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Gossip Girl: 10 Sweetest Friendship Scenes Fans Watch Over & Over

Amongst the endless catfights, love triangles, fashion moments, and Upper East Side drama that was Gossip Girl, it's easy to forget that it was a show that had some of the greatest friendships of all time. Serena and Blair may have been frenemies, but even the most bitter arguments ended when they needed to have each other's backs.

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A few friendships were quite unexpected yet satisfying, like Chuck and Dan's partnership in season 5 of the show. The wealthy four — Nate, Blair, Chuck, and Serena — had known each other since they were babies, and their bond shined through when they banded together to take down mutual enemies and protect each other.

10 When Serena Was There For Blair During Thanksgiving

Even when Blair and Serena fought, they never failed to show up when one of them needed the other, which made theirs the best friendship on Gossip Girl. In "Blair Waldorf Must Pie," The Queen B had a terrible Thanksgiving, thanks to her mother uninviting several guests which included Blair's beloved father, Harold.

A hugely disappointed Blair had a bad holiday and due to her eating disorder, she purged in an attempt to cope. At this vulnerable time, all she wanted to do was talk to her best friend, so Serena left everything and ran to Blair's side, even though Blair had rudely asked her to skip Thanksgiving with her earlier. It was heartwarming to see Serena's sense of duty to Blair, even after Blair's bad behavior.

9 When Dan Takes Nate In

Being from two different financial and social backgrounds, Dan and Nate had very little in common in the first two seasons of Gossip Girl. They started getting pally very slowly, but their friendship came to fruition when Dan discovered that Nate was camping out in his home, which had been seized by the FBI, without lights, warm water, or even a bed.

In "Chuck In Real Life," unable to see his friend suffer, he asked Nate to move to the loft with him. This enraged Nate, but Daniel was persistent and made sure that Nate caved and accepted his offer to live comfortably with him. Dan's kind-heartedness in this situation stole audiences' hearts.

8 The Bestie Photoshoot In Central Park

Blair's disappointments often came from her own family, and Eleanor used to be dismissive of her daughter's feelings quite often. In "Bad Day Blair," she sneakily replaced Blair with Serena as the only model for her designer wear line without letting either of them know of the switch. Blair was incensed when she found out, so Serena decided to ditch the shoot in a show of solidarity and do something better instead.

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The teens stole all of Eleanor's clothes, wore matching dresses, and did their own best friend photoshoot in Central Park with the help of some unsuspecting tourists. The besties got some adorable photos for the books and managed to turn a bad situation into the best day ever.

7 The Paris Trip

Who can forget the epic summer that Blair and Serena spent in Paris, which looked like the perfect trip for best friends to take together? The epic montage comprised extravagant shopping trips to French boutiques, flirting with handsome waiters, eating their way through the city of love, and spending some quality time together.

The trip may have ended with Blair pushing Serena into a fountain over a boy, but they kissed and made up, which kept the sanctity of the holy grail of best friend trips intact.

6 The Non-Judging Breakfast Club

This adorable term was coined by Blair in "Woman on the Verge," and the club consisted of herself, Chuck, Nate, and Serena. When Georgina, the lovable villain of Gossip Girl, returned to town to destroy Serena, leaving her drugged and unable to walk, the four friends came together to help Serena and get rid of Georgina once and for all.

When Serena hesitated to tell them, they all amusingly recited the worst things they had each done, and Blair reassured her friend that her worst deeds were theirs too and that she should tell them so that they could help her, without judgment.

5 When Serena Reminds Blair Who She Is

In season 1, the teens were still easy to sway and every blast from Gossip Girl hit them like a tornado. They did become quite immune to their secrets being revealed to the world, but in the finale, Blair couldn't handle that her life's scandals had been aired out to the rest of the world. She had been dethroned as queen, her infidelities were in the open, and both Chuck and Nate had rejected her.

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All she wanted to do was run away to France and not face people ever again, but Serena raced her to the helipad and convinced her to stay. Serena reminded Blair that she was unstoppable and could weather this storm because she had a friend by her side. She stopped Blair from making the mistake of running away, and fans loved that the airport chase trope had been turned on its head to make it an iconic friendship scene.

4 When Dan Brings Chuck A Dog

The beginnings of the unlikely camaraderie between Chuck and Dan started when the latter helped Chuck with feeling his emotions again after having his heart broken by Blair. Dan tried really hard to bring Chuck back to Earth, and one of his attempts was to bring Chuck a dog, Monkey, to make him feel better in "The Jewel of Denial."

The legendary visual of Chuck and Dan leaning over Monkey and examining him is etched in fans' memories as an amusing moment of friendship disguised as confusion and hilarity. Chuck did come to care for the dog later, which warmed everyone's hearts.

3 The Fake Fight To Oust Juliet

Juliet Sharp always had it out for Serena, and her manipulations included alienating her from Blair and blocking her from getting into Hamilton House. In a stroke of genius, Blair and Serena filmed a fake catfight between them about their controversies and love triangles and convinced Gossip Girl to stream it like it was live so that Juliet would make it public and then intervene to make herself look better.

When Juliet entered the room, she saw the two girls sipping champagne — outing Juliet on her lies and getting her ousted from Hamilton House in front of everyone — and fans loved to see that the two besties didn't fall for Juliet's cheap tactics and stuck to each other.

2 When Blair Invites Serena To Be Her Roommate

Right after their takedown of Juliet, Blair took her relationship with Serena to the next level in "The Undergraduates" — she redecorated and gave Serena her own bedroom in her house, which was one of the most lavish homes of any main character in Gossip Girl, so that the two of them could be roommates when they went to Columbia together.

Serena had been having a tough time in college, and Blair, who had had her fair share of ups and downs at NYU, wanted her partner in crime to have the best off-campus housing ever, and also be comfortable in her home. This scene always reminds fans of just how close Blair and Serena were, and that their love for each other was second to none.

1 Blair's Letter To Serena

A sore point in Blair's friendship with Serena was that she had left for boarding school mysteriously, and without saying goodbye to her childhood best friend. Upon her return, Blair found out why that happened, and the two fell out again on many counts. However, Blair did come back for Serena and waved the white flag.

She found Serena in Central Park, where she read out a deeply sad letter that she had written to her when she was away, but never posted. The letter was a plea for Serena to call Blair and talk her out of her confusion because her life was falling apart, and she had nobody but her best friend to turn to. Blair put her feelings for Serena out there, which resulted in both of them putting their arms down and mending fences.

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