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Friends: 10 Times Rachel Got Herself Into A Sticky Situation

Fans of Friends love to see Rachel's evolution in the show. Starting out as a typically spoiled "daddy's girl" when introduced to the group of friends, she soon finds herself in all kinds of sticky situations that she has never faced before in her somewhat sheltered life. Rachel is forced to grow up quickly and learn the most basic life lessons as the show progresses.

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Fans loved Rachel's iconic arrival and the fact she was a wildly different personality type from the rest of the group. Rachel goes on a journey to find a career path doing something that she loves and fans are glued to her on and off-again relationship with her best friend, Ross.

10 Runaway Bride

The pilot episode sees Rachel bursting into the coffee house wearing her bridal gown. Rachel explains to her old friend, Monica, and the group of friends how she has left her fiancé, Barry at the altar and runs out on her own wedding.

Rachel's extremely dramatic entrance sets up her character nicely and she truly lives up to the stereotype of the spoiled rich kid. This sets up great intrigue about Rachel's life and viewers see she is already in a pretty big predicament. This episode certainly lays out Rachel's storyline perfectly for the next few episodes.

9 Embarrassing Bridesmaid

The episode "The One With Barry and Mindy's Wedding," sees Rachel reluctantly being the maid of honor in her ex's wedding. The episode shows Rachel in a pink garish bridesmaid dress and all eyes are on her as she walks down the aisle with the dress tucked into her underwear for everyone to see.

While this is certainly an embarrassing situation for Rachel, it also pinpoints a pivotal moment for her.  She proves that she has gained so much strength and even hilariously sings "Copacabana" for the entire wedding party and is able to prove she has not only moved on from her embarrassing mishap but that she has also moved on from Barry.

8 Rachel And Her Assistant

During the episode "The One With All The Candy," Rachel and Tag continue to try and hide their relationship from Rachel's boss. Things go horribly wrong when Rachel fills out a raunchy evaluation as a joke but soon finds out that Tag has accidentally sent this to human resources.

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Rachel's job is incredibly valuable to her and she fights through the seasons to find something she is actually good at and enjoys. This episode shows while Rachel wishes to keep the job she has fought for, her reckless personal choices to date her assistant cause some problems. Later episodes prove however that Tag and Rachel are on two entirely different paths, leaving Rachel on the hunt for love again.

7 Rachel The Clumsy Cheerleader

During the episode, "The One With The Fake Party," Rachel is trying to pursue her work client, Joshua. She convinces Ross to have a leaving party for Emily and Rachel is able to invite Joshua, in an attempt to win him over. Rachel puts on a show, dressing in her high school cheerleading outfit to do a cheer for Emily and hoping to grab Joshua's attention. It soon ends badly when Rachel takes an embarrassing tumble.

Rachel's dating life is an ongoing saga. Joshua is truly someone that Rachel is interested in and she goes to great lengths to see if he is also attracted to her. Rachel makes her peace with the fact Joshua is not ready to date and this is another failed, potential boyfriend for her. Though Rachel encourages Ross' pursuit of Emily at the end of the episode, showing fans that she is ready for both her and Ross to be happy.

6 Ross Finds Out

Rachel is finding it tough to forget her feelings for Ross and during the episode "The One Where Ross Finds Out," Monica sets Rachel up on a date with Michael. Rachel attempts to forget about Ross after finding out he and Julie are buying a cat together. Michael, Rachel's date is defeated as he watches her spiral about Ross and Julie, ultimately leaving Ross a very drunken and very telling voicemail.

This is a huge episode for fans of Ross and Rachel. Fans were glued since day one, watching the pair have secret feelings for one another and Rachel being left with her secret as Ross makes a go of things with Julie. Ross finally finds out about Rachel's feelings and both of them finally come together with a passionate kiss at the end of the episode. What starts out in this episode as a messy situation for Rachel, leads her life in a whole new direction with the prospect of love.

5 Rachel Goes on Ross' Honeymoon

During the episode "The One After Ross Says Rachel," Rachel is hopeful for a reunion after Ross says her name at his wedding to Emily. Ross soon tells Rachel it was simply slip of the tongue. A disappointed Rachel runs into Ross at the airport and he offers her Emily's place on their honeymoon. Rachel is overjoyed to accept but ultimately is left to go alone to Greece when Ross runs after Emily as she spots them at the airport.

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This episode shows some of Rachel's stereotypical selfish side, as it's clear she is really trying to win Ross back for her own gain despite his feelings clearly being elsewhere. Oddly enough upon her return from Greece, her feelings don't seem to be as strong as before. The following episodes see Rachel trying to move on during this time, as Ross fights to keep his marriage.

4 Falling For Joey

While Ross and Rachel are an ongoing saga, fans did not expect the Joey and Rachel twist. Joey admits his feelings for Rachel but she does not return them at first. Things soon get messy when Rachel ultimately reveals she likes Joey much later on and leading them both into a predicament when it comes to telling Ross.

Rachel realizes she may like Joey more than she originally thought and this unfolds a chain of events. Through this journey, fans were intrigued yet confused by the Joey and Rachel love connection. Ultimately in the show, it is quickly realized from both sides that dating isn't the way to go and they are certainly better off friends and fans love Joey and Rachel's friendship.

3 Becoming Pregnant

Rachel discovers that she is pregnant in this surprising string of events but initially will not disclose who the father is. It is soon discovered that the father is in fact Ross, and while the pair are not together at the time, Rachel has managed to accidentally fall pregnant off the back of a one-night stand with Ross.

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Rachel discovers that she is actually really happy to go ahead and have Ross' baby. It's a huge stepping stone and a sign of growth for her character, as we rarely see Rachel as a maternal figure. Rachel goes on to give birth to Emma and it's a brand new, refreshing side to her character.

2 Accepting Joey's Proposal

Very soon after giving birth to Emma, Rachel is feeling extra emotional. When Joey picks up the engagement ring that drops out of Ross' pocket, Rachel mistakenly assumes that Joey is proposing to her and gladly accepts.

Rachel has just given birth and is unsure what she wants moving forward. Her bond is stronger than ever with Ross and she immediately starts to regret accepting Joey's proposal. It is clear to viewers that as Rachel moves onto the next stage of her life, that she is trying to figure things out for her and Emma's future.

1 New York Vs Paris

When Rachel is offered the dream job of a lifetime in Paris, she accepts gladly. It is evident that while Rachel wants to go to Paris, she's extremely emotional to leave New York behind. In a dramatic turn of events during the finale, Rachel gets off her plane to Paris and ultimately chooses her love for Ross over her job.

From start to finish, Rachel's journey in love and for her career have been ongoing themes. It seems incredibly fitting to see this become almost an ultimatum for her character in the end. Rachel's growth through the years really shines through and she strives for her happy ending, almost an entirely different person from the Rachel fans knew in the pilot episode.

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