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Catfish: The TV Show: What We Know About Nyhjee & Cianna

MTV’s Catfish: The TV Show shares some of the strange situations that arise from online dating, and we're here to talk about Nyhjee and Cianna, who were featured on the series. Creating a connection online can be a difficult task, especially when the relationship is strictly behind screens. Distance often plays a big factor in these situations because it is easier for individuals to lie about who they are. Hosts Nev Shulman and Kamie Crawford help uncover the problems that come when people lie about who they are on the Internet.

In Catfish: The TV Show Season 8, host duo Nev and Kamie met Nyhjee and Cianna, who have been romantically and financially connected for two years. Nyhjee is a comedian and former HVAC technician who believed that he was in love with Cianna, an 18-year-old Instagrammer who lived 100 miles away. He sent her money quite often because she claimed to have ongoing financial issues, but the two had never met. In an attempt to meet, Nyhjee took a train from Pennsylvania to Delaware but waited three hours before accepting that Cianna was not coming. 

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Cianna claimed that she had an urgent family situation to take care of, and that is why she could not meet Nyhjee. Despite being stood up, Nyhjee insisted on pursuing his relationship with Cianna, even though she also refused to get on a FaceTime call with him. He also referred to Cianna as his “wife for life,” although he admitted that their inconsistent communication was a big enough reason to end their relationship. Nev and Kamie (as seen below) looked into the situation and found some information that was hurtful to hear.

Kamie got the impression that Cianna was dating other people, which left Nyhjee feeling played and hurt. Hurt feelings are common denominators in many other memorable Catfish moments. After some professional-level investigation, Kamie discovered that this situation was not as suspicious as it seemed in the beginning. Cianna was who she said she was and the reason she didn't want to meet up or FaceTime wasn't hiding her identity. Cianna was only 18 and blamed the situation on her age and overprotective mother.

As she was just 18, Cianna was still living at home with her protective mother, who had strict rules. Cianna’s mother does not let her FaceTime with boys, so that was why she consistently declined Nyhjee’s calls. In the end, the relationship had some potential, until Nyhjee revealed some crucial information. He was not loyal to Cianna and was intimate with other women. This seemed like it could be a deal-breaker for their relationship, and added a plot twist to this wild Catfish: The TV Show episode.

In this situation, Nev and Kamie were able to confirm that Nyhjee was in fact talking to Cianna. She was who she was perceived to be on the Internet. This is not the case for many couples that Nev and Kamie meet, but fortunately, they were able to give Nyhjee some reassurance. Distance and an overprotective parent kept this couple apart for a long time, and the future of their relationship is unclear. 

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New episodes of Catfish: The TV Show premiere every Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST on MTV.

Source: MTV Catfish/Instagram

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