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How to Beat Tisiphone in Hades (Boss Guide) | Screen Rant

Hades is known for its difficulty, and the boss Tisiphone certainly contributes to that reputation. Throughout Zagreus' journey to escape the Underworld, there are numerous tough enemies and deadly boss encounters to overcome, from the Fury Megaera to an arena showdown with Theseus and Asterius. To make it through to the surface, it's essential to learn effective methods for taking on these various challenges.

After a certain number of runs, some bosses will begin to randomly change between a handful of variations. The clearest examples of this are Tisiphone and Alecto, two Fury sisters who will occasionally replace Megaera after she's been defeated around a dozen times. Each of them poses a fresh challenge, with distinct movesets and arenas, and must be approached individually.

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Smart movement is very important in Hades, in and out of boss fights. Dashes are Zagreus' primary movement option for quick repositioning and evading attacks. It can be easy to dodge recklessly, so focus on learning to time dodges well and aiming them towards safe endpoints. Another key strategy is to pay attention to a bosses' patterns before trying to attack them. Get to the boss chamber, and focus on dodging in order to learn the telegraph and timing of each attack pattern. Skill in evasion is a solid foundation for consistently successful encounters.

Tisiphone poses a greater challenge than Megaera in Hades, but can be learned with enough practice. She has four unique abilities and three phases, broken down below.

Phase One: Tisiphone always starts with her Whip Lasso and Whip Combo abilities. Whip Lasso is a quick, mid-range lash that goes straight out from Tisiphone, followed by a dash towards Zagreus' location which fires projectiles from both sides. The lash stuns, guaranteeing that her dash will also hit. Use a sideways dash to evade this when fighting up-close, or stay out of range and dodge through or away from her dash and projectiles.

Whip Combo is a two-part dash followed by an area-of-effect whiplash around Tisiphone, which is a bit more easily dodged. Watch for the telegraph, then react when she lunges. Having an additional dash, either from the Greater Reflex upgrade or a Hermes boon, can help with this. Focus on dodging to minimize loss of health, and get hits in when Tisiphone is recovering from one of her attacks. Once she's down to 50% HP, phase two begins.

Phase Two: After a brief fade to black, the Hades arena will become smaller. Tisiphone should have a third ability now, either Slow Beam, an outward spiral of projectiles, or Lightning, an area-of-effect attack similar to Megaera's. Focus again on timing dashes and attack patiently when she's in recovery frames. Get into the rhythm of dodging and attacking and the fight should progress smoothly.

Phase Three: At 25% HP the arena will become even smaller, and Tisiphone will gain her last ability. At this point the arena is too small to keep much distance, so it's more important than ever to time dashes for effective use of invincibility frames. The pathway to the arena's right provides cover from projectiles. It's also a good time to use Olympian's Aid boons, if available.

Patiently learning the patterns is the key to any boss fight in Hades, and Tisiphone is no exception - do so to defeat her with ease.

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Hades is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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