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Elite: The 10 Best Characters, Ranked | ScreenRant

Another season of hit Spanish teen drama, Elite recently dropped on Netflix. The Elite characters often find themselves embroiled in mystery and murder and each new season always leaves fans guessing.

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With four seasons so far, the show has had many characters over its run (twenty-two main characters to be exact). Some characters started off completely unlikeable and evolved into fan favorites while there are some that fans simply love to hate. All of the Elite characters vary in screen time, importance and likeability.

10 Omar

Omar has certainly come a long way in his four seasons on the show, starting out afraid of his sexuality before entering into a public relationship with Ander. Right from the off, it's clear just how much Omar cares about Ander and is determined to make their relationship work, even if it means going against the strict beliefs of his family. While Omar was one of the most likable characters on the show, things started to go wrong when he cheated on Ander with his own sister's boyfriend- all while Ander had cancer.

Omar never really managed to recover from this mistake in terms of likeability; the fun-loving and loyal Omar of the earlier seasons was a distant memory by the time season four came along. Omar spent a lot of season four skulking around in the background and punishing Ander for the breakdown of trust in their relationship; but, it was great to finally see him attending Las Encinas.

9 Mencia

Each season of the show introduces new characters with varying degrees of success; but, Mencia was a stand-out new addition in season four. Although she comes across as spoiled, her complex relationship with her father and the backstory of her mother's death means the audience is able to sympathize with her. Much of the conflict in season four centers around Mencia as she gets embroiled with the dangerous Armando.

Also, pairing Mencia with Rebe proved to be a winning formula and this new relationship means Mencia will surely be one to watch going forward. Although Mencia is elevated by her connection to Rebe, her no-nonsense attitude and unique family dynamic make her a fun character to follow.

8 Guzmán

Guzmán is one of the most developed characters on the show; at the beginning, he's arrogant and cruel but by the time his exit comes along he's softened completely. Guzmán begins to soften when he falls for Nadia, despite the many obstacles in front of the would-be couple. Guzmán's friendships with Ander and eventually Samu also help to endear the audience to his character.

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It's almost impossible not to feel for Guzmán when his sister is murdered and he's left questioning who to trust. Guzmán falls apart after discovering the truth about the murder but is still later devastated by Polo's death. Fans were willing Guzmán and Nadia to be together so it's sad that they never really got their happy ending.  However, his character evolution is still one of the most satisfying on the show.

7 Samu

Arguably the main character of the show, Samu is just and kind and usually finds himself falling for the wrong girl. From the very beginning, Samu is a loyal friend to Omar but it's not long before he becomes embroiled in the drama at Las Encinas. Samu moves from one doomed relationship to the next within the series; by the time we've reached his love triangle with Ari and Guzman though (Marina, Rebe, and Carla all behind him), it's all become a little tiresome.

While Samu is a likable character (hurting Rebe aside), it would be refreshing to see his character go in a new direction next season. Exploring Samu's family again would be much more welcome than seeing any more of his chemistry-free relationship with Ari.

6 Nadia

Nadia is intelligent and self-assured and is comfortable about being an outsider at the school. Throughout the course of the show, Nadia stands up for Omar and slowly begins to rebel against her parents. The will-they-won't-they between Nadia and Guzman was one of the most popular relationships on the show and it was sad to finally see it come to an end.

Nadia and Lu's friendship is also one of the most interesting and complex to watch. The two girls are enemies on the surface but have an obvious respect for each other, so much so that they end up leaving the series together.

5 Valerio

While Valerio was never one of the most important characters on the show, he was certainly fun to watch. When Valerio arrived in season two, he brought with him all sorts of chaos; one of the most shocking moments of the show was the revelation he was having a secret relationship with his half-sister, Lu. Early on, Valerio comes across as vapid and self-centered but it wasn't long before fans saw a more vulnerable side to the character.

There were times when fans felt bad for Valerio, like when he was thrown out by his Father or rejected by Lu. Valerio's three-way relationship with Polo and Caye in the third season was one of the most exciting dynamics and it would have been interesting to see more of it on screen.

4 Ander

By the time it was over, Ander and Omar's relationship had become quite toxic and monotonous to watch. In the early seasons though, it was hard not to route for them. Ander went through many ups and downs during his time on the show, including being cheated on by Omar, being caught in the middle between Guzman and Polo, and being diagnosed with cancer.

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Of course, earlier on in the show, Ander did cheat on Omar with Polo and it's him who first initiates the couple's complicated relationship with Patrick. Despite his complex character flaws, Ander somehow always manages to remain likable and shows himself on many occasions to be a true friend.

3 Polo

Arguably the most complex character on Elite, Polo is the answer to the show's first big mystery. In a plot twist fans loved, Polo was revealed as Marina's killer at the end of season one and surprisingly, this was only the beginning for the character. Polo slowly begins to unravel and lets his guilt consume him (finding enough downtime for a hook-up with Ander and a three-way relationship with Caye and Valerio though, of course).

By the time of his death, Polo had become one of the most engaging and complex characters on the show; it was easy to feel torn on whether to love him or hate him. The way the writers were able to create sympathy for the character after everything he'd done was a masterstroke.

2 Rebe

Rebe is often misunderstood and judged on the actions of her mother but she soon proved the Las Encinas gang wrong. Rebe soon forms bonds with the show originals and is never afraid to stand up for what's right. Rebe values loyalty above everything else which makes her mother's many betrayals even harder to watch.

One of the stand out characters of season four was Rebe; her relationship with Mencia and her exploration of her sexuality proved to be a heartwarming new direction for the character. Rebe's refusal to let Samu off easy and her determination to protect Mencia from Armando means she is one of the most likable characters on the show.

1 Lu

Much like Guzmán, Lu is spoiled and fairly unlikeable when the show begins. However, over the course of the show Lu evolves into a much more grounded and caring character. One of the main turning points for Lu is when she's finally able to distance herself from Guzman and accept they were never meant to be. Unlike many of her peers, Lu doesn't turn to a new relationship for comfort but decides to use her heartbreak to focus on herself.

Through this, Lu develops as a character and even develops a sweet relationship with her long-term enemy, Nadia. The true extent of Lu's development becomes clear when her friends choose to cover for her over Polo's death; she finally manages to find true friends before heading off to start a new life.

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