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He's All That: The 10 Best Characters | ScreenRant

Netflix's new film He's All That is a gender-swapped remake of the classic high school romantic comedy She's All That, in which a teenage social media influencer makes a bet that she can turn an unpopular student into the prom king, only to genuinely fall for him the process.

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As the movie tackles social media fame and coming of age issues, the film is filled with over-the-top influencers, exasperated adults, and relatable high schoolers. Some of the characters are intentionally unlikable bullies, others simply miss the mark, but some are standouts thanks to charismatic performances and compelling qualities.

10 Jessica Miles Torres

In a cameo appearance by Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Miles Torres is the executive at Bunny Venom beauty products that pulls Padgett's sponsorship after her live stream fiasco causes her to lose followers and damage the brand.

While the character is mostly just a way to get a famous face in the film, she also adds stakes to the plot by forcing Padgett to fix her social media perception in order to be able to pay for college. Additionally, the character delivers one of the funniest lines in the film, intentional or unintentional, when she informs Padgett that "mucus is just not on-brand for us."

9 Alden

Perhaps the biggest villain in the film, Alden begins as one of Padgett's friends but quickly shows her true colors by live streaming Padgett's breakup, making the bet with her, and running against her for prom queen. She is mean and judgmental, holding Padgett's socioeconomic status against her.

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Alden's mean girl antics push the story forward and are at times entertaining, but she is never really given a compelling motivation for suddenly turning on her friend other than simple jealousy, making her a one-dimensional character.

8 Anna Sawyer

Anna Sawyer is Padgett's hardworking mom. She is caring and involved in her daughter's life, offering advice and giving up her time to chaperone the prom. She only has a small part in the film but she is clearly one of the smartest characters as she provides some much-needed support and guidance to Padgett.

For fans of the original movie, Anna Sawyer sticks out as an especially memorable character because she is played by Rachel Leigh Cook, the star of She's All That. It is a fun treat for fans to see her show up in the film, even in limited screen time.

7 Padgett Sawyer

Padgett Sawyer is the lead character in the film and drives most of the action as she tries to put her life back together after she breaks up with Jordan Van Draanen and loses followers. The movie tries to set her up as a likable character by providing her with some sympathetic motivations.

However, her obsession with social media and willingness to use Cameron for a bet hurt her likability. Even by the end of the movie, she still continues to live-stream her life, making it feel like she has not fully learned her lesson.

6 Nisha

Nisha is Cameron's only friend at school and the two share an endearing bond. She is protective of him and consistently provides him with encouragement and support. Nisha also gets her own love story subplot as she ends up going to the prom with Quinn.

She is not the most developed character in the movie, but she is funny, supportive, and gets a couple of scenes to shine, which she makes the most of. Nisha is an interesting and entertaining character who brings a diversity not found in the original film. Her character represents one of the things that the remake did better than the original and she deserved more screen time.

5 Principal Bosch

As an educator from an older generation, Principal Bosch is tasked with getting the students to put their phones down long enough to make the most of their high school experience. He is clearly exasperated and frequently expresses his frustration with social media culture. He also calls out some of the odd things that happen in romantic comedy movies, such as the school's dance battle at the prom.

Matthew Lillard was a scene-stealer in the original movie, so it is great to see him bring his signature dance moves back for the remake. Principal Bosch is a small but delightful role that brings some comedic relief to the third act.

4 Jordan Van Draanen

Jordan Van Draanen is a one-hit-wonder who experiences overnight fame when his song goes viral. He lets fame go to his head in the worst ways possible, making him into an arrogant bully who cheats on Padgett with a backup dancer from his music video.

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Jordan Van Draanen is a classic romantic comedy villain, bullying Cameron and emotionally hurting Padgett. While he is not the most likable, his unabashed ego and perchance for taking off his shirt make him one of the funniest and most entertaining characters in the movie.

3 Quinn

Unlike Alden, Quinn is a loyal and encouraging friend who continues to support Padgett even after her fall from popularity. She is a good friend who is there for Padgett when she needs her the most. Quinn also gets her own subplot as she begins a romantic relationship with Nisha.

Quinn is a highly likable and interesting character. She does not get enough opportunities to be the center of attention, but she is a solid supporting character who provides Padgett with a confidant and ally while also pursuing her own love interest. She is a kind, smart, and good-natured character that the audience can easily root for.

2 Brin Kweller

As Cameron's younger sister, Brin has a love-hate sibling dynamic with her older brother. But while she may annoy him and get embarrassed by him at school, she genuinely cares about him and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect him, including telling off Padgett for hurting him.

Because she is the closest female figure in his life, Brin is also the one who provides him advice about women and encourages him to pursue a relationship with Padgett. It is her care and love for Cameron that convince him to go to the prom and fix things with Padgett. She is a smart, mature, and caring character who looks out for her brother.

1 Cameron Kweller

Cameron is a photographer who values artistic integrity over selling out. He views himself as a "fountain of truth in a world of BS" and does not fit in with his clout-chasing classmates. He is a caring and thoughtful character who often struggles to keep his opinion to himself.

While He's All That is not one of the best comedy remakes in recent memory, the character of Cameron is one of the best parts of the film. He is not the traditional ugly duckling who everyone overlooks but is instead misunderstood because of his disinterest in social media and fame. He is a grounded, confident, and genuine character who provides much of the movie's heart.

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