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Loki: 10 Best Scenes That Live Rent-Free In Every Fans' Head

Loki is full of heavy philosophical themes and confusing multidimensional narratives, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming the most-watched Disney+ series ever. The show is loved for how visually stunning it is, the terrific performances, and the perfect narrative.

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Combine all of that with the wittiest but also most heartfelt sequences to ever grace the MCU, and Loki is an unstoppable force. It might only be six episodes, but each scene is packed full of unforgettable moments, whether it’s the fight between Loki and Sylvie, the perfectly choreographed one-take shot, or the endless philosophical debates.

10 Loki First Arriving At The TVA

The moment Loki first appears at the TVA, fans knew that the show was going to be a completely different entity from what had come before it. Between Loki being terrified of getting pruned to an animated video explaining the Time Keepers, the scene is wonderfully weird and it perfectly set the tone of the fantasy series.

On top of that, though there have been CGI characters in the MCU in the past, there hasn’t been anything like Miss Minutes, an orange clock who acts like a mascot for the TVA. From that point up to when Mobius, the breakout star of Loki, saves the god of mischief from getting pruned, the world of the TVA is gloriously peculiar.

9 The Opening Sequence Of “For All Time. Always.”

Most of the final episode was a giant exposition drop, as He Who Remains spent a good chunk of the 50 minutes explaining exactly what had been going on for the six episodes. But at the same time, it was as epic as a finale on this level was expected to be, and that was clear from the very opening sequence.

From Star-Lord yelling “dance-off, bro” to Black Panther screaming “Wakanda Forever,” the show segues from voiceovers of quotes from MCU characters to iconic quotes from history, which was Kevin Feige’s idea. Quotes from the likes of Neil Armstrong and Nelson Mandela act as a guide for the stunning visuals of the multiverse, and it’s the most beautiful imagery that has come out of the franchise.

8 Loki & Sylvie Bonding On Lamentis

“Lamentis” is the lowest-rated episode of Loki by a significant margin, but there’s still a lot to love about it. It might not be exciting or one of the most thrilling action sequences, but the scene on the train is one of the most thought-provoking moments in the series.

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The whole episode sees them bickering back and forth, but it’s at the bar on the train where the two finally get to know each other. Loki does something he never has, as he opens up about his mother without being prompted. What makes the scene better is that they chatter while Loki drinks champagne, two glasses at a time.

7 Meeting The Time Keepers

The Time Keepers were revealed to be nothing more than androids created by an (at the time) unknown entity, and the bait and switch was seen as a little polarizing. The characters are some of the most threatening villains in the comic books, but just as tends to be the case with so much in Loki, it was all smoke and mirrors.

It wasn’t just the reveal, but tonally, the scene was the most aesthetically pleasing and theatrical for a fantasy show. The Time Keepers hovered on floating thrones, and they spoke with such gravitas, that’s until Sylvie decapitates one of them. This scene alone is a large part of why "The Nexus Event" is the best episode of Loki according to IMDb.

6 Mobius Talking About Jet Skis

Mobius is the best recurring character of all the Marvel Disney+ shows, and one of the reasons why is because he is fascinated with jet skis. In “The Nexus Event,” when Loki asks Mobius about his jet ski magazine on his desk, nobody has ever spoken about jet skis so eloquently.

If there isn’t a scene at some point down the line in the MCU that sees Mobius on a jet ski, it’ll be the biggest missed opportunity there has ever been. Or, as everyone who works for the TVA has technically been plucked out of different timelines and had their memory erased, Mobius could very well have run a jet ski rental in Miami in the 90s. And that’s something fans want to see more than anything.

5 Visiting Pompeii In 79AD

When Loki is officially helping Mobius track down the evil Loki variant, 2012 Loki deduces that the Loki variant must be hiding in a universe where the apocalypse happens. This leads them to Pompeii in 79AD.

It’s another expertly written philosophical debate between Loki and Mobius, as Mobius is scared to step foot out of line so as not to change the course of history, whereas Loki can’t control his excitement about the end of the world. The god of mischief even lowkey performs his first-ever selfless act, which is freeing several encaged goats, not that it changes their fate, however.

4 The Fight Between Sylvie & Loki In The Citadel

The last thing any fan thought they’d ever see before the series began was Loki falling in love. Loki has never cared about anybody but himself, and though it might be narcissistic that he technically fell in love with a female version of himself, it's the most hopelessly romantic love story in the MCU.

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It all culminated in a sword fight that ended with a passionate kiss, but it was so much more than two heroes with similar powers facing off against each other. The two Loki variants fight each other, even though they don’t want to because they have absolutely different perspectives on free will. Following the fight between the two Visions in WandaVision that ends in a debate about existence, the MCU is making a habit out of philosophically charged final battles.

3 The One-Shot At The End Of “Lamentis”

Between the eight-minute shoot-out in True Detective and the war drama 1917, long tracking shots are becoming more and more popular, but no movie trend is a trend until Marvel does it. The final five minutes of “Lamentis” is a tracking shot (or at least edited to look like it) of Loki and Sylvie racing through neon-lit streets to reach the evacuation ship and escape the moon.

The camera frantically pans around and follows them as they kick in guards’ heads and find alternate ways to reach the ship. It’s an exciting and pivotal moment in the show, and it even ends with one of the biggest surprises in Loki, as the pair fail to board the evacuation ship and end up stranded on the moon.

2 The Battle Between All Of The Loki Variants

Though it isn’t quite as epic as the Battle of New York, the battle of the bowling alley in the Void is full of tiny bizarre moments that make it the most memorable scene in the episode. It starts with Alligator Loki biting off President Loki’s hand, and all hell is let loose from there.

Boastful Loki is double-crossing everyone, Kid Loki battlecries as he charges headfirst into men five times his size, and Classic Loki is teleporting here, there, and everywhere. The single best moment in the scene is when the mammal is used as a weapon by Classic Loki and is literally thrown at one of President Loki’s minions.

1 Loki Watching The Video About His Life

As fun as Loki is, fans have never really had any kind of emotional attachment to the character, as he’s never shown that side to him. However, that all changed when Mobius revealed to him the video of his life had he not picked up the tesseract in Avengers: Endgame.

The character breaks down in tears when he sees his future self make amends with his brother and then attempt to redeem himself by taking on Thanos. It might not have ended well, but the intention was still there. This scene was the turning point in Loki’s movies-long arc, as it humanized him more than any other action, and it’s only the beginning.

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