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Every Loki Variant, Ranked Least-Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games

When MCU's Loki stole the tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, it led to a sea change, including the multiverse and the idea of variants of characters. The first hint of that came when audiences were introduced to an abundance of Loki variants in Loki. The Disney+ show has had loads of fun pitting them against each other already, and there was even a mini-battle royale between them in a bowling alley.

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But how they would fare against each other with their unique powers and using the terrain of the Hunger Games arena is a different story entirely. Between a female Loki who can enchant others and a mammal who stockpiles its prey in swamps, Loki variants inhabiting the Hunger Games would be wild.

7 Boastful Loki

Though he claims to have killed Iron Man and Captain America and assembled the Infinity Stones, there’s nothing to go off of but his word. And judging by the way he acts, it’s hardly believable. Boastful Loki is the worst variant at performing typically Loki-like stunts.

When trying to double-cross Classic Loki, he ultimately failed, was double-crossed himself, and then left for dead. Despite the character’s brawn, Boastful Loki would easily be the first to be picked off in the Hunger Games. Any of the other characters could simply pull off a cheap trick, and he’d be the first to fall for it.

6 President Loki

While 2012 Loki is still the best Loki variant, President Loki holds the closest resemblance to the Loki who has seemingly turned over a new leaf. But the big difference is that President Loki is still as mischievous as ever, and he did rather well at convincing dozens of Lokis to be a part of his army. And while almost all of them turned on him in the end (Lokis will be Lokis,) none of the others showed as much leadership as he did.

That kind of confidence and manipulation would serve well in the Hunger Games arena, but he doesn’t have many combat skills. But worst of all, President Loki screams and runs away when Alligator Loki bites his handoff, and he’d be lucky if that’s all that happens to him in the competition.

5 2012 Loki

It might just be that there’s so much more that audiences have seen of 2012 Loki than all of the others, but he’s proved time and again that he’s such a slippery snake that nobody can keep captive for long. The Hunger Games arena itself is no match for a character who has escaped glass-holding cells on countless occasions.

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The only real danger he has been in was when he was smashed into the ground by Hulk in The Avengers, and when he was murdered by Thanos in Endgame. Though his attempt to assassinate Thanos by summoning a knife behind his back may have seemed like a parlor trick to the purple alien, the more amateur Lokis would fall for it in a heartbeat.

4 Kid Loki

This variant might just be a child, but he'd have a great shot if he was thrown into the Hunger Games to battle against his peers. In his timeline, Kid Loki killed Thor, and not many Loki variants can claim that they were able to do that. Even his elders respect him, as Classic Loki told 2012 Loki that the Void is “his kingdom.”

Adding to that is the fact that, despite how young he is compared to the other Loki variants that show up, he isn’t scared to fight any one of them. He even has a battle cry when he runs at the variants in the bowling alley. As Kid Loki could end up in Young Avengers, the kid’s angst is what makes the prospect of that happening so exciting.

3 Classic Loki

Classic Loki managed to do what 2012 Loki couldn’t, which was to escape from Thanos. And when it came to fighting President Loki’s crew in the bowling alley, it was Classic Loki’s teleportation powers that helped them escape. Given that, though he’d be more of a hider than a fighter, the variant would be able to outlast many of the other Lokis.

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Though Classic Loki would massively struggle when it comes to combat without the help of his friends, his illusion powers are more powerful than any other Loki. The character managed to distract Alioth by creating the entire city of Asgard in the Void.

2 Sylvie

Fans guessed that Lady Loki was a candidate for the evil Loki variant before the show began, but there’s no way anyone knew just how powerful she’d be. Though she taught 2012 Loki how to use powers that he didn’t know he had, he can’t use them half as well as the female variant.

Sylvie can enchant other characters, including Lokis, and she can access their memories, so she’s able to manipulate them. When it comes to combat, even if it came down to a plain old sword fight, she has proved she’d even best anyone at that. Sylvie was able to defeat 2012 Loki in the Citadel at the End of Time. On top of that, she killed He Who Remains, the ruler of all of the time, which has to count for something.

1 Alligator Loki

The sheer amount of Loki variants was one of the biggest surprises in Loki. But as the Disney+ series clearly isn’t afraid to get weird, nobody was prepared for how inventive the variants were going to be. Though it’s pointed out in the show that there’s no knowing whether or not the alligator is actually a Loki, it’s the most combative of all the variants.

The character is the one that starts the epic battle between them all in the bowling alley by biting off President Loki’s hand. On top of that, the alligator would be able to use the terrain of the Hunger Games better than any other character too. The variant can hide in swamps and forests, and no other Loki would see it coming.

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