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Eldest Souls: How to Beat The Guardian (Boss Guide) | Screen Rant

Games inspired by the Dark Souls series seem to be a dime a dozen these days, but the new game Eldest Souls has actually put a unique spin on the format. Rather than having to fight through a horde of boring weak enemies first, Eldest Souls skips right to the fun part and pits players against the toughest bosses constantly. This boss rush format is exhilarating and stressful, and players will need to work hard to see it through to the end.

Each of the bosses that players will go up against during Eldest Souls are ridiculously powerful, and are capable of defeating the player before they can even think about what happened. The second boss of the game, The Guardian, is the first real test that players will face on their journey, and the unprepared won't make it very far.

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The Guardian is the second boss of Eldest Souls, but in actuality, he is the first real one that the player will face off against. The first boss was more of a tutorial, to prepare the player for the game mechanics. The Guardian is a large lumbering knight that fights using a halberd and shield. The player will want to avoid that Halberd as much as possible though as it can kill them in just a couple of hits. This fight has two phases, here is how the player defeats this boss in both phases:

Phase One

The Guardian has a few powerful attacks that the player will need to keep an eye out for, but luckily he telegraphs them well ahead of time to allow for a quick dodge. The first attack is his piercing thrust. The Guardian will point his halberd directly at the player and an indicator will glow directly where he will thrust the weapon. He can do this attack three times in rapid succession, so the player will want to keep a little bit of distance between themselves and the boss and keep moving. Right before The Guardian attacks with the thrust, the player will want to dodge out of the way. After the third attack has been completed, the player should rush in and hit the boss with a charge attack and a couple of normal attacks before quickly getting away.

Players should keep in mind that The Guardian in Eldest Souls has a ranged attack that can be a pain when keeping their distance from him. The Guardian will toss three spears at the player, but these are easy to dodge if the player pays attention. They have a very long windup time and he will aim them right at the player before throwing, so the player can know where they will land before they are thrown. Run in a circle around the boss at a distance and they should miss, and then the player can rush back in to dish out some damage again. Keep in mind, The Guardian also has another melee attack that he can use. He will hold the halberd off to the side before swinging it horizontally at the player. Just keep right outside of his range when he is prepping this attack, and then rush in after it is used to punish him with a charge attack.

The only other thing to keep an eye on during the first phase, is the rune circles that The Guardian will deploy. If the player stands inside of one of these circles for more than a split second, they will deal a pretty high amount of damage to the player. Just try to avoid these circles at all costs in order to avoid taking unnecessary damage. The first phase of this fight isn't too difficult as long as the player keeps moving and stays outside of The Guardian's range for the most part. Just keep avoiding his attacks and rushing in when there is an opening until his health drops to about half. This will trigger the second phase of the fight.

Phase Two

A bunch of gross tentacles reminiscent of Dark Souls 3's boss, Iudex Gundyr, will sprout from The Guardian's body in Eldest Souls. This corrupted version of the boss is a bit stronger, and is ultimately much more aggressive than he was before. He uses the same abilities in this phase, but now they have been modified in various ways. The slash ability now is done three times in a row, much like the thrust attack. This means that the player will want to be careful of dashing at the wrong time, as they will risk taking some damage. Rush back in after the third attack to deal some damage again. The spear attack has also been altered to be only one at a time, but The Guardian can now fire them whenever he wishes, with little warning. Just be ready to dodge this attack at all times. The thrust attack has not changed at all.

The biggest thing to worry about during this part of the fight is the new corrupted tentacles that The Guardian has acquired. He can use them to reach halfway across the arena and grab the player before draining their health from them. He can also pull the player in close and hit them with the halberd to deal a huge amount of damage. It is likely that if the player gets grabbed by this attack, they won't survive. The tentacles will start shifting back and forth across The Guardian's body, which means he is preparing this attack. When that happens, the player will want to sprint as far in the opposite direction as possible.

Overall, the largest hurdle to defeating The Guardian is learning how to predict his attacks. All of them have their own specific tells that show the player what the boss will be doing next. Keep track of these telegraphed moves will make avoiding them much easier. Remember not to get too excited when attacking the boss, and only hit him when there is a clear opening after The Guardian attacks. Just stay cautious, and The Guardian will wind up going down in no time at all.

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Eldest Souls can be played on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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