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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: 8 Unpopular Opinions About Mac (According To Reddit)

The very premise of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is how many lives a group of degenerates will ruin in order to get what they want. None of the characters are painted out to be good people and there are even several times the gang should have gone to jail.

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However, there are instances when Mac, in particular, seems to want to do the right thing. He's definitely one of the more complex members of the gang and not everyone shares the same thoughts about his character. Fans took to Reddit to express their unpopular opinions about Mac and his role in the series.

8 Mac Is The Most Sympathetic Character, Not Charlie

Charlie is a fan-favorite character for several reasons, and most viewers believe him to be the most compassionate member of the gang. But Reddit user zellfire points out that while Mac is a narcissist like the other members of the gang, it "seems to manifest itself more in a desire to be liked by people."

The problem with Mac is that he only cares about specific people, while Charlie has more of a respect for everyone. Charlie isn't a good person by any means, but he is more accepting than the rest of the gang, and his rudeness is usually a result of being in a constant state of panic.

7 Mac Is Likeable In The Later Seasons

Mac has changed a lot since the early seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and not all viewers are happy about it. He's become more open and less rough around the edges, which has taken away from his humor. But Reddit user pathetic_inadequacy is a fan of Mac in the later seasons and they "like his development and the other sides to his character."

It's not necessarily that Mac has become unlikeable, as much as he's no longer the character viewers have come to love. Given that it's a show about degenerates, Mac's new attitude makes him stick out from the others like a sore thumb.

6 Mac's Obsession With Dennis Is Annoying

Reddit user Fabs74 expresses the unpopular opinion that Mac's obsession with pleasing his best friend isn't funny and "just makes Mac annoying." Mac and Dennis are a fan-favorite ship and the best duo in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Because MacDennis is so beloved by viewers, Mac's loyalty to Dennis is a part of the show that many fans enjoy. They're the only members of the gang that appear to show any semblance of care for each other, and it's a reminder that they're at least capable of love.

5 City Mac Should've Been Replaced With Country Mac

Country Mac is Mac's cousin, who, as the name gives away, is from the countryside. When he came for a visit, the gang started to prefer Country Mac over the original, as he was seemingly better than him in every way. He was even able to get through to the gang on some issues that they normally wouldn't even consider.

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Reddit user amiserablerobot thinks that "they should have replaced City Mac with Country Mac," which isn't a popular opinion among those who love the original character. Country Mac was boring in comparison, and while he might be a better friend to have in real life, his presence would bring down the quality of the sitcom.

4 Mac's Coming Out Dance Didn't Fit The Tone Of The Show

There's no question that Mac's coming out dance was a beautiful and moving scene. But Reddit user old_thunder_ believes that while the dance was "visually stunning," it did not "fit the tone of the show."

They praise how wholesome and genuine the scene is, but that's what makes it feel so out of place. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a show that's not meant to be taken seriously, and Mac coming out was a serious issue. However, that's what makes it so great. The characters aren't great people, but Mac's dance was full of so much emotion, even the prisoners were in tears.

3 Fat Mac Was Overrated

The episode, "How Mac Got Fat," is a fan favorite, but Reddit user sudden_monkey admits that they never understood the appeal of it. While he had an iconic moment in "The High School Reunion," they think "ripped Mac is more sure of himself."

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This is definitely an unpopular opinion, as many viewers consider Fat Mac an iconic part of the series. It shows the actor's dedication as he purposely lost and gained weight to create different storylines for the character. Every time Mac changed his image in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, it was for a reason.

2 Mac's Mumbling Ruined The First Few Seasons

It's not an unpopular opinion that the first couple of seasons weren't the best. Not only was the show trying to find its rhythm, but Danny Devito wasn't introduced until It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 2.

Reddit user RobWK159 has a different reason for disliking earlier episodes, and says it's because "in the early days you can see Mac mumbling and waiting for his queue instead of acting." Since the first already has plenty of grounds for criticism, this issue isn't something that stands out or is even noticed by fans.

1 Mac Is Less Funny Now That He's Out

Mac officially coming out after 13 seasons was an incredible moment that showed how far he has come in his journey of self-acceptance. However, it is true that Mac's sexuality was one of the best running gags in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Now that Mac is out of the closet, Reddit userclif2014 feels that "Mac is less funny now." The type of jokes might be different, but that doesn't mean they're not as comedic as they were before. It was also an important moment for the LGBTQ+ community, and it makes the switch up worth it.

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