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Dragon Ball: What Every Z-Warrior's Power Level Could Be In Super Hero

How powerful will every Z-Warrior be in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? Since a significant amount of time has passed between the events that played out in the Tournament of Power and Super Hero, some of the Z-Warriors should be a great deal stronger than they were before.

As of now, only three Z-Warriors are confirmed to have roles in the second Dragon Ball Super movie. Goku, Krillin, and Piccolo – all three being members of the original group in Dragon Ball Z – will be involved in some capacity. And though nothing has been shown of Vegeta and Gohan, both of them are expected to appear due to the former’s importance to the franchise and the inclusion of Gohan’s daughter, Pan. There’s no word yet on if Tien, Yamcha, Master Roshi, or the androids will be around, but fans are remaining hopeful that they’ll have a presence too. After all, reveals made about the movie at SDCC 2021 do indicate a greater focus on “slice of life” moments and the wider world created by Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball Super: Broly had a much more limited scope, but Super Hero could encompass most (if not all) of the Z-Warriors.

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To many, the Tournament of Power story in Dragon Ball Super proved that the anime is more fun when it’s not just about Goku and Vegeta. Piccolo wearing his fighting attire in Super Hero artwork demonstrates that the franchise may have figured this out and does have plans to showcase some of the weaker characters. If so, the franchise will get an opportunity to show how far they’ve come (assuming of course, that they’ve progressed at all). What may contribute to their gains is the notion that three or four years have gone by since Dragon Ball Super ended. Pan’s Kindergarten uniform confirmed that detail. Here’s how strong each Z-Warrior may be when they return in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

In Broly, Goku couldn’t use Ultra Instinct in his fight against the Legendary Super Saiyan, presumably because that battle happened too soon after the Tournament of Power. It’s understandable that the close proximity of these events didn’t allow Goku much time to master the form. On-screen, he never did reach a point where he could enter this state on command. However, he has mastered it in the manga continuation. Regardless of if the movie acknowledges the Z-Warriors’ experiences in the manga, Goku should have complete control over Ultra Instinct, thus enabling him to easily maintain his spot as the anime’s top Z-Warrior.

Goku may still be the strongest in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but Vegeta is sure to be right behind him as always. He could be busier now that he has a second child, but there’s a strong chance that in the gap between the two films, the Saiyan prince has still found time to train. If his dedication to surpassing Goku hasn’t wavered, he could be on the cusp of unlocking a new transformation. It may be that the movie will introduce his God of Destruction form from the manga series.

Though there was a time when Gohan was the pride of the Z-Warriors, the hero who saved the world from Cell has lagged behind Goku and Vegeta for several years now. However, he recently took steps to getting back into fighting shape. The training he underwent with Piccolo pushed Gohan to reacquire his Ultimate form and become stronger than ever. How far he’s come was on display during his standoff with Goku, when he forced his father into going Super Saiyan Blue and using the Kaioken technique. Based on his progress, Gohan could attain more power than what Goku had when he was at his height in Dragon Ball Super. That being said, Gohan probably isn’t going to outshine the main protagonist in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. After all, Goku isn’t going to slow down long enough for that to happen.

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The Tournament of Power put Piccolo on course to becoming relevant again by having him beat Super Saiyan 2 Gohan. If Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s depiction of him is consistent with Goku’s comments about Piccolo’s increasing power in the manga continuation, the Namekian could emerge as the fourth strongest Z-Warrior. In fact, he could be Super Saiyan Blue-level.

Similar to Gohan, Krillin gave up on his training and became much weaker as a result. Thanks to the urging of Goku, 18, and Marron, Krillin renewed his interest in martial arts. Unfortunately, his newfound determination came too late for it to matter that much in the Tournament of Power. Since he had very little time to train, he was unsurprisingly the first Universe 7 team member to be eliminated. It’s worth pointing out that Super Hero’s time skip will give Krillin what the anime couldn’t: time to get stronger. There’s no expectation that Krillin could ever match Piccolo or 17, but he might at least develop enough power to give Android 18 a run for her money.

As someone who trains religiously, it makes perfect sense that Tien will grow as a fighter. If he does, he should be able to keep in-pace with some of the weaker Z-Warriors, like Krillin. As for his sidekick, Chiaotzu is on track to hold on to his position as the weakest hero. Chiaotzu’s situation hasn’t changed since he was sidelined from the action in the Android Saga.

If Yamcha remains on his current path, the gap between him and all the other Z-Warriors (excluding Chiaotzu) will only widen further. But, Dragon Ball Super may have set up a big turning point for Yamcha. Being noticeably snubbed by Goku for the Tournament of Power could motivate Yamcha into becoming a fighter again. If the character resumes his training, he could potentially overtake Krillin and finally impress Goku.

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Master Roshi overpowering Tien in an episode of Dragon Ball Super was an impressing showing of the Turtle Hermit’s strength and a hint that he may actually be the franchise’s strongest Earthling, though it’s hard to say for sure. The big reveal that he’s been training all these years in secret makes it likely that he’ll be a bit stronger in Super Hero. Another three or four years of fighting could further hone his abilities.

Android 17, the breakout star of Dragon Ball Super’s Tournament of Power story, could have become a permanent member of the Z-Warriors, especially since reaction to his role was so positive. If Android 17 does come back, the heroes may learn that he’s still a force to be reckoned with. But there could be a distance between him and Gohan, who is likely to have climbed high since the tournament’s ending. Even so, he could remain a valuable asset in battle.

Dragon Ball Super never clearly defined Android 18’s power level, but it did become apparent over the course of the tournament that she’s nowhere near the same league as her twin brother. If she didn’t improve that much in Dragon Ball Super, it stands to reason that her strength will remain largely unchanged in Super Hero as well.

The embarrassing beatdown that Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks suffered at the hands of the Vegeta clone was an obvious sign that Goten and Trunks’ power levels have stagnated since the Buu Saga, even though they both had plenty of potential. That could theoretically continue into Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, but since both will be in their late teens by this point, they should have made at least some improvements.

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