplay winner Jordan Peele has a writing credit (alongside DaCosta herself and co-producer Win Rosenfeld), it’s hardly surprising that the new Candyman movie is filled with quotable lines.

8 “If You Say His Name Five Times While Looking In The Mirror, He Appears In The Reflection, And It Kills You.” - Anthony McCoy

For all the updates it makes to the franchise mythology, the new Candyman movie keeps the most iconic motif from the first movie intact. As Anthony explains, “The urban legend is, if you say his name five times while looking in the mirror, he appears in the reflection, and it kills you.”

This recurring motif from the first film has prompted groups of people to say “Candyman” to their own reflection in the mirror at Halloween parties for years. Every time a character in the new movie is in a room with a mirror, they’re tempted to give it a go. This unsurprisingly ends up helping to raise the iconic horror villain’s kill count.

7 “If You’re Out Here Looking For Candyman, You Ask Me, Stay Away!” - William Burke

One of the biggest changes that the new Candyman sequel makes to the mythos is that there isn’t just one Candyman. There have been a bunch of Candymen throughout history, all victims of racially charged violence.

When Anthony asks William Burke if the Candyman is real, he explains, “Candyman ain’t a ‘he.’ Candyman’s the whole damn hive. If you’re out here looking for Candyman, you ask me, stay away!” It’s good advice, but unfortunately, it’s not advice that Anthony chooses to follow.

6 “I Am The Writing On The Wall, The Sweet Smell Of Blood. Be My Victim.” - Candyman

Although a handful of other actors play the Candyman throughout the reboot, it was great to see Tony Todd from the 1992 original back in the role in a few scenes. One of the things that made Todd’s portrayal of the Candyman in the original movie so memorable was his poetic dialogue.

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The new movie beautifully recreates this style of hypnotic, thought-provoking dialogue when the Candyman declares, “I am the writing on the wall, the sweet smell of blood. Be my victim.”

5 “Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Candyman.” “Well, We’re Still Alive.” - Haley’s Friends

When Haley goads her friends into saying “Candyman” five times into the mirror of the girls’ bathroom at school, the same thing happens when friends at Halloween parties do so in the real world: nothing. One of them dryly quips, “Well, we’re still alive.” After this disappointing anti-climax, Haley and her friends go to leave the bathroom – and suddenly find that the door won’t open.

One of the girls goes back to the sinks to get her vape and she gets turned into a giant pool of blood. When her terrified friends notice the blood seeping across the floor, the Candyman starts picking them off one by one in gruesome fashion.

4 “That’s When I Saw The True Face Of Fear.” - William Burke

Although the Candyman’s paranormal antics provided plenty of thrills, the new movie also tackles the very real terror of police brutality. William Burke’s flashback to the opening scene in the laundry room shows that after he screamed at the Candyman’s appearance, police officers swarmed in and beat him to death.

Burke explains to Anthony that when the Candyman heard the footsteps of the cops rushing into the building to kill him, “That’s when I saw the true face of fear.”

3 “Candyman Isn’t Real!” - Brianna Cartwright

Much like Helen in the original movie, Anthony has a hard time getting anybody to believe his stories about Candyman sightings in the new reboot. After his girlfriend Brianna notices that he’s been acting strange and he tells her it’s because he’s summoned a killer ghost, she cries out, “Candyman isn’t real!”

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When Brianna tries to prove that Candyman doesn’t exist by saying his name five times in the nearest mirror, Anthony impulsively shatters the mirror and then goes around smashing every other reflective surface in the room. Naturally, Brianna sees this as a red flag and leaves immediately, but the audience knows that Anthony just saved her life.

2 “You Ask Me, I’d Say She Found Him.” - William Burke

In an early scene in the Candyman reboot, Brianna’s brother Troy recaps the first movie, one of the most beloved supernatural horror movies of the 1990s. But this isn’t just an exposition dump to catch up viewers who missed the original. Troy’s decidedly un-supernatural version involves an unhinged woman beheading a dog, abducting a baby, and trying to mass-murder the residents of Cabrini-Green.

When Anthony asks William Burke about the story, he has a different explanation that’s more familiar to fans of the 1992 movie: “Helen Lyle was out here looking for Candyman. You ask me, I’d say she found him.”

1 “Tell Everyone.” - Candyman

One of the defining traits of the Candyman is that he wants as many people to know the legend about him as possible. The reason he targets Helen Lyle in the Clive Barker-based original movie is that her thesis debunks his existence, so people stop being so scared of him. At the end of the new movie, Brianna summons the Candyman (now inhabited by Anthony) to save her from some corrupt cops.

After slaying the last of the cops, he morphs into Tony Todd and says, “Tell everyone.” This is the final line of the movie, and it suggests that the Candyman will live on forever. In his new incarnation, the Candyman is a vigilante fighting racial injustice, starting with killing the racist cops who shot him.

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