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Genshin Impact: 10 Common Mistakes New Players Make | ScreenRant

With the latest 2.0 update, Genshin Impact has received a huge influx of new players. Although the game includes a helpful and thorough tutorial, there's way too much content and not everything can be easily explained. This leads to newer players making some mistakes without realizing it.

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From trying to level up every character and piece of equipment to not marking important places on the map and wasting stamina, Genshin Impact has many details that are useful but are not explained properly. This makes the new player experience more confusing, as players are only able to realize these mistakes by themselves later on when it's too late.

10 Skipping Elemental Trials

Elemental Trials are available early on through the domain of the Temple of the Lion. Since there are 8 challenges total and each offers slightly underwhelming rewards, many players often skip them. Nevertheless, while the rewards are indeed mediocre at best, these trials are extremely useful.

Through these, the player can learn all elemental reactions in the game and their exact effects. In addition, each trial takes less than a minute to complete.

9 Mining Without Claymores

Mining is one of the main aspects of Genshin Impact, as ores are needed for weapon upgrades. Nevertheless, when starting out, breaking ores can get frustrating, as some are very slow to break, especially crystal chunks.

To mine more efficiently, it is recommended for players to use claymore-wielding characters like Chongyun or Diluc. The best way to get a claymore character early on, other than getting lucky, is unlocking Noelle through the beginner banner.

8 Leveling Many Characters

Although Genshin Impact features over 30 unique characters, it doesn't include the resources to level up every single one. For this reason, it is recommended for players to be slightly more conservative regarding their resources and use them only on a few characters. Trying to level up everyone will leave the player with multiple characters with average stats and nobody will be maxed out.

7 Not Using Resin

Resin is one of the most important resources in the game, and, early on, most players neglect it. The reason is that there are only a few things that players can do with it in lower adventure ranks, such as some specific domains or ley line runs.

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Nevertheless, even these are important, as they offer mora or level-up resources, and stacking them early on can be extremely helpful. In addition, resin becomes very important later on, and players will regret wasting it during the early stages of the game.

6 Not Placing Map Markers

Genshin Impact allows players to place multiple markers on the map. However, many new players ignore this, as it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Nevertheless, it is key to mark certain locations as they will be useful later on.

The main examples are mining nodes, especially crystal chunks, and any anemoculus or geoculus that the player can't get at the moment. Another great tool for marking is the official Teyvat interactive map if the player wants to know the location of something specific.

5 Jumping While Climbing

A big part of Genshin Impact is exploration, and many teleport points or anemoculi are on high mountains that require climbing. Although it is tempting to jump while climbing to get to the top faster, it isn't always the best option.

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Instead, slowly climbing takes less stamina and thus allows the player to reach higher points. Especially early in the game, where the player's stamina is limited, slow climbing will be the better and safer choice for reaching high mountains.

4 Running Without Dashing

As Genshin Impact's gameplay revolves around open-world exploration, players will have to run around the map a lot. Nevertheless, one of the most common beginner mistakes is sprinting around the map without using dashes.

Using dashes instead of sprinting takes less stamina, and the player can move around faster and more efficiently, especially when combined with some great stamina foods like the Barbatos Ratatouille.

3 Not Reading Artifact Stats

Although in most games the rarer artifacts are better, in Genshin Impact, that isn't always the case. Just because an item is of yellow or purple rarity doesn't mean it's necessarily good for a character.

Instead, to find the best artifact for each Genshin character, it is important to read artifact stats to gain set effects that fit the character's playstyle and element. For instance, equipping a legendary healing artifact on a DPS character will be a waste despite it being legendary. Sometimes, a blue artifact might be better than a purple or yellow one.

2 Skipping Commissions

Daily commissions are available after adventure rank 12 through the adventurers guild. However, many new players skip these as their rewards seem minimal, or they feel that it's too much trouble.

However, these rewards rack up greatly as there are 4 commissions every day, and they are very easy to complete. In addition, players may also forget to claim their final reward from the adventurers guild after completing all commissions, which is the best part of the daily rewards.

1 Not Unlocking Teleport Waypoints

New players often focus mostly on the story and neglect world exploration. However, taking breaks in between the story and unlocking every waypoint around can be extremely beneficial.

The story will take the player around the map for quests, and having unlocked the nearby waypoints beforehand will make everything so much easier. In addition, exploration offers some extra experience and, occasionally, even primogems.

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