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Halo Infinite's 2021 Release Date Possibly Confirmed By Mature Rating

343 Industries' Halo Infinite has been rated by the Australian Classification Board, suggesting the game is on target to meet its late-2021 release window. The game was originally planned to launch alongside the Xbox Series X/S consoles in 2020, before being delayed by a year. While a release date hasn't yet been confirmed, it's believed that Halo Infinite will release in November, a rumor which could be corroborated by the official game rating.

Halo Infinite is set to be the biggest game in the series to date, making full use of the new generation of Xbox console gaming, though its delay was disappointing to many fans. As one of the brand's flagship series, Halo Infinite was expected to bolster the Xbox Series X/S hype when the consoles released in November 2020, leaving many surprised when the developer announced the game would be delayed indefinitely. While Halo Infinite's latest trailers, gameplay reveals, and beta test have all wowed players, early reactions to 2020's Halo Infinite gameplay reveal were lackluster, with many criticizing the graphics. While disappointing to see the game delayed, improvements since then indicate the delay was the right move both for those involved in the game's development, and for the players.

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It seems fans won't have long to wait to get their hands on the game, as the new Australian Classification Board rating means that the game should be arriving soon. As spotted by VGC, Halo Infinite's rating comes just days after Forza Horizon 5's, suggesting the two games could share a similar release date. Forza Horizon 5 has been confirmed to launch on November 9, which would align with rumors that Halo Infinite is targeting a November launch month. As expected, Halo Infinite has been rated "M" for "Mature" by the Australian board, indicating violence.

Xbox has yet to confirm exactly when Halo Infinite will launch, though the rating does suggest the game won't face any further delays. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has previously stated that Halo Infinite is dedicated to a holiday 2021 release. Before its delay, the game would have originally launched in November 2020, which makes a new targeted release date of November 2021 very likely. If November will be when fans can finally get their hands on the game, it's likely that an official release date announcement is due in the coming weeks.

Some lucky fans have already had their first taste of the game thanks to a recent beta weekend. While Halo Infinite's playable beta was an overall success, the test flight accidentally led to the leaking of the game's story. 343 Industries has confirmed that key Halo Infinite plot points, including story beats and the game's ending, were leaked via dataminers during the beta. Players looking to avoid Halo Infinite's story until they can experience it for themselves are advised to tread carefully online to avoid spoilers. Hopefully, the wait until launch won't be a long one.

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Halo Infinite is scheduled to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC later this year.

Source: Australian Classification Board (via VGC)

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