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Horizon Zero Dawn: 8 Best Quotes | ScreenRant

Horizon Zero Dawn tells an epic story that invites players to delve deep into its lore to learn about this new earth and Aloy’s place within it. Guerilla Games' open-world RPG relies heavily on excellent storytelling and compelling dialogue to keep fans hooked on its grand narrative.

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While fans eagerly wait for the next chapter in Aloy's story, it’s the best time to look back at some of the most iconic lines from Zero Dawn. The best quotes from the game almost always come from well-written characters and are said during the most moving moments in the story.

8 "Survival requires perfection." – Aloy

Before Aloy became one of the most powerful female characters in video games, she had to go through years of training with her father figure, Rost. He taught her to be extremely cautious around machines and encouraged her to rely on her own strength and abilities to stay alive.

The drive to survive and the best ways to do so have been burned into Aloy's memory through years of intensive training with Rost. But in her isolation as an outcast of the Nora tribe, she becomes pessimistic about humans, becoming almost robotic in her efforts to suppress her hurt and anger. Eventually, Aloy learns that survival isn’t a result of perfection at all, but rather a goal to work towards alongside her friends and her community.

7 "The strength to stand alone, Aloy, is the strength to make a stand. To serve a purpose greater than yourself. That is the lesson you must learn." – Rost

Living as an outcast for most of his adult life, Rost knows how difficult it is to be shunned by one's own community. His only true companion is Aloy, who he raised as his own daughter. Most of the lessons that Rost teaches Aloy revolve around the idea of self-reliance and survival.

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Rost teaches Aloy this most crucial lesson before the Proving when he talks about how important it is to always serve a greater purpose. Players later understand Rost’s loyalty to the tribe when details about his tragic past are revealed. His dedication and unfaltering loyalty to the tribe are born out of this chaotic past, where it becomes obvious that they never truly drove him out of the community after all.

6 "Being smart will count for nothing if you don’t make the world better." – Elisabet

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best PS4 story-driven games, and some of the most fascinating parts of its story come from events that happened over a thousand years ago. The central character in this past is Dr. Elisabet Sobeck, who is a brilliant kindhearted scientist who gave her all to preserve life on earth. A memorable scene in the game is when Aloy finds her corpse near her childhood home, with her suit still intact and with an audio file saved in it.

Elisabet is uncompromising and steadfast in her values. She doesn’t let the likes of Ted Faro intimidate her. She uses her knowledge to correct other people’s mistakes, even until her last moments. Elisabet’s efforts are the only reason life even exists in its current form, and she did what she told GAIA in this recording – she continued to "serve life, not death" no matter the cost.

5 "People die all the time. Now keep going, and find something interesting." – Sylens

Sylens is a complicated character in the game, but one thing is clear from the very start – Aloy doesn't completely trust him. This distrust is deepened after this remark, which comes after Aloy discovers dead bodies in an ancient building. They're the corpses of soldiers that have been preserved by the ice for hundreds of years.

Sylens' cold and calculating approach to the situation is a stark contrast to Aloy's horrified reaction to it. The quote perfectly captures just what kind of person Sylens is, especially considering he probably knows the gruesome backstory to the soldiers' death. There’s a lot left to uncover about Sylens' past and his true motivations, which players will hopefully learn more about in the highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 exclusive, Horizon Forbidden West.

4 "When we teach the young to walk on shifting ice we say: the secret is taking one step, then the next." – Tikuk

This unforgettable lesson from the Banuk shaman, Tikuk, is said during a conversation with Aloy in the Banuk Encampment. The Banuk moved away from their homeland to follow a mysterious signal that has somehow calmed the machines, but something triggers their aggression and they start attacking the camp.

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After Aloy saves the Banuk from these corrupted machines, she asks Tikuk where they will go from there. He gives an honest answer – he doesn’t know. Tikuk doesn’t seem bothered by this at all, however, and explains that the secret to their survival is that they always take it one step at a time. This profound answer applies to the people of this universe as a whole as well, with the best of them being able to adapt to changing circumstances without ever losing hope.

3 "Try not to forget about me while you're out there changing the world." – Erend

Erend is undoubtedly one of the most charming characters in the game. He’s fiercely loyal to Aloy throughout her journey, having been there for her since the start of her adventure as a Seeker. Erend is changed by his relationship with Aloy. After they defeat Dervahl, he looks back at how he thought he was "a big shot talking to a pretty girl" back then, but realizes now that he’s "just lucky to get a minute" of her time.

This is a surprisingly sweet moment, which some fans likely hoped was the start of one of the best video game romances. Aloy obviously sees Erend as a good friend and a faithful ally, however, as their relationship never really develops into anything romantic. Besides, Aloy has the more important job of saving the world from rabid machines and an extinction-level event – not exactly the best time for a romantic subplot.

2 "Change will not come in a single sunrise." – Sun King Avad

After Aloy helps Sun King Avad regain control over the Carja Sundom, she remains pessimistic about the future of the kingdom and its neighboring communities. She asks Avad if it's really possible to achieve peace and unity "while men live in palaces," referencing the brutal ways of previous rulers.

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Avad, who fans know as a fair and kindhearted ruler, has always used diplomatic and peaceful methods to resolve conflicts and build mutual respect among the tribes. His progressive approach to running the Sundom is considered unorthodox and wrong by some. But because Avad grew up watching his father descend into madness, he's firm in his beliefs. For him, the only way to avoid the same bloodshed the former king caused is by embracing harmony, no matter how many sunrises it takes to get there.

1 "I would have wanted her to be willful and unstoppable but with enough compassion to heal the world." – Elisabet

In the most moving moment in the game, Aloy tracks down Elisabet, the closest thing she has to a mother, to the doctor's childhood home. Outside her house, Elisabet's corpse is on a bench that is fittingly surrounded by the flora and fauna that she made possible. Aloy scans the decaying suit on the bench and finds an audio file – it's the last conversation Elisabet ever had with GAIA.

In the audio file, GAIA asks Elisabet what she would have wanted her child to be like. Her answer likely brought tears to players' eyes, as it did with Aloy. Curious, willful, unstoppable, and compassionate all at once – this is the perfect description of Aloy, who has unknowingly grown to become her mother's ideal child. Although she'll never get to meet her mom, she has an emtional connection with the strong woman who, back then, saved humanity to give Aloy and her people a fighting chance.

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