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Love Island USA: Season 3 Episode 20 TV Schedule, Streaming Options & Recap

Love Island USA season 3 episode 20 will show the aftermath of the fight between Shannon St Claire and Will Moncada, and it'll introduce new girls Alana Paolucci, Bailey Marshall, and Elly Steffen to the villa. Last time on the show, Korey Gandy, Jeremy Hershberg, Charlie Lynch, and Will got texts announcing that they're going on dates with the new arrivals. It's a given that Jeremy, who is single, will go all-in on the new girls. But it'll be interesting to see what Korey (partnered with Olivia Kaiser) and Charlie (partnered with Cashay Proudfoot) will do.

The fans will also pay close attention to how Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada will act with their Love Island USA co-stars following the latest elimination round where they came very close to being eliminated. Will has been a close friend to virtually everyone in the villa, and Kyra is feeling particularly hurt by her girl friends. Other than this potential drama, things should still be smooth sailing for Josh Goldstein and Shannon St Claire, as it is clear that the new arrivals won't even try to pursue Josh at this point in the game. Meanwhile, Trina Njoroge is waiting around to see what's next.

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CBS will broadcast Love Island USA season 3 episode 20 on Tuesday, August 3 at 9pm ET/PT. This episode will officially usher in this new Love Island week following the latest public vote and its subsequent elimination. Last night, Paramount+ streamed another Monday exclusive episode, but most fans will catch up with what's happening on this Tuesday night episode airing on CBS.

It is free to watch Love Island USA season 3 online after using your cable credentials to sign into CBS.com or via the CBS apps for iOS and Android platforms. In turn, cable-cutters can subscribe to Paramount+ in order to keep up with Love Island via streaming. This streaming service costs either $4.99 (with limited commercials) or $9.99 (without any commercials). However, if you're a new subscriber to Paramount+, you can sign up for a free trial of seven days. Official Paramount+ apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Last but not least, new Love Island USA fans could also subscribe to a live TV package from a streaming service like Hulu, YouTube TV, AT&T TV, and FuboTV.

Previously on Love Island, the public voted to save Cashay, Olivia, and Shannon, as well as Josh, Charlie, and Korey. The islanders then chose to save Trina and Jeremy during the first round of Sunday night's elimination. But when the decision came down to saving either Will or Cinco, the girls had a really hard time making a unanimous decision. It felt like they first chose to save Cinco and send Will home (due to his behavior toward Kyra following Casa Amor), but the girls then asked Arielle for more time to talk it out. In the end, they decided to save Will, which in turn sent Cinco home. The boys followed suit, saving Kyra and eliminating Genevieve, but that was a much easier decision given that Genny was a Casa Amor newbie. Alas, the reluctance from the girls to save Will has rubbed him the wrong way, particularly in regards to Shannon, with whom he had a fight at the end of episode 19. Now, new girls Alana, Bailey, and Elly are coming in, and they seem to be interested in Korey the most.

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Love Island USA season 3 airs Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on CBS.

Sources: CBS, Paramount+

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