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Even Spider-Man Knows Iron Man is Completely Out of Touch

When it comes to money, Iron Man and Spider-Man disagree on its importance. In a conversation between Peter Parker and Tony Stark, when the web-slinger said he doesn't value money in the same way as his fellow hero, the billionaire couldn't believe him. The moment showed how out of touch Iron Man can be when it comes to valuing wealth and how his own money has clouded his judgment significantly.

While Iron Man has gifted Spider-Man several tech upgrades and suits in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peter hasn't always been willing to accept Tony's money in the comics. After all, the two heroes grew up in completely different socioeconomic backgrounds. Tony grew up in wealth with more money than he could ever need, as his father, Howard Stark, was a genius inventor who helped spearhead S.H.I.E.L.D. Peter, meanwhile, grew up in the lower-middle class, as part of what makes his heroic journey so impressive is his desire to do the right thing over fame and fortune.

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In Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man #10 by Tom Taylor, Ken Lashley, Scott Hanna, Luca Maresca, Nolan Woodard, and VC's Travis Lanham, Spider-Man called in a favor from Iron Man at Stark Tower. However, after Tony was told he didn't need to suit up, he told Peter that his time was worth a "small fortune," comparing it to a mortgage on a house. When Spider-Man reveals he doesn't own a house and rents an apartment with two other guys, Iron Man is stunned. That's when Peter tells Tony he doesn't value money.

Iron Man is flabbergasted that Spider-Man has a genius-level intellect but doesn't apply it towards acquiring wealth. He's shocked that Peter doesn't value money as he does, showing the biggest difference between the two heroes. For Spider-Man, money or fame isn't a reward for saving lives or keeping the people in his life safe - action is his reward. It's why when Peter Parker started his own Parker Industries, he eventually decided to destroy it and return to a more normal life. Spider-Man doesn't want to flex wealth or innovation; instead, he wants to be the best hero possible, regardless of money and fame.

Iron Man has descended to the level of wealth where it makes him hard to root for, even if he's a great hero with the Avengers. Tony Stark having billions of dollars means he could always do more. Meanwhile, Spider-Man doesn't value money, even if it could make life easier. Iron Man flaunting his wealth and value of his personal time shows how out of touch he is about money - as everything has an attached value for him, when not everything should. Thankfully, Spider-Man hasn't followed his lead.

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