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Gilmore Girls: 10 Of The Most Skipped Episodes, According To Reddit

After seven seasons, over 150 episodes, and a reboot, Gilmore Girls has a plethora of iconic episodes that sets it apart from other sitcoms. There's no one quite like Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and the good people of Stars Hollow. But as beloved as Gilmore Girls is, fans can agree that all episodes aren't created equal.

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Fans have gone to Reddit to share episodes that they tend to skip when rewatching the series. As lovable as the characters are, there are parts of these episodes that multiple fans can't stand to watch twice.

10 'The Prodigal Daughter Returns'

In season 6's 'The Prodigal Daughter Returns,' Luke is beside himself when a young girl shows up at his diner, claiming to be his long-lost daughter. Luke is confused because he had no idea he had a daughter. After learning more, it turns out his ex-girlfriend from over a decade prior got pregnant with their daughter and never told him because she didn't think Luke was a "kids person."

Fans were quick to point out that they hated April's appearance in the show because it ruined Luke and Lorelai's relationship. Gold_Abreviations33 told Reddit, "I usually stop watching when it gets to April coming in. It’s too depressing for me."

9 'We Got Us A Pippi Virgin'

Rory and Dean's relationship timeline was a messy one after they rekindled their romance when Rory was at Yale. With little time to spend together because of busy schedules, Dean and Rory decided to have a double date with Luke and Dean, so that she was able to spend time with everyone.

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However, the double date was incredibly awkward because of the tension between Luke and Dean. Valuable-Hedgehog-79 vented, "It was so cringe-worthy that [Loreali and Luke] went on a double date with [Dean and Rory] to begin with, then the Bop-It battle was silly, and then Luke acted victorious...over winning at Bop-It?!" It was one of the most awkward dates in the series.

8 'Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too'

In 'Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too,' Jackson decides to push Taylor's buttons by running for town selectman. With Lorelai and Sookie's help, Jackson ends up winning. This meant Taylor no longer had the upper hand in Stars Hollow, which depressed him. It was one of Taylor's saddest scenes.

It wasn't just Taylor who didn't enjoy the day, it was Reddit's TeddyGraham too. "I just find the storyline for the town selectman boring. It's also so cringy trying to watch Dean and Rory rekindle their romance when you can tell she is losing interest," they said.

7 'French Twist'

There were multiple reasons why Lorelai and Christopher got divorced, but before that dark day happened, the two eloped in Paris. The pair went for a romantic getaway and were so taken back by the romance of the city that Chris popped the question.

WorthTheWait told Reddit, "[I] watched it once, made my eyes bleed and my brain hurt. Never again." Another wrote, "I would like a refund on the time I wasted watching that episode." Their decision to get married felt rushed and unlike Lorelai.

6 'Dear Emily And Richard'

With Sherry about to give birth to her and Christopher's baby, Lorelai can't help but think back to the days she found out she was pregnant with Rory.

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A flashback sequence was done throughout the episode, starring young Christopher and Lorelai. As impactful as this episode was, not all fans liked it. AllMoryultra mentioned that they're usually fond of flashbacks but felt that the show's casting choices "shattered the illusion" of Lorelai and Christopher's past.

5 'The Deer Hunters'

With Rory being an incredible student while at Chilton, she was distressed when she woke up late for a big exam. She sped to school when a deer ran into her car while stopped at a stop sign. The accident startled Rory and she began looking for the deer to see if it was okay.

However, CoffeePlzzzz thought the drive to school was "painful to watch." Not only was Rory's call to Lane about notes bothersome but the hunt for the deer seemed awkward since she was already late to school It "was so out of character for Rory," said the Redditor.

4 'Vineyard Valentine'

The relationship timeline between Luke and Lorelai was a long, but necessary, one. And while they had great moments in their relationship, their time at Logan's beach home in 'Vineyard Valentine' was not one of them.

Luke hated the beach, despised Logan, and didn't even like Valentine's Day. Because of this, his behavior basically ruined Lorelai's time. One Reddit fan said the episode is "a masterclass in secondhand embarrassment and just generally super cringy to watch." And Luke's snarky behavior was to blame.

3 'Kill Me Now'

Sometimes fans don't want to skip through entire episodes, but they do want to skip through certain scenes. In 'Kill Me Now,' Lorelai is jealous that her daughter is getting along with her parents and actually enjoys their country club lifestyle. Their miscommunication leads to pointless fights.

To spite Rory, Lorelai began picking fights with her. In one scene, she tells Rory that she needs to stop stealing her clothes because she stretches them out. Lorelai then blames this on the fact that Rory's chest is bigger than hers. Always_Wonderstruck hates this scene and said, "get that they were trying to show their relationship or something but it's just so cringey!"

2 'Richard In Stars Hollow'

Retiring was one of the best things Richard could have done for his mental health, but with all this new time on his hands, Richard didn't know what to do with himself.

Emily begged Lorelai and Rory to take him off her hands, but when they did, they regretted it. Richard caught on to everyone's behavior and it was incredibly sad. One fan told Reddit that the episode "broke [their] heart," while another called it "soul-crushing."

1 'Summer'

The Gilmore Girls reboot, A Year in the Life was hit or miss with fans. But if there's one thing fans can agree on, it's that the entire play storyline was a failure.

BabyBreadCrumb said, "The only thing I’ve skipped is the play in AYITL. It makes me SO uncomfortable to watch and it goes on forever. I just can’t do it." Another said it was "unbearable to watch." The scene was long, didn't include any depth, and seemed out of place for the franchise.

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