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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 10 Characters From Other Shows That Would Perfectly Fit Into The Series

FX's It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is full of unique people, but there are characters from other shows who would feel right at home in Paddy’s Pub. Select characters from The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm would make great members of the recurring cast due to their mysterious criminal activity and just how argumentative they are.

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But it isn’t just sitcom characters that would fare well with the alcoholic Irish pub owners. Between foul-mouthed government spin doctors and criminal lawyers, there are a ton of dramatic characters who could mingle (or at least argue) with the Always Sunny crew.

10 Susie Greene (From Curb Your Enthusiasm)

There are a lot of similarities between Curb Your Enthusiasm and Always Sunny, mostly that all of the characters are completely self-centered and argumentative. Susie is the most argumentative of them all, as she’s most famous for her fights with Larry. At her best (or worst), she could outdo Dennis’ fits of rage that know no bounds, as Susie at her angriest is completely unrivaled in the TV sphere.

However, not only is she angry, but she comes up with the most outrageous business ideas too. From her ridiculous soap company to knitting and selling decorated sweaters, she could fit right in with the Always Sunny gang’s schemes.

9 Creed Bratton (From The Office)

Always Sunny features a slew of bizarre recurring characters, whether it’s Rickety Cricket or the Waiter, and Creed Bratton would fit right in. It’s almost as if Creed is more of an Always Sunny character than someone from The Office, as most of his stories are way more farfetched compared to the more grounded story arcs of the show.

There are times Creed made more sense than anyone, but he is remembered for turning up to work covered in blood, and it’s fairly clear in “Murder” that he is actually a murderer himself. Creed could very much be one of the drunkards found in the background of Paddy’s Pub with tons of stories to tell.

8 Karen Walker (From Will & Grace)

In Will & Grace, just like Susie, Karen isn’t shy of arguing and she always gets her own way. There’s a pep in her step, and she'd come off almost like an older sister to Dee. They both demand attention, love to be heard and drink way more than any other character in their respective TV shows.

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Karen would happily glide along with any of the gang’s adventures providing she has a martini in her hand. And more than anything, she hates to work, as she’s Grace’s assistant but tries to skate by doing the bare minimum, just like the Always Sunny crew. As she’s stinking rich, the endless storylines of the gang trying to manipulate her write themselves.

7 Eric Andre (From The Eric Andre Show)

Eric Andre might be a real-life person, but he plays an exaggerated version of himself in The Eric Andre Show. Eric Andre will appear in Jackass Forever as himself, but he’s still up to the same old tricks in character, and that kind of energy would stir the pot in the FX show.

What would be even better is if the actors of Always Sunny appeared on The Eric Andre Show in character, similar to how there was an episode of Always Sunny where they appeared on Family Values. Dee’s reactions to Eric’s pranks could mirror Lauren Conrad’s infamously awkward interview, and Charlie would just be fascinated with the production of the show.

6 Malcolm Tucker (From The Thick Of It)

The Thick Of It isn’t exactly a cartoonish slapstick sitcom like Always Sunny or The Office. However, the BBC political comedy set the tone for the 21st century, and it’s mostly thanks to the foul-mouthed terrifying spin doctor Malcolm Tucker. Susie might be able to bring Dennis down a peg or two, but Malcolm would instill so much fear in the character that he wouldn’t dare return back to Paddy’s Pub.

Always Sunny might be entirely different from the humor that the UK is used to, and vice versa, but The Thick Of It is full of satire that the US would be familiar with. And as the Scottish spin doctor literally went to war just to cover his own back in the movie adaptation In The Loop, it sounds exactly like an Always Sunny episode if the gang ran the White House.

5 Kramer (From Seinfeld)

The character’s full name is Cosmo Kramer, which sounds like an Always Sunny character more than anything. But it isn’t just his name that would make a great contribution to the FX show. Kramer is the fan-favorite character of Seinfeld, and it’s because of how much of an outlier he is compared to the rest of the group.

Just like the gang, Kramer has had some strange jobs, as he tries to make as much money by doing the bare minimum, whether it’s writing a coffee table book about coffee tables or being a mall Santa. The Seinfeld character even tried to sue a coffee shop company but settled for free coffee for life, which sounds like a Ponzi scheme ripped straight out of the Always Sunny book.

4 Saul Goodman (From Breaking Bad And Better Call Saul)

The emotionally-driven Breaking Bad and the criminal underworld of Better Call Saul are worlds apart from the slapstick comedy and name-calling of Always Sunny. However, when Saul Goodman was introduced in season 2 of the multi-Emmy-winning show, it seemed as if he was pulled right out of Malcolm in the Middle instead of being another character with deep-rooted issues.

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The criminal lawyer is brazenly outlandish, and he’d make a great addition to the line-up of hilarious lawyers who frequently appear on the sitcom. There’s Charlie’s upsetting uncle and The Lawyer, who uses his intellect to outsmart the gang. So Saul would fit snuggly in the middle as the gang’s defense attorney.

3 Troy Barnes (From Community)

It’s almost blasphemy to split Troy and Abed apart, as they have the best sitcom bromance, but Troy has had so many great solo storylines in Community without his BFF. Troy is the most immature member of the group, and though he’s much younger than the rest of the Sunny gang, he’d giddily subscribe to any scheme they come up with.

However, though there is no such thing as lessons and learning in Always Sunny, Troy had a vast amount of character development by the time he left Community. Troy could actually teach the gang a thing or two, which would be ironic considering he’s had the least amount of life experiences.

2 Lucille Bluth (From Arrested Development)

Lucille is the funniest Arrested Development character, whether it’s thinking that a banana costs $10 or that hospitals have bars. But the best thing about her is just how little she cares for her own sons.

Given how rich she is, Lucille is basically a much funnier version of Frank’s wife and Dee and Dennis’ mother, who was also a rich old woman who didn’t want to provide for her children. There’s a spot available in Always Sunny for that kind of female character, as she could have the entire gang wrapped around her little finger.

1 Leon Black (From Curb Your Enthusiasm)

Leon was the best thing to happen to Curb, as he was introduced in season 6, just as the show’s formula could have gotten stale. The character is unapologetically himself and has no filter. Just like the cast of Sunny, if a random, vulgar thought pops in Leon’s head, he has to share it with everyone in his vicinity, whether it’s hitting on his yoga instructor or calling out Larry for his “long balls.”

If Leon was in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, he’d give it as good as he gets it, as he’s the best at hurling insults. Not only that, but Dee would certainly enjoy the inevitable attention she’d get from him.

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