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Lord of the Rings: 10 Ways Arwen Was The Best Romantic Match For Aragorn

In The Lord of the Rings, Arwen and Aragorn are the most central romantic pairing. While in the actual canon of the books their story is only briefly mentioned, their entire love story is laid out in the appendices. Then, in the movies, this story was told, with home differences, and woven into the actual trilogy.

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Many fans love Arwen and Aragorn as a couple, but some fans also really enjoyed the pairing of Eowyn and Aragorn. While Eowyn would have been a good match for Aragorn in some ways, there are many reasons why Arwen and Aragorn were clearly meant for each other and why Arawen was the perfect match for him.

10 Eowyn Was Only In Love With The Idea Of Aragorn

Eowyn is someone who starts out as a more tragic figure but who grows in her own power and finds herself again. But, when she first meets Aragorn, she’s dealing with Theoden’s decline and being harassed constantly by Grima.

Aragorn is a kind and good person who she looks up to and sees as a way out of her predicament, but she doesn’t really love him as much as she thinks. This is even why Aragorn says “it is but a shadow and a thought that you love.”

9 The Book Details Their Story

There are many differences between The Lord of the Rings books and the movies, but overall, the movies did a good job of trying to weave this tale into the story.

However, book fans will know that Aragorn and Arwen were meant to be an epic romance all along. “The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen” was written by Tolkien and goes into the details of the relationship between Arwen and Aragorn and the struggles they faced to actually be able to be together. In this tale, fans were able to learn more about the complicated nature of a romance involving a mortal and an immortal.

8  They Were Both Brave

In the books, Arwen is much more of a minor character, but the movies did what they could to flesh her out and give her more scenes while still trying to stay true to the spirit of the story. But, while Arwen might get a few more action-packed scenes, her bravery, in general, isn’t as obvious as Aragorn’s.

However, she is a very loyal and brave person who is willing to risk her own life for the people she loves. The fact that both of them are brave and sacrificial people marks them a good match.

7 They Were Like Star-Crossed Lovers

In many ways, the romance between Aragorn and Arwen reads more like some sort of fairy tale than a romance that most might recognize as realistic today. This is rather fitting as the rest of the story is quite an epic tale of good versus evil, and so having a bittersweet, fated romance fits in quite well.

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Arwen and Aragorn seem meant to be together in a way, but the Arwen and Aragorn love story isn’t one with a completely happy ending. There is a lot of sadness to the tale as well as loss, but this is part of what makes it so beautiful.

6 Arwen Reminded Aragorn Of His Inherent Goodness

In the movies, Aragorn is a bit more of a reluctant hero than he is in the books. He struggles with believing in his own inherent goodness and fears that he will turn out to be like his forefathers, including Isildur.

However, Arwen knows that Aragorn is true and not able to be corrupted. She even tells him that “you are Isildur’s heir, not Isildur himself.” She is someone who is able to really encourage him.

5 Their Love Story Connects To Tolkien Mythology

While people who only love the movies might not know so much about this story, hardcore Tolkien fans will know of it rather well. Beren and Luthien were another pairing in Tolkien’s stories that involved a human man and an elvish woman.

In fact, Arwen and Aragorn are even long, long descendants of this duo. So, it is a sort of full-circle romance that speaks to the history of romance between humans and elves.

4 Aragorn Was Willing To Let Arwen Go To Save Her

One of the most beautiful things about Aragorn and Arwen is that they are both willing to sacrifice things for one another. Aragorn clearly loves Arwen and wants to be with her, but he tries to end their relationship basically in order to save her life.

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He does not want Arwen to give up her immortality for him, and this is something that fills him with a lot of guilt and fear. He is willing to let Arwen go and have her sail away to the Undying Lands without him if it means saving her life.

3 Arwen Was Willing To Give Up Her Immortality

On the other hand, Arwen is willing to lose even more to be with Aragorn. She is the one that has to give up her immortality if she wants to be with him, and she knows that she will live a much shorter, sadder life if she chooses to remain with him in Middle-Earth.

However, this is a choice she is willing to make because she loves him and would rather share what years she can with him than be alone.

2 Aragorn Fell For Arwen Immediately

In a parallel moment with the love story of Beren and Luthien, Aragorn first sees Arwen in the woods, and he immediately finds her the most beautiful. He calls out to her, and he quickly falls in love with her.

So, while love, at first sight, might be a rather overused trope, in this fairytale-like setting of Middle-Earth, this meeting means that they were destined to be together. It's clear that Tolkien set their story up like this, and there is supposed to be an element of the fantastical here.

1 They Have Compatible Personalities

Because Arwen is more of a supporting character, fans don’t learn a ton about her personality. Unfortunately, most of her scenes revolve around Aragorn but from what audiences do know of her, these two are very compatible.

They are both loyal, caring, and brave individuals who are willing to do difficult things to help others and willing to give up a lot to take care of one another. They both have an air of regality about them, and they radiate a lot of strength in their own ways. While Aragorn is in a more obvious leadership role, Arwen also has the grace and compassion to make a great queen.

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