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How I Met Your Mother: 10 Quotes That Live Rent-Free In Fans' Heads

How I Met Your Mother, more than many other sitcoms, seems written specifically to be quoted. Catchphrases (like 'Suit up!') are circled back to time and time again, cementing them in fans' minds - and balanced out with some surprisingly incisive commentary on finding love in the Big City.

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The ones that truly stick in fans' heads include both; the truly thoughtful one-liners that make fans begin to question if they are making the same mistakes as Ted is, and the Barney-isms that have to be borrowed in real life. Of all the lines in the show, these are some of the ones that fans cannot stop thinking about.

10 Have you met Ted?

This simple line is a particularly brilliant trick that Barney introduces to the gang, and that many of them use in the years after. It works precisely because it's simple - there's nothing creepy, presumptuous, or try-hard about it as a pick up line, and it perfectly introduces strangers.

It's no wonder, then, that fans don't just remember this line, but undoubtedly use it themselves from time to time. And of course, because this is said in a very specific intonation (stretching out the word have to longer than the rest of the question), it's impossible to read without mentally hearing it this way.

9 You can’t just skip ahead to where you think your life should be.

When Ted wants to buy his dream family home before meeting a woman he wants to start a family with, Lily cautions him on trying to skip ahead to where he wants his life to be.

It's a particularly resonant line for all the fans of the show who were also watching in their twenties, and feeling frustrated about life not looking quite the way they wanted. There's more to this than simply being relatable, though. Sitcoms (especially those set in NYC) are often criticized for portraying the characters' lives as glamorous and easy, and this line is one of many that helps ground the show - and that gives a wink and a nod to the idea that great advice may still be wrong. Because of course, Ted keeps the house of his dreams, and does raise his family there.

8 Why am I constantly looking for reasons not to be happy?

Robin has some heartbreaking lines in the series, and this may be one of the most painful ones. It's spoken to Kevin, who replies that maybe she is afraid of being happy. It's a concept that is often explored in therapy (and proves that the series is presenting an accurate picture of therapy... up until Robin starts dating her therapist), and for good reason.

Robin's struggles to accept her own happiness, especially when she is a character whose difficulties often come from the fact that she doesn't want to live the life expected of her, are powerful. This line gets to the heart of it in a moment.

7 Suit Up

Barney is the most exaggerated character (and a popular theory suggests that this is because Ted is the unreliable narrator of the show), and one of his quirks is that he is always wearing a suit. He even wears suit-jamas to bed, and he has an entire musical number about his love of them. He's also always encouraging the others to wear them - by telling them to 'suit up'.

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It's a simple, funny gag that is played time and time again in the series - even with different kinds of suits, or when Robin suits up for a night out with Barney and he is impressed. Whether or not Barney convinced any fans to switch to suits as a result of the show cannot be proven - but if they did, they said this first.

6 If you have chemistry, all you need is one other thing… Timing.

While HIMYM deals with all aspects of life, it's really about romance - and there are some real gems of advice in the writing because of it. This one, which Robin says to Ted (and follows up with "and timing's a b**ch") is a refreshingly realistic take on love and romance.

The series does have some unrealistic moments when it comes to relationships, but it's this kind of line that made the show feel real. The characters are not championing the idea that a big love conquers all (and Ted is routinely told that he needs to stop thinking this way), and Robin makes an excellent point here. Love and chemistry need to be backed up with practicality. And, of course, given that Ted and Robin finally do end up together, there's a little hint of foreshadowing here, too.

5 Sometimes, even when you know something’s a mistake, you gotta make it anyway.

Another powerfully relatable line, Ted includes this in his narration for the episode 'Milk', where each of the main characters make a mistake, even though they know it will be a mistake.

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Like many other lines that stick in fans' heads, the fact that this is part of Ted's narration is telling. These are the lessons that he learns as he gets older, that he didn't necessarily know at the time. More than that, though, it keeps the characters realistic - especially when much of the show can seem intentionally unrealistic or overblown for comic effect. These are not perfect people, and they are learning lessons as they go, which is refreshing to see.

4 Whenever I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.

Another of Barney's most hilariously memorable quirks is his love of the word 'awesome'. It's not just in this line, of course. He says various other versions of this: such as whenever he is sick, he stops being sick, and is awesome instead. He uses 'awesome' probably more than any other adjective, even including a chorus of 'awesome' as background music in his video resume.

It's a word that would otherwise be commonplace, but Barney's flair (and repetition) make it seem as though it was created for the show.

3 Nothing Good Happens After 2:00 Am

More excellent advice given by Ted as a narrator (and ignored by young Ted in the main storyline), 'nothing good happens after 2am' comes from the episode of the same name. It's solid advice, and shows how different future Ted is from young Ted, as the gang seem to be constantly out at the bar after 2am!

It's this kind of self awareness that helps to make the show what it is, and of course, as fans are likely to be those who resonate with the lifestyle of the gang (and who have had their own not-so-good moments after 2am) it's one that may well have affected some late-night decisions for viewers after the episode aired.

2 Shouldn't We Hold Out For The Person Who Doesn't Just Tolerate Our Little Quirks

When Ted is struggling to find a partner, and getting desperate, he ends up on a date with a woman that he has been on a date with before - and for a moment, he considers ignoring his gut, and starting a relationship with her even though they kind of annoy each other. However, this line represents a moment of clarity for him - and a reminder that sticking to standards and holding out for the real thing is more important than feeling pressured to get into a relationship for the sake of it. It's some of the best advice that the series offers.

1 Legen- Wait For It - Dary!

Of course, probably the most iconic line from the series is another Barney-ism. And like his overuse of the word 'awesome', this is a line that crops up time and time again. He also twists it, proclaiming other things Legen-daddy, or expanding it to add little one-liners in between legen and dary.

It's so simple, but so effective - and something that both encapsulates the enthusiasm and quirkiness of Barney, and the silliness that the show loves to mix in with the drama.

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