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Harry Potter: 10 Foods From The Wizarding World Muggles Can Make

From the enormous feasts in the Great Hall of Hogwarts to the delicious desserts of Honeydukes in Hogsmeade, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is stuffed to the gills with decadent and scrumptious meals shared by wizards and muggles alike. Some come with magical properties, and some are just warm comfort foods with a wizardly flavor, but all are desired by fans of the books and movies.

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Fans don't have to be sorcerers or shell out hundreds of bucks for a trip to Universal Studios to get a taste of the magical world. In fact, there are plenty of recipes from Hogwarts and beyond that even the greenest Muggles can make.

10 Chocolate Frogs

Chocolate frogs are one of the first magical treats Harry and the audience are introduced to in The Sorcerer's Stoneand their recipe is deceptively simple. While the trading cards of famous Wizarding World sorcerers might only be available as a theme park souvenir, there is a way fans can make these treats in their own kitchens.

Essentially, chocolate frogs are just regular chocolate molded into an amphibious shape. The only complex equipment a muggle cook would have to own is a frog-shaped mold or tray to set their melted candy in to achieve the desired design.

9 Corned Beef Sandwiches

Sometimes the simple option is always the best, and if Hogwarts Express passengers don't have enough galleons to buy out the entire dessert trolley, it's nice to bring a mom-made lunch along for the journey. Ron Weasley might not have a taste for corned beef, but that's a lunchtime favorite available even in the states.

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The corned beef sandwiches that appear in the first novel are perhaps one of the easiest dishes to make on this list. With its two main ingredients being corned beef and slices of bread, anything additional is left entirely up to the maker's discretion.

8 Harry’s Birthday Cake

Everyone deserves a slice of cake for their birthday, even wizards. And while it's not one of the most magical entries on the list, it's a very loving gesture from everyone's favorite half-giant Hagrid. The image of Hagrid giving Harry the misspelled birthday cake is a moment no true fan of the series could ever forget.

Hardly anything could be better for an 11-year-old's birthday than a big, chocolate cake with creamy icing. Too bad Dudley ends up pigging out on it, in more ways than one.

7 Butterbeer

A tall, frosty glass of Butterbeer is easier to come by than one might believe. In fact, many soda brands have even attempted their own spin on the butterscotch-flavored beverage. And, as marvelous as the Wizarding World's treat is, it can be made much cheaper and easier at home.

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Depending on whether the drinkers want a normal or alcoholic version, a butterbeer recipe can be deceptively simple. Sometimes all one really needs is a cream soda, butterscotch topping, and whipped cream to get that sweet magical concoction.

6 Treacle Tarts

One of Harry's personal favorites might be more familiar to British audiences than they are to others, but a treacle tart is a sticky treat that will satisfy any sorcerer's sweet tooth. More of a pie than an actual tart, there are dozens of variations on this recipe only a Google search away.

Basically a stickier version of a caramel or butterscotch pie, treacle tarts are a dessert with a golden syrup filling set in a crunchy pie crust. A staple amongst English bakeries, there's plenty of recipes for everyone to try.

5 Pumpkin Pasties

If there's one treat that frequently appears in the Wizarding World as much as butterbeer or Bertie Botts' Every-Flavor Beans, it's pumpkin pasties. A favorite of Cho Chang, these hand-sized pumpkin pies are a magical delight and will definitely be a hit next Halloween or Thanksgiving.

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Pumpkin seems to be a frequent flavoring in the world of Hogwarts, and wizards consume it in many different ways from pies to roasted to juiced. But nothing beats a take on a good, old-fashioned slice of pumpkin pie.

4 Bouillabaisse

Thanks to Fleur Delacour and her academy's visit during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, a healthy helping of French cuisine was introduced to the Hogwarts halls. Even Ron gives this shellfish stew a taste in The Goblet of Fire, although he's a bit slow on the uptake of the name.

Bouillabaisse is a common seafood stew served in France, and it can take as short as two hours or, in some variations, as long as two days to prepare. It's perhaps one of the most complex dishes on the list, but it's one beloved by millions of seafood fans.

3 Full English

A Full English - or simply English Breakfast - is a plate full of individual breakfast foods all of which are at least mentioned at some point somewhere on a Hogwarts table. Dishes including eggs, bacon, rolls, sausage, black and white pudding, Yorkshire pudding, and kippers all make up a balanced breakfast for wizards in training.

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While some things like bacon and eggs are simple enough to make, items like Yorkshire puddings might be a touch more unusual for some kitchens. However, a trip to the international section of the grocery store would certainly benefit those in the mood for this meal.

2 Haggis

If ever there was a meal at Hogwarts that most would stay away from, it's the Maggoty Haggis featured at Nearly-Headless Nick's Deathday party in the second novel. Even without the writhing worms and maggots that the Hogwarts ghosts can only barely tastes, haggis is an acquired taste.

For those who don't know, haggis is a Scottish dish consisting of a sheep's or calf's offal seasoned and boiled in a bag, traditionally one made from the animal's stomach. While it's still enjoyed in some places today, it would certainly be a kitchen feat for anyone, regardless of magical status.

1 Shepherd’s Pie

One of the most recognizable pub dishes also makes an appearance at Hogwarts. Like so many dishes on the list, the shepherd's pie is commonplace in most U.K. settings, no matter their proximity to the Wizarding World.

A stew of lamb mince and vegetables topped with mashed potatoes is a hot and hearty comfort food everyone should try at least once, and there are several variations on the dish readily available to experiment with - and there's no potions class required.

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