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How to Repair Weapons & Items in Tribes of Midgard | Screen Rant

Weapons and items in Tribes of Midgard are in constant use and deteriorate throughout the survival games campaign. Eventually, players will need to repair their items as the price of buying or crafting new gear can get quite costly. Combat wears down weapons quickly, and easy access to a repair bench is essential in continuing this open-world Viking adventure.

There is currently only one way to repair items in Tribes of Midgard, and that is through the use of a repair bench located in the lower east side of the player's village. The mini-map of the village shows an anvil where Steinar the blacksmith is located. Next to the blacksmith is a set of stairs that will lead the player to the one repair bench available in the game. Head up the stairs to access the repair menu.

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Unlike other open-world survival games, Tribes of Midgard does not require resources to repair items. Instead, players need to spend Souls to afford whatever repair is needed. Souls act as a currency inside of the game and are gathered in multiple ways. In Tribes of Midgard, killing and farming bosses is the easiest method to obtain multiple souls, but players can also sell unwanted gear, trade Golden Eggs, or even mine for Souls.

The number of Souls required to repair items in Tribes of Midgard varies based on the rarity and degradation of the item. The higher the rarity, the more Souls are required to fully repair an item. Weapons most commonly need repairing since they are used primarily during combat, but armor and tools will also eventually degrade and need repair. Once at the bench, a menu will appear with every item that can be repaired alongside the cost. Simply highlight and click the desired item, and it will repair automatically within the player's inventory.

With such a wide variety of items that can be bought or crafted within Tribes of Midgard, there will always be a need to repair well-used gear. The lack of resource gathering required for repairs makes the whole process much easier and allows players to hold on to their favorite armor or weapons for longer periods of time. Souls are easily gathered throughout gameplay, so there never seems to be a shortage of fresh currency available to spend at the repair bench.

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Tribes of Midgard is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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