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Grey's Anatomy: The Best Neurosurgeons, Ranked | ScreenRant

Plenty of surgical specialties are explored in Grey's Anatomy, with the most notable being Cardiothoracic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery. and Plastic Surgery. The other specialty that hasn't been featured so much lately, but was common in the earlier seasons, is Neurosurgery. This kind of surgery focuses on treating the nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord.

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Derek Shepherd is the most prominent neurosurgeon in the long-running ABC network drama. However, he is not the only person with the skills to repair the brain, spine, and nerves. A total of six neurosurgeons have appeared on Grey's Anatomy so far. And while all of them are highly qualified, some are better surgeons and better characters, overall.

6 Dr. Cohn

The attending neurosurgeon at Dillard Medical Center is described as one of the best in the country. He is called to Grey Sloan to operate on Derek after the car accident but doesn't manage to save his life, leading to one of the saddest character deaths in Grey's Anatomy.

Being partly responsible for the death of one fan-favorite character earns Cohn the lowest rank. He arrives an hour late for the surgery, which makes viewers wonder if Derek's life would have been saved if so much time hadn't been wasted. He is also arrogant, as seen when he blames Paul and Penny and Paul for not getting a CT done. Everyone in the OR needs to be in harmony for a surgery to be successful, but Cohn creates hostility, even going as far as to kick Penny out.

5 Dr. Jim Nelson

Yet another attending neurosurgeon, Nelson steps in when a grieving Derek stops coming to work after Jen Harmon's death. But despite having published a lot of research, Nelson isn't celebrated or respected at the hospital.

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Nelson is more professional than Cohn, but as a neurosurgeon, he is hardly a contender for the top spot. Amelia once describes his work as sloppy, meaning that even though he gets the job done, he doesn't impress. Richard and Mark also keep snubbing him, meaning he isn't considered important. There's also the fact that Derek still ends up taking over most of his surgeries, including the John Doe surgery and the one with the brain tumor.

4 Dr. Ramsey

Dr. Ramsey is introduced as a neurosurgeon at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital shortly after the plane crash incident. Her time in the series is limited as she only appears in season 9.

As humble and courteous as Dr. Ramsey is, she isn't exactly a good surgeon. Her confusion when one of her patients has a complication in the OR makes viewers question her skills. Derek tries to correct her actions, but her patient sadly dies. Ramsey is forgetful too, best seen when she invites Derek into the OR to help her out, forgetting that his hand can't operate due to injuries sustained after one of the biggest plot twists in Grey's Anatomy when the plane crashed.

3 Dr. Tom Koracick

Koracick serves as Chief Medical Officer of the Catherine Fox Foundation and Head of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital during his time on the series. He also mentors Amelia, who he molds into a brilliant doctor.

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Koracick is disliked because of his ego but his work speaks for itself. His research, involving the use of lasers to treat tumors, is described as being too advanced for the times we live in. His being given a leadership position in two renowned medical institutions shows that others trust his judgment as a doctor. The only reason for his lower rank is his occasional mistakes, such as the PPE saga during the COVID-19 pandemic

2 Dr. Amelia Shephard

Derek's sister, Amelia, graduated top of her class at Harvard Medical School before doing her residency at Johns Hopkins. She was also a valuable enough character to be included in the spinoff, Private Practice.

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Amelia's rise to Head of Neurosurgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital proves she is considered a better doctor than the rest. She has performed miracles too, including getting rid of Dr. Nicole Herman's inoperable tumor. Part of being a good professional is being able to do your work well despite personal struggles. Amelia struggles with addiction and a brain tumor of her own at different points of the series but she still manages to focus on her work and remain one of the top surgeons at the hospital.

1 Dr. Derek Shepherd

The former Head of Neurosurgery is regarded as one of the best in the world in his field. According to Richard, Derek's services bring in $2 million worth of revenue to the hospital every year.

McDreamy is not just the best because he is likable and has one of the best "Mc' nicknames in Grey's Anatomy. His career accomplishments do all the talking for him. That the president chooses him for the Brain Mapping Initiative reveals just how skilled he is. There's also the fact that he has a reputation for taking on cases that other surgeons are afraid of and turning them around. The trust that others place in him has also made him the go-to doctor when choosing who should helm clinical trials.

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