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Free Guy: The 10 Smartest Characters | ScreenRant

2021's Free Guy is the new Ryan Reynolds movie where he plays a man who learns that he is not an actual person and only a character in a video game. However, he is an advanced AI and sets out to work with the game world’s creators to save everything he holds dear. That means that the people involved, both in and out of the game, have to rely on their intelligence to reach their goals.

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There are characters in the video game, and gamers controlling them, who are not always the sharpest tools in the shed. Simultaneously, there are others who are highly intelligent, creating something huge for gamers to enjoy, while also trying to fight for fairness in their world — whether that is in the game or outside in the real world.

10 Dude

The least intelligent character in Free Guy is easily Dude. This is because Antwan wanted Dude unleashed in the game world to eliminate Guy before Dude's programming was completed. What resulted was a buggy character that was solid muscle and had no brainpower whatsoever.

Played by Ryan Reynolds in a muscle suit, Dude just rampaged on Guy using his catchphrase - "Catchphrase" - before launching a new attack. By the end, Dude was more domesticated, another Ryan Reynolds superhero, and Guy tried to help him learn more about their world, but he was still the dimmest character in the movie.

9 "Gamer"

There was little known about the character known as Gamer outside of the fact that he was great at playing Free City, the game in the movie. Played by Stranger Things' Matty Cardarople, Gamer showed up in a hilarious scene where Guy and Molotov Girl tried to find some hidden coding.

Gamer helped them before the movie showed who he really was in real life, an angry gamer who lived in his mom's basement and yelled at her for vacuuming by his room when he was trying to have his avatar dance. He was a stereotypical gamer and he did nothing to show any intelligence in the movie. With the video game references in Free Guy, the appearance of a gamer guy was perfect.

8 Bombshell

Bombshell was one of three characters in the world of Free City that showed genuine growth and development in the movie. She first appeared as an NPC that was eye candy for one of the bank robbers. However, when Guy took down the bank robber, he convinced her to become more.

Bombshell, played by swimsuit model Camille Kostek, decided she wanted more from life and began her growth as an AI by the end. However, as much as it was nice to see her growth, she did little to show how smart she was outside of trying to make better decisions.

7 Missy

Missy was the first character outside of Guy that showed actual growth as an AI in Free City. Played by Hunters' Britne Oldford, Missy was the barista at the coffee shop that Guy visited every morning. At the start, all she knew how to do was make a medium coffee with cream and two sugars.

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When Guy said he wanted a Cappucino, Missy eventually learned how to make one and showed that change was possible. As an AI, Missy proved she was smart enough to grow into something bigger than her initial design, and even found love in the movie.

6 Antwan

Antwan is a very intelligent character in Free Guy in some ways but in others, he was kind of dumb. He built his video game company up and made it a monster success, but he also did it by stealing from other people. He was smart enough to hide the evidence in the game, but not to keep it hidden for good.

Antwan, played by Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, proved in the movie that he would go to any lengths to protect his secret and his fortune by destroying all his servers. The money this destructive moment cost him was more than he ever would have lost by doing the right thing. Showing great intelligence does not guarantee a smart character.

5 Buddy

Buddy was Guy's best friend in the game and the security cop at the bank. He had grown more than he knew as he went from being a simple NPC to be a character who could empathize with someone else. While Buddy was scared to learn the truth about Free City, he was smart and brave enough to help Guy.

The moment when Buddy and Guy had a conversation about what it meant to be real, Buddy proved how smart he was. He pointed out that they helped each other, and that seemed real to him. Buddy was never designed to be a genius, but he was the second smartest NPC in Free City, and proof the original programming worked.

4 Guy

Guy was not smart in any way when Free Guy started. He was a kind of duplicate of Emmitt from The LEGO Movie, someone who just went through life thinking everything was great. However, there was something nagging in his brain that made him want to open his eyes to the truth.

Once Guy realized there was more to Free City than he ever knew, he got smarter and smarter as the movie went on. It took one trigger to start his programming from kicking in, and he became the most developed AI in the game and the smartest non-human character in Free Guy.

3 Mouser

Mouser played the role of a semi-antagonist for most of Free Guy. While he was friends with Keys, he was not on his level as a coder, but he was a master at the video game itself. His job was to deal with customer complaints and he did this job very well.

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Mouser showed he could stop Guy in the game and he was on track to hunt down the hacker who threatened the company he worked for. He was also smart enough to see the truth in the end and do the right thing for the people he cared about.

2 Millie / Molotov Girl

In Free GuyJodie Comer played two characters in the movie. She was a highly intelligent gaming designer, someone who helped come up with the ideas behind Free City. She was also a brilliant hacker, going into the game as Molotov Girl and trying to find proof Antwan stole her creation for his game.

As Molotov Girl, Millie found the proof, dealt with other gamers along the way, and set up a firewall that kept even Mouser from finding her. She had to rely on others to complete her mission, but she was the one smart enough to set the plan into motion and win in the end.

1 Walter "Keys" McKeys

The only person in Free Guy smarter than Millie was Keys. He was easily the most intelligent person in the movie, as he created Free World's game engine and he is who created Guy, using Millie's traits to make the character great. By creating the smartest NPC character in the game, Keys proved his intelligence.

He then further proved how smart he was when he broke away from Antwan and helped Millie get to where she needed to go to find the proof that their creation was hidden in the game's coding. He also outsmarted Mouser and ended up as a hero in the end.

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