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How I Met Your Mother: Every Time Ted's Red Cowboy Boots Made An Appearance

There were several serious episodes of How I Met Your Mother due to the premise of the show, and Ted's journey to find love featured surprisingly emotional moments. However, it remained a sitcom at heart. The series thrived off of making viewers laugh, and the characters' personalities largely attributed to the comedy.

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The obsession Ted has with his red cowboy boots is one of the funniest running gags in How I Met Your Mother, as well as the claim that he "pulls them off." Ted's shoes are the origin of several jokes, and the gang uses them as fuel against him. They are featured multiple times throughout the show, and each appearance is better than the last.

8 Season 3, Episode 19: "Everything Must Go"

The first time Ted's cowboy boots are ever brought up is by Marshall and Lily. He's so offended that no one likes his boots as much as he does that he puts them on to model them for his friends. Whether Ted can actually "pull them off" is up for interpretation, but he still sought some kind of validation.

The best part of the episode is when he follows Marshall to an art collector's apartment to get their take on the shoes. Although he believes Ted does pull them off, it doesn't sway the gang's opinion going forward.

7 Season 4, Episode 21: "The Three Days Rule"

Barney takes whatever opportunity he can to poke fun at Ted, but it's not as common for Marshall to get involved. Their team-up made this episode even funnier, as they encouraged each other to keep catfishing Ted in the most hilarious ways.

To see if they can get him to put on his red cowboy boots, they text him that their favorite color is red and they "think the 'cowboy look' is very sexy." Anyone who knows Ted knows that he'll take any opportunity he can to put the shoes on. No one would've even known if he was wearing them or not, but Ted felt compelled to stroll around the apartment in just the boots and a robe.

6 Season 5, Episode 23: "The Wedding Bride"

Unless Tony broke into the apartment to steal the red cowboy boots, it's safe to say that Ted's pair wasn't featured in The Wedding Bride. Considering how attached he is, there's no way Ted wouldn't have noticed their absence.

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It's clear that Ted modeled the footwear for Stella, and either she or Tony must have found them laughable. Ted's character wore them in Tony's screenplay, and while he was nothing like how he was written, the boots were one similarity that Tony got right.

5 Season 6, Episode 21: "Hopeless"

Although they first appeared in How I Met Your Mother Season 3, when and why Ted bought the boots remained unknown. Given Ted's character, it seemed likely that he saw them in the store and felt inspired, but that surprisingly wasn't the case.

All it took was a compliment from a woman trying to make a sale for Ted to grow attached. He's gullible by nature and was also under the impression that the shoes would get him a date. However, they end up having the opposite effect.

4 Season 8, Episode 10: "The Over-Correction"

Ted's friends don't just use his red cowboy boots to make fun of him—they also use them for blackmailing purposes. Trapped in Barney's closet and desperate for a way to sneak out unseen, Robin tells Ted his boots are in the closet with her.

In one of several hilarious quotes no one talks about in How I Met Your Mother, Ted realizes Robin's telling the truth after she tells him, "they're red and they're cowboy boots." It's especially funny how quickly he springs into action after receiving a photo of Robin holding a knife to them.

3 Season 8, Episode 16: "Bad Crazy"

Out of all of Ted's major love interests in How I Met Your Mother, Jeanette was arguably the worst. Her relationship with Ted didn't last long, and she was so violent that she was single-handily the reason he decided it was time to settle down.

He should've broken up with Jeanette several times, but something kept stopping him from following through. One of her tactics included putting on Ted's red cowboy boots, which he simply couldn't resist.

2 Season 8, Episode 18: "Weekend At Barney's"

The red cowboy boots were finally destroyed in How I Met Your Mother Season 8. Jeanette burned them along with the rest of Ted's things, and he was distraught to see what was left of them fall from his apartment onto the street.

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However, the boots were burned for symbolic reasons and it represented how Ted was ready to move on a start a new chapter in his life. It was sad to see the running joke come to an end, but it also foreshadowed that Ted was finally going to meet the mother.

1 Season 9, Episode 19: "Vesuvius"

Ted's boots don't return from the dead, and Season 8 Episode 18 is the last time the real ones appear. However, the knockoff pair is featured in Tony's latest screenplay, The Wedding Bride 2.

Jed's chair falls to the floor and his legs go straight up in the air, putting the red cowboy boots on full display. It was a fun way to pay tribute to one of several important objects in How I Met Your Mother during the final season, as well as continue the "Jed Mosley" gag.

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