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Far Cry 6 Hands-On Preview: A Familiar Island Adventure

Anyone who's played a modern Far Cry will have no trouble jumping into the shoes of Yaran rebel Dani Rojas, the fully defined protagonist of Far Cry 6's tropical paradise. After a trip to a small tutorial island located just off the shore, Dani lets loose on the main continent by taking over outposts, recruiting citizens to the cause, and striking back against fascist dictator Antón Castillo. It's what players expect from a new Far Cry, and the introduction of powerful makeshift weapons and animal companions adds new wrinkles without changing things up too much. While Dani's adventure may end up being an iterative installment in the history of Far Cry, there's still plenty of fun to be had.

The Resolver weapons are the biggest addition to Far Cry 6 in terms of pure moment-to-moment gameplay. In addition to a wide arsenal of traditional firearms, Dani can carry a set of over-the-top weapons that devastate anything in their path. From a minigun made from a motorcycle engine to a chemically-enhanced flamethrower, this is the one instance where Far Cry 6 really feels like it's reaching into new territory. They recall the specially named weapons players found in Fallout 3's wasteland, and there was little reason to ever switch away from them.

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Far Cry 6 seems to factor in how much firepower Dani has at their disposal by throwing in more opposing forces in the franchise's outpost missions. Even on standard difficulties, the AI is aggressive and aware, and that makes for some tense firefights. Scouting out locations is a must, as is at least attempting to sabotage the alarm and prevent more reinforcements. In missions set later in the game, it wasn't uncommon to face multiple helicopters taking aerial potshots alongside a large squad of goons. It's intimidating at first, but even a trio of Airwolf imitators can't stand up to a straight shot with an electrified railgun.

The Supremos (backpacks that provide various ultimate moves) factor in less often than the power weapons, but they're just as interesting when they're available. Players have already seen the Fuego jetpack and the missile barrage in action via various trailers, but it's not all about firepower. The Volta fires an EMP pulse that disables security systems and lets Dani hijack vehicles, while the Médico lets players revive themselves while downed and emits a healing field for co-op partners. This extreme hardware just doesn't feel as vital as the Resolver weapons to Dani's arsenal, especially outside of co-op. Still, if stealth isn't a concern, they can definitely start off a firefight with a bang.

The Amigo companion creatures are the one addition that fails to shake things up. Players can tactically order Chorizo the wiener dog to distract a guard or two, but the creatures fade to the background when the bullets really start flying. In addition, the animals can't get into vehicles with Dani, making them a downgrade from Far Cry New Dawn's Timber. The way the animals teleport around the map as Dani ventures off the beaten path really show the seams of the open world and breaks the immersion.

In terms of mission structure, there's not much in Far Cry 6 that veteran players haven't seen before. There are both narratively-driven scenarios filled with cutscenes and combat-heavy outposts ready to challenge a player's tactical skills. The roster of side activities now includes Tomb Raider-style treasure hunts that bring in some puzzle elements as well as a mean game of dominos with the Yaran locals. Ultimately, these are just brief distractions from the endless gunfights, but Far Cry 6's open-world feels like it has more than enough distractions for players bored of the main quest.

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Playing a good chunk of Far Cry 6 only solidifies the perception that Ubisoft's next FPS is playing it safe. There are plenty of new systems on paper, but they feel additive rather than transformative. The developers at Ubisoft have crafted another massive open-world sandbox to explore here, and that will be fine to many who enjoy this type of shooter. Still, unless the tale of taking down Antón Castillo is one for the ages, it's unlikely that Dani and the island of Yara stand out from the pack among other editions of the Far Cry sandbox-style open world.

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Far Cry 6 releases on October 7, 2021, on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, and Amazon Luna. Screen Rant attended a digital preview event and played the game on PC for the purposes of this preview.

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