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Gilmore Girls: 10 Character Pairings With The Best On-Screen Chemistry

The small town of Stars Hollow has a unique set of residents on Gilmore GirlsEveryone knows each other and they bicker like close family members. The chemistry among the characters is a big reason why Gilmore Girls is fun to watch for fans. The special part about these characters is that they didn't need to be dating to have chemistry. In a lot of ways, some of the strongest chemistry pairings are friends.

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The connection they have on-screen can be felt by viewers off-screen. Whether it's Lorelai and Rory sharing the same thoughts or if it's Babette and Morey going for a stroll in their neighborhood, the chemistry is strong between the characters.

10 Rory And Jess

The chemistry between Jess and Rory was so strong that her boyfriend at the time, Dean, had no choice but to end things with her. Jess and Rory's connection couldn't be stopped and they began dating shortly after. And while their romance was short-lived, the relationship between Jess and Rory had a roller coaster of a timeline. As strong as they felt for each other, they were never on the same page.

9 Lorelai And Sookie

It's not known how long Lorelai and Sookie have been friends, but it's assumed they met at the Independence Inn and have been close ever since. With them being friends for so long, they are incredibly in sync and know how the other operates.

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And while fans weren't always fond of Sookie when it came to business decisions with Lorelai, there's nothing she wouldn't do for her best friend. These two would be lost without each other.

8 Babette & Miss Patty

Just like Lorelai and Sookie, and even Lorelai and Rory, Babette and Miss Patty are as close as they come. Whether the two are bickering or giggling, their chemistry is electric. It's as if they're more like sisters than friends and neighbors. In a lot of ways, fans of the show would love to be friends with Babette and Miss Patty, because they make every scene enjoyable. These two are the life of the party and don't need anyone else to make their time together fun.

7 Lorelai & Rory

Lorelai and Rory have one of the strongest connections in the show. Because of Lorelai raising Rory on her own, the two were all each other had and grew a bond that was unbreakable. Even in their worst moments, they came together when they were ready.

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Lorelai and Rory were relatable for all fans because they were incredibly flawed but perfect in their own way. They had a language that was their own and the people around them had no choice but to go with the flow and keep up with their chemistry.

6 Sookie & Jackson

The beautiful part about Sookie and Jackson's relationship was that they had a working relationship that turned into a friendship that turned into love. Their chemistry was off the charts as co-workers because they had the same interests in food, farming, and beyond. When they eventually realized they had feelings for each other, it was one of Sookie's happiest scenes. It's because of their friendship that their romantic relationship thrived.

5 Babette & Morey

As much chemistry as Babette and Miss Patty had, Babette's connection with her husband Morey was even stronger. Morey wasn't in many scenes, and many fans felt he left too soon, but when he did pop up, his admiration for his wife was evident. These two appeared to be polar opposites but their chemistry was felt by fans. The way Babette spoke of her husband and the way he looked at his wife, they were one of the most underrated couples in the series.

4 Luke & Lorelai

While there are fans who felt that Lorelai and Christopher had amazing chemistry because of their flowing banter, it was Luke and Lorelai who couldn't stay away from each other. If Lorelai's chemistry with Christopher was as strong as she thinks, she wouldn't have craved Luke so much.

The lovely part about Lorelai and Luke's relationship timeline is that it's sprawled out throughout the series, and while their relationship floundered here and there, there was always an intense connection between the two.

3 Madeline & Louise

Madeline and Louise were side characters but their connection was strong enough to be remembered. They were attached to the hip, finished each other's sentences, and it felt like they belonged together. Their chemistry was so strong that it's surprising the two didn't wind up dating. It's hard to imagine these two graduating Chilton without each other's guidance.

2 Max & Lorelai

Lorelai's relationship with Max was one of the first shown in the series. The moment the two met at Chilton for Parent's Day they had chemistry so strong that Max couldn't stay away from her. He was so drawn to her that he practically begged her to grab coffee with him. Sure, at times, Max was incredibly clingy to Lorelai but she didn't mind in the beginning. Even when the two broke up, the two found it hard to stay away from each other.

1 Marty & Rory

Even though Marty wished things were different, he and Rory were never romantically involved. Marty was one of Rory's first friends at Yale and the two had a lot in common. In a lot of ways, he was a filler for Lorelai's absence. Eventually, their chemistry began to fade when Logan came into the picture, and the ending of their friendship was a heartbreaking separation in the show. Because of their connection, Marty wasn't able to remain friends with Rory if she didn't feel the same way about him.

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