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Dragon Ball: Why Krillin Should Be Much Stronger In Super Hero

Looking at what happened in Dragon Ball Super, Krillin should receive a significant upgrade for his role in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Goku’s best friend missed out on the fight with the Legendary Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, but he will be back for the sequel. Along with Piccolo and Pan, Krillin was confirmed to have a presence in the movie via official artwork revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2021.

Despite being several levels below Goku and Vegeta, Krillin received a chance to be an important part of the action again when he was recruited to be one of the ten fighters on Goku’s Universe 7 team in the Tournament of Power. But unfortunately for the character, his impact on their team’s path to victory was limited to taking down just three of the event’s weaker competitors. After that, Krillin was knocked out of the ring when he let his guard down long enough for Universe 6’s Frost to land a successful sneak attack. Due to his lack of focus, Krillin preceded both Master Roshi and Tien to become the first member of Goku’s team to be eliminated from the tournament.

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Krillin’s failures shouldn’t be repeated when he returns in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. Currently, he’s one of the show’s weakest heroes, but the anime did set up a major change for Krillin's power level. Prior to the tournament, it was made clear that Krillin has become rusty as a fighter. Thanks to some urging from Goku, Android 18, and Marron, Krillin promised to get stronger by training again. And with someone as powerful as Super Saiyan Blue Goku as a sparring partner, it really seemed like Krillin had the potential to make some impressive gains.

The problem, though, is that Krillin was held back by time. When he decided to join Goku’s team, the tournament was already less than two days away. When taking that into consideration, Krillin not being able to contribute in the tournament is understandable. However, this won’t be an issue in Super Hero. Pan’s Kindergarten uniform and older appearance in the concept art points to a time jump of three to four years in the Dragon Ball Super movie. That means Krillin should have more than enough time to keep the promise he made to his family in Dragon Ball Super.

Assuming that Krillin didn’t lose sight of this goal between the anime’s ending and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, he should have reached new heights ahead of his return. If he spars with Android 18 and Goku on a consistent basis, he could go quite far. For years, Krillin has shared his reputation as one of the low-tier Z-Warriors with Yamcha and Tien, but if he climbs high enough, he could leave both of them behind and join Goku in his next battle. He’ll never be on the level of the Saiyans (or even Piccolo), but he could still assist them in combat by battling minions or making an effort to hold off the main villain.

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